That’s right ladies and gentlemen: One Piece Burning Blood has 3-Man Teams.

Some fresh details for the upcoming fighting game “One Piece: Burning Blood” with the ability to form teams of three to take on your foes, as well as revealing some of the uses for popular One Piece-related abilities regarding Devil Fruit powers and Haki.


Bandai Namco states that “Burning Blood has several features that add a level of strategy to the fighting game”, and goes on to explain how you can swap them in and out of the battle at will. The tactical advantage to this appears to be the various abilities wielded by your team, including Logia Moves for those like Fire-Fist Ace and Lightning “God” Eneru, as well as the Logia Guard, rendering your character untouchable for a brief period, or the Haki blow, used to counter the Logia Guard as Haki allows a person to do damage to Logia users. For context, the “Logia” type of Devil Fruit users become the element of the fruit they consume, so Ace’s body is fire itself in human form.

The Devil Fruit users will also be able to unleash “Special Attacks” and “Reinforced Special Attacks”, though no details are given as of yet on what those might be.


The game, slated to release in 2016, was announced at Sony’s TGS 2015 conference in September and was shortly after revealed to be coming to the West.

If you’re interested in what else Bandai Namco and more had to say in September, check out our condensed version of Sony’s TGS Conference.

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