Well it’s been a crazy couple of weeks, with a number of technical hiccups (my computer overheating leading to data loss being the main one). We had to rebuild a number of key elements of The Flawless: Art’s Tale. Finally we are back to where we were and dev’ing away on the combat system again. It’s time now to turn our attention to two amazing looking, very stylised, indie games; Albert & Otto, and Karma: Incarnation 1.

albert & otto LogoAlbert & Otto
This game caught my eye the first time I saw it on Twitter. It has a striking white on black art style. Red is the only other colour and is used sparingly yet effectively creating contrast and a splash of colour to draw the eye. The game centres around a young boy called Albert and his magical rabbit Otto. From the demo it seemed that Albert was on a journey to save his sister in a magical land but the game’s website suggests that the plot will thicken and a much deeper, darker story will unfold. This sounds great, the game already has loads of atmosphere and feels like it could become darker at any point, and the knowledge that it will only adds to the intrigue.

Albert and Otto Screenshot

Above image: Screenshot of Albert & Otto
using a sheep to jump over a pond

Albert & Otto is a story based 2D puzzle platformer at its core and will inevitably be compared to Limbo. Although it does bare some similarities I feel that this game is much more than a simple Limbo clone and here are 3 reasons why:

  1. The art style is white on black, the backgrounds are dark and the characters light. This is opposite to limbo where the backgrounds were light and characters and baddies were dark. Also there is that splash of red I mentioned earlier.
  2. The gameplay revolves around using Otto’s abilities as well are Albert’s. At times Albert must leave Otto on a switch to open a door or use Otto’s electricity to power a machine. This creates some very original puzzles that are very different to Limbo’s.
  3. The story of Albert & Otto seems quite unusual and if the website is correct, the game should become darker and more interesting as the story progresses.

Albert and Otto Burning Sheep Screenshot

Above image: Albert & Otto levitate a burning sheep
to light their path

As well as Albert using Otto’s abilities the boy has a few tricks of his own when Otto’s on his back. He can use a form of telekinesis to levitate various items from rocks to sheep. One of the funniest moments in the demo was levitating a sheep and setting it on fire to use it as a torch to illuminate the cave Albert and Otto were in. The demo had some combat, Albert could shoot crows with a very satisfying gun sound. This wasn’t a major part of the gameplay in the demo but could easily become one later in the game.

Albert and Otto Game Mechanics

Above image: Game mechanics and moves in Albert & Otto

Overall Albert & Otto is a stylish, fun, sidescrolling puzzle game with an enticing, dark story and some very creative puzzles. Albert & Otto is set for release on PC in October 2015, if you like the sound of this game why not check out the official website or follow its progress on Twitter, I certainly will be doing.

Karma Incarnation 1
Karma: Incarnation 1
Karma: Incarnation 1 is a 2D psychedelic point and click adventure indie game by AuraLab Ltd. The game is about a creature called Pip who is born into a surreal, psychedelic world and has to figure out how to survive. The gameplay involves, exploring areas, collecting items, and solving puzzles to progress to the next area. The puzzles are varied and interesting, in the demo I had to quickly click rocks to lower a rope, use an item to prevent a giant from pricking its figure, and recreate an image from memory.

Karma Incarnation 1-Indie Game

Above image: The two worlds of Karma: Incarnation 1

In the game there are two worlds which look very different. One world is coloured in shades of reds, browns, and blacks, the other world is coloured in crazy psychedelic rainbow colours. The game allows Pip to see through the red and black world into the other at the click of a button. These two worlds should allow for some inventive puzzling. The game reminds me a little of Bontanicula, in the sense that you can click on many things without progressing in the game but it makes you want to see what happens anyway. The game doesn’t hold your hand and at times in the demo I found trial and error the only method of solving certain problems.

Karma Incarnation 1 Screenshot

Above image: Strange creatures in the surreal world of
Karma: Incarnation 1

The game world has a surreal atmosphere and it makes you want to see more. After completing the demo we were definitely ready to find the next weird and interesting puzzle or meet some other strange creatures. This game is more than a simple point and click puzzler. From it’s hand crafted artwork and animations to its atmospheric music the game feels different and it is a joy to explore and learn about this new, bizarre world with Pip. If you’re as excited about Karma Incarnation 1 as we are why not give the demo a try here or follow its progress on Twitter or Facebook.

I’ve better get back to my code, The Flawless: Art’s Tale won’t build itself. If you like either of the above games why not show your support by following their progress. For updates on all things ‘Flawless’ give us a follow on Twitter, Facebook or Google+. See you next time…

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