Tales of Berseria news is coming in hot and fast as of late, with an early 2017 Western release stated by Bandai Namco Europe. Along with this news comes details on two new characters, Eizen and Eleanor, as well as additional effects in the famed Skit system and a new battle system mechanic known as “Switch Blast”.

ales of Berseria Shows Off New Characters and Features 4
Eizen looking all angst-ridden.

Eizen, also known as “The Reaper”, joins up with Velvet (the main protagonist) during his search for the missing captain of his pirate ship, the Van Eltia. The press release portrays Eizen as a strong-willed individual and also a malak, “a spiritual being that can harness the power of nature”, and that he and Velvet have a common enemy in the form of the Abbey.

ales of Berseria Shows Off New Characters and Features 3
Eleanor in all of her self-righteous elegance.

Eleanor, on the other hand, has been on the receiving end of Velvet’s attacks on the Abbey and is apparently placed at Velvet’s side by “fate”. Eleanor is a praetor; a person dedicated to protecting the world from the daemon threat, and is said to be compassionate towards others. She also has a tendency to be “overcome with emotion” despite her best efforts to be reasonable.

ales of Berseria Shows Off New Characters and Features 1
These skits do look more expressive.

As well as the new characters, the Skit system, which provides exposition throughout the Tales games and insight in to various character quirks, returns as per tradition and introduces a new “cut-in effect”. This seemingly makes character portraits more responsive to the conversation at hand.

Finally, the Switch Blast feature of the new battle system allows the player to choose a back-up character to replace their currently controlled character in battle. It states that the back-up character has an additional “Soul”, so it makes for an effective tactical switch-in when your current character is in danger.

ales of Berseria Shows Off New Characters and Features 2
Velvet: “My ride or die homies. Watch out for the little guy”,

So it appears we’ll have to wait a little longer than one might expect for our latest Tales fix, but given that I found Tales of Zestiria to be lacking in substance, I’m hoping the extra time will provide a much more interesting group of characters. How do you feel about the news? Are you looking forward to the new battle system features? Perhaps Eizen or Eleanor have caught your attention? Let us know your thoughts on the Tales Of games!

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