As you may already know, we are a fully independent gaming site built, managed and developed by gamers just like you in order to create a gaming community where all are welcome. We started back in November 2013 and since then we’ve expanded our coverage, community and all we want is to keep going and create something all gamers can enjoy whoever you are, wherever you are no matter your gaming format or gender. If you enjoy any form of gaming this is the website for you. Our positive, welcoming atmosphere will always be the priority along with fantastic gaming articles.

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What We Do

My Games Lounge is updated daily with the latest gaming news, reviews and videos with special interviews and cool features for you to enjoy, the latest is the MGL Mix Podcast launching at the end of January.

We cover all gaming and the Indie Game community are a huge supporter of us, as we are of them, and we love the innovative games they create check out their dedicated area here.

Plus, we all love a big title and the hype that goes with it and giving our official view on them too. We have a special BIG Games area with the big releases we’ll be covering in depth along with official reviews on or a close to release as possible.

PC Gaming, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo & Mobile Gaming and all the last generation consoles are covered objectively and honestly.

Gaming Trooper and Vacant Mind Gaming will bring you the latest in Technology with reviews and bespoke custom PC’s builds.

But the twist is, everything covered is updated by the gamers in the community. All our editors are gamers who want to give something back and create a positive atmosphere, where all gamers are welcome. If that sounds like something you want to be a part of then get involved with My Games Lounge as much as you want to!

If this sounds like the place for you and/or gamers you know please help us get the word to more people by sharing this article on social media:

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Getting Around MGL

We launched our new look website last week and wanted to give you a bit of a run down of what you can do around My Games Lounge with the new areas and features. We know how annoying it can be not to be able to find exactly what you are looking for so we’ve made it as easy as we can for you to navigate by however you choose to.

Below is a run down of the navigation menu above and how the sections of My Games Lounge work, simply hover over each of the icons below for a run down of what they all mean:

[tooltip text=”Check Out the Newest Updates By Clicking here wherever you are…” placement=”top”]New PostsD[/tooltip][tooltip text=”See the latest MGL Features including interviews, exclusives and our upcoming Podcast!” placement=”top”]Featurese[/tooltip][tooltip text=”All the latest Gaming News Updated Daily with official news, trailers & the latest rumors” placement=”top”]Newst[/tooltip][tooltip text=”Our MGL Official Reviews where you can check out our thoughts on the latest games and even write your own next to it!” placement=”top”]Reviewsa[/tooltip][tooltip text=”All our MGL Mix Videos looking at upcoming games, Trailers, Video Reviews & Let’s Play’s” placement=”top”]Videosi[/tooltip][tooltip text=”We all love the BIG games here, if you do to this is the area for you!” placement=”top”]Big Gamesl[/tooltip][tooltip text=”Find all our articles by your preferred gaming platforms here” placement=”top”]Formatss[/tooltip][tooltip text=”We Just LOVE Indie Games On My Games Lounge! All the latest news, features and articles here, plus any Indie Devs who want to profile their game, just register and we’ll get you going!” placement=”top”]Indies.[/tooltip]
[tooltip text=”Want to write a gaming blog and have it on the FRONT PAGE of a website..? Here’s the place to do it, register and get writing!” placement=”top”]Gamer Blogs.[/tooltip][tooltip text=”We are more than Just gaming, we love a bit of Tech too! Gaming Trooper has Technology Reviews & Vacant Mind Gaming show some cool custom PC & Console Furnature!” placement=”top”]Technology.[/tooltip][tooltip text=”Here are some quick links to our social media pages! Get Following/Liking/Subscribing!” placement=”top”]Social Links.[/tooltip][tooltip text=”Login or Register by clicking the Key Icon on any article or page. You can register directly, with Facebook, Twitter, Google or Steam in seconds! Do it, Join The Gamers!” placement=”top”]Login or register.[/tooltip]





The menu is also easy to use to find your own specific preferences, hover over a section to see the latest articles along with Editor’s pics and Trending Articles. Clicking on sub-headings will help filter what articles you want to see:

[tooltip text=”These subheadings allow you to filter the latest 3 articles, in here clicking Evolve would just show articles for that BIG Game” placement=”top”]Mega Menu 1[/tooltip][tooltip text=”Here you can see editor highlighted articles & content that is trending thanks to views, likes, reactions & comments!” placement=”top”]Mega Menu 2[/tooltip]

The Menu may well change at certain times of year to include more relevant things such as E3 however the overall method of operation will remain the same.


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Likes and Instant Reactions

We are all about what you think here on My Games Lounge, of course you can comment on any article if you are a registered member, this can be done via Facebook, Twitter, Google or Steam login or create an account directly, all of which take only a moment.

When you get to the bottom of any article you can give your immediate reaction or like it by using these icons:

[tooltip text=”Just click the big heart to show the article some love and give it an official LIKE!” placement=”top”]Like[/tooltip][tooltip text=”And pick one of these reactions that best represents your face or thoughts when you read/watch what’s in front of you!” placement=”top”]Reactions



Now if you really, really want to show us how much you love the article and the site you can use the Add To This icons on the article in order to share it via social media. We really need the help of our following and community to spread the word about what we are doing so look for the icons below and please share with your followers/friends.

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Comments and Member Reviews

One of the best parts of My Games Lounge is that every editor and game reviewer here is simply a gamer, we give people access to blog right away and people who wanted to get more involved now update the site with news articles and even review games provided to us from games developers & publishers. To get going register and Join the Gamers then get commenting, writing blogs and putting your own reviews next to ours.

You can instantly score your thoughts on a review right next to the official scoring, and write a full member review in the comments below that.

User Reviews Wide

Gamer ChatWe love to hear different opinions and if you really agree or really disagree with our official word then share your thoughts with us. All we ask is for an atmosphere of respect and courtesy.

Also as a member you have access to the Gamer Chat members area that has instant chat, status updates with video and images, gamer forums and the best thing, a welcoming atmosphere of people who just like gaming however people choose to do it. Oh, and random moments about spitting coffee over screens!

There is so much more on My Games Lounge so please get about the site and look. We do not have all the resources compared to others but you’ll soon see everything the gamers are doing here.

MGL is a gaming site like no other.

Get involved however suits you, read and watch our articles with user friendly navigation, instantly react to all articles at the click of a mouse, or Join the Gamers and comment, write and get into the site your way covering what you want to cover. All in one place:

My Games Lounge, come Join the Gamers!



Even our hosting is managed by gamers! These guys have helped us come from a very inconsistent hosting environment to a stable system that is custom designed for us and our operation. If you want to get your site hosted we can’t recommend them enough, check their website here:

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