Oh, are we getting a little bit overly excited now! Today the cool guys at Insomniac Games have been at SDCC and showing off some cool stuff. This special Insomniac Spider-Man story will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 4 on September 7. BUT, will it be the PS4 you have now?

Maybe not because we have a very tempting limited edition PS4 Pro to come. Plus we have more story details revealed in the latest trailer. If that wasn’t enough, they also confirmed some new Spider-Suits!

Geek joy overload incoming! Check out the details below guys. Plus, we have our reasons why we CAN’T WAIT to play Spider-Man This September here.

The Limited Edition Spider-Man PS4/Pro Console

Warning, looking at the following video and images may cost you a lot of pennies. I mean this is one stylish looking PS4 Pro and it comes in Amazing red with a full 1TB PS4 Pro inside. Best of all it has that stunning Spider-Man logo on there plus a Dualshock 4 to match it.

You get the physical copy of the game and the DLC (“The City That Never Sleeps”) as a voucher. Check out the video here:

Plus for us peasants that have to survive with simple HDTV there is a standard PS4 version with the same stylings and features.

New Story Details

We have seen the villains revealed at E3 but this time we took a look at Spider-Man’s friends in the game. Plus a few characters and… more villains.

In that latter category, we see Silver Sable and Norman Osborne teaming up to make Spider-Man an enemy of the people. Not something that’s going to make the game easier!

Plus we saw Miles, Spidey and Mary Jane (it looks like it’s her at least!) teaming up to stop what is going on in the city. Some of the gameplay, especially where MJ hides for cover, feeds into the idea that maybe Spider-Man and Peter are not the only playable characters.

Either way, it all looks great.

New costumes and Soundtrack

There is some more cool news to enjoy yet! We finally got to know the final pre-order bonus costume. We are going to be able to play in the Velocity Suit and it looks pretty sweet.

Plus, you are able to pre-order the soundtrack for the game too. Check out the tweets below.

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