Very sad news in the world of Indie Games, Lithic from the guys at studio Flintlock has been postponed by the developers. The game they want to deliver is not what they are currently able to produce and are “not happy with the standard of the animations..” and other elements of the game.

We’re sad to see Lithic Postponed, but the developers are still making games and plan to return to this title once they are in a better position.

MGL And Lithic

I know and have spoken to the Jon, Tom & Beki of Flintlock Studios throughout Lithic’s development and would consider the team friends and as such if it were released, we discussed that I would not be able to review it.

It is with sadness that I say Flintlock Studios have announced that Lithic is to be postponed. I’m not going to jazz this piece up with pics and videos here and there. Just read.

As I know just how much feeling and effort Flintlock Studios have put into Lithic, based upon their reasoning  I agree with the decision, that doesn’t make it any easier or nicer for the team that truly are gutted at this point.

Lithic Postponed – Flintlock Studios Statement

It is with regret that Flintlock Studios have announced today that their current project Lithic is to be postponed for the time being. Lithic is a prehistoric fantasy game for PC which was Greenlit in 2015 and had it’s release aimed for the same year.

“It’s unfortunate that it has come to this” said Lead Developer Tom. “Lithic has progressed well but as developers we are not happy with the standard of animation we can achieve in-house. We underestimated the amount of work involved in animating Lithic and have realised that releasing Lithic as it currently stands would be disappointing for both us and the players. We have made the tough decision to put the project on hold until we can recruit an animator.”

“The overall design of Lithic has a very certain feel to it” said Lead designer Jon Hughes. “The animation looked very weak against it with what we can do in-house and it really impacted the way you looked at the game overall.”

With that in mind it is certainly not the closure of the studio. A new project is already in the works. “It’s a simpler project technically, with fewer models, simpler texturing and less animation but still retains complex gameplay.” Said Jon.

More information about the latest project will be released in the coming months. Until then Flintlock Studios would like to make clear how much they have appreciated all the support for Lithic.

“It’s not the end for Lithic.” Said Tom. “Lithic certainly isn’t dead and we’re confident that by delaying we will produce the game that Lithic should be.”

Flintlock Studios would like to thank everyone that has supported them so far on their journey and hope that the support will continue as they continue their work in 2016.

Further details about why Lithic Posponed can be found on Flintlock Studios website at where the team are also answering questions about this decision on their Forum.

MGL Thoughts

While this saddens us personally to see Lithic postponed I do agree with the decision. This quote from Jon echoed some of my thoughts about Lithic based upon my discussions with them and how passionate the team are.

“The overall design of Lithic has a very certain feel to it” said Lead designer Jon Hughes. “The animation looked very weak against it with what we can do in-house and it really impacted the way you looked at the game overall.”

The lore of Lithic, the basis of all the races and their attributes contribute to just how big Lithic was going to turn out to be. It was these base attributes of Lithic that make the concept very intriguing indeed.

For an example of just how much depth of thought has gone into it, just look up what “Lithic” means then place it into the context of the game.

As you can see above the team felt that at present they were unable to fully realise their dream. Not wanting to disappoint the gamers/paying public and they have decided to make Lithic Postponed. Hard decisions but correct ones even if not pleasant should be treated with respect.

Personally and everyone from MGL want to wish Flintlock Studios all the best in their future project and of course any future developments with Lithic.

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