The guys are 2K Games and Gearbox are doing something a bit fun with their upcoming game, Battleborn. Today they have announced the #IAmBattleborn Contest, where one lucky person has a chance to have their own taunt animated and included in Battleborn when it’s released on February 9, 2016.

Starting today and ending September 10, 2015, fans can submit their contest entry by creating a short video of themselves doing an original taunt for any of the announced Battleborn characters. A judging panel – consisting of members of the Gearbox Software team – will pick a winner based on creativity, originality and presentation that captures the essence of the characters in Battleborn.

So there you go! Get some videos going and follow how to enter below.

How to Enter:

Here is how to submit your entry to the competition, (full details are on the website here)

Step 1: Create a video of your character taunt. You can pick any of the revealed Battleborn characters including the four newly announced badasses – Mellka, Ambra, Benedict and Reyna! Act it out on camera and make sure the shot doesn’t feature other people – you’re the star!

Step 2: Upload the video to YouTube (no longer than 30 sec), Vine or Instagram. At the beginning of the video, make sure to clearly indicate what character the taunt is for (show a sign to camera or shout the character’s name out loud).

Step 3:

Option 1 – Twitter Post your video in a tweet to @Battleborn and make sure to include #IAmBattleborn #Contest in your tweet

Example : Hey @Battleborn, check out my badass entry to the #IAmBattleborn #contest <link to video>

Option 2 – Facebook Post your video as a response to the post announcing the competition

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