PlayStation E3 Reveals New Game Days Gone By Bend Studio

Now includes full demo from the Bethesda E3 Showcase


The Ubisoft E3 event has been revealing some new information tonight gamers and we are right on top of things here on MGL. Check out the video above as PlayStation Reveals New game Day’s Gone by Bend Studio a game we have been waiting on for some time. People expected another Syphon Filter but instead got this new title that sees you take in a wasteland.

The show revealed the introduction, the above video includes this and some gameplay footage to enjoy. Update: looks like the video we used was put on the PlayStation channel in error, it’s been swapped for the above now. We’ll get the gameplay back ASAP!

We are waiting for full press details so bookmark this article and you will get the updated information below on <game> as soon as we have it.


Full information to follow…

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