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Welcome to MGL Feature Friday

This week we have a double header, firstly we are introducing a team that have supported our site from day one, they have been awesome and the things we have seen from them so far are outstanding, today they are announcing a new game…

Hello From Team Junkfish!

We are an indie developer founded by students from the University of Abertay Dundee. We have been working together for almost 3 years over multiple projects, and we’re now working on our first commercial project. We’re currently based in Dundee, Scotland.

Junkfish logo
Check out their official website!

We are proud to announce ‘Project Maize’…

This is the Working Title of our current project being developed in Unity. Maize is an ambitious procedurally generated horror game focusing on the often forgotten ‘survival’ element of horror games. Trapped upon a derelict cargo ship the player needs to find a way to escape without falling prey to an unknown monster that stalks the halls. Featuring multiple escape routes, randomized ship layout and permadeath, Maize is intended to be an enjoyable and re-playable horror experience.

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What have Junkfish done?

We all met during our 3rd year of university for the group project, we pitched our own idea and the lecturers let us have full control. This was the team’s first time working with XNA and on a project this big so it was full steam ahead.

By the end of the year ‘Into the Sky’ was made. Into the Sky is a 3rd person aerial shoot’em up, pitting a lone pilot against a hulking flying fortress.

"Into the Sky pits a lone pilot against a hulking, flying fortress!"
“Into the Sky pits a lone pilot against a hulking, flying fortress!”

The next project was Samsung’s student developer challenge. We developed the prize winning app called ‘FooFoo’ using eclipse, it is available for free now on the Samsung store.

FooFoo is a free game available in Samsung store!
FooFoo is a free game available in Samsung store!

Half of the team also participated in Dare to be Digital 2013 creating the Augmented Reality game ‘DinerSaur’.

Game Trailer

We have some big news coming up regarding ‘Maize’ so keep an eye out, right here on My Games Lounge!

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