We have some news on a video game classic enemy that every game will come across at some point: zombies! This time you will be playing a sequel to Eko Software’s indie game that was quite the hit. Now you’ll be able to play How To Survive 2 February 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One.

The game will cost £11.99 over here in the UK and will feature a number of gameplay elements. You can pre-order now in the PlayStation or Xbox Stores for digital download.

Crafting is a huge part of the game as you construct weapons and tool to survive the harsh world. The game is multiplayer with 4 players able to play together at once, while you total friends in your camp can be up to 16. Environments are randomized and there are many teamwork elements that should keep players going for hours.

Check out the new trailer below, following that are the official details from 505 Games and EKO. Don’t forget to Share This Around On Social Media for other gamers to know about this cool game. And drop me a Disqus Comment with what you think about the game.


505 Games and Eko Software announced today How to Survive 2, the hit Zombie Co-Op crafting survival game, will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One in February 2017 priced at £11.99.

Set 15 years after the first game, in How to Survive 2 players find themselves trying to survive a massive Zombie infestation in Louisiana where they must team up in order to live. Players will have to scavenge for resources, craft  tools and weapons, build base camps, and interact with the many colorful characters that populate the area.

Fans will discover that series favorite, Kovac, the masked stranger & author of the ever present survival guide will also be onhand to help players outlive the zombie plague. Stay safe, survivors!

Key Features:

  • Multiplayer: Invite up to 16 players to access your camp and 4 of you can play together simultaneously.
  • Randomized environments: from the unforgiving bayous of the Mississippi Delta to the abandoned streets of New Orleans’ French Quarter.
  • Character customization: customize your own looks and learn new and different skills to specialize as you level up and equip with scavenged and handcrafted armor, tools and weapons.
  • Teamwork: all players can contribute to a bigger, better camp and can perform co-op actions and strategies.
  • Survival: If the hordes of undead humans and animals don’t kill you, thirst or exhaustion will.
  • Crafting: new deeper crafting system will allow you to use items and materials to create hundreds of items, tools and weapons to upgrade your character and your base camp.
  • Camp building: secure your shelter choosing from a wide upgradeable variety of traps, barricades, obstacles and workshops that will unlock new recipes and allow you to create more materials and items.

Follow the game here

Twitter: https://twitter.com/How2SurviveGame
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HowToSurviveTheGame

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