Well the reviews have dropped for Santa Monica Studios and Kratos’ latest adventure. And what a reception! In this God of War review round up you get a feel of what the reviews from a number of sites are saying about the game overall. We’ve got the scores, what they say about the presentation, gameplay and story of the title broken down for you below. Metacritic is collecting the scores of course but here you get more of an overview on what is being said about God of War overall today.

Our own God of War review will be ready closer to launch when we’ve had ample time to take it all in. For the guys who have been playing God of War on PlayStation 4 early, here’s what they have to say.

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IGN Review

Score: 10/10
Reviewer: Jonathon Dornbush
Link to review

What they say:

Gameplay: They comment that your son, Atreus is a good companion rather than an extra health bar to worry about. And the relationship between him and Kratos in the story changes the gameplay too as you progress through the 25 hour story.

The combat is excellent with the Leviathan Axe being described as “one of the best weapons I’ve used in any recent game”.

Stun kill animations (where you really rip monsters to pieces) are impressive but there is only one per enemy.

Story: The story between Kratos and Atreus is very complementary to the gameplay and the world. There are twists and turns along the journey to really enjoy. But the supporting cast and Norse mythology play a good part too.

Presentation: It’s so beautiful for a lot of the game you will be stopping to take in the scenery. Looks even more spectacular on the Pro using checkerboard 4K.

Overall: The game is hailed as a masterpiece with the musical score also taking a lot of complements. The combat, world and the characters all work together perfectly in this world and therefore it was awarded top marks.

GameSpot Review

Score: 9/10
Reviewer: Peter Brown
Link to review

What they say:

Gameplay: The Leviathan Axe is very different to the blades but using it feels great, especially calling it back like Thor’s hammer. The tight camera means you need to be on guard more as you can’t see as wide as before in God of War games. The combat is much more thoughtful and strategic than hack-n-slash. Using XP and skill trees expands this with lots of options for with or without weapon.

Story: Praise goes to the writing and the excellent voice cast that bring the story to life. The story is about the dying wish of Atreus’ mother and sends him and his distant father on a perilous journey. Great personalities support Kratos and Atreus especially Mimir who also accompanies you on the journey as a guide. The final confrontation is described as disappointing however.

Presentation: Described as an “artistic showcase” and one of the best console games ever released. There is both detail in the environments and the characters too, especially Kratos himself. 

Overall: The game gets a lot of positives in the round up and no real negatives. The Main land of Midgard is fantastic to experience and full of great side quests to take on.

Game Informer Review

Score: 9.75/10
Reviewer: Joe Juba
Link to review

What they say:

Gameplay: Combat is different and tactical this time but feels well balanced and the Leviathan Axe is an “entertaining tool of destruction”. Again, recalling the Axe never gets old but can really help in battle timed properly, mixed with fists and shield. The XP skills, such as new combat stances, open up the game nicely to keep it constantly evolving. It can be a little slower at times, but avoids the game going stagnant.

The game is not open world but there are areas for free exploration. There are lots of things to find to craft new gear and gain XP. There are NPCs to find too that yield some puzzles and quests that act as a distraction even if they are not always too challenging. There is fast travel but it’s somewhat cumbersome and opens too late.

Story: The narrative is very captivating even with the simple premise of their journey. The relationship between Kratos and Atreus is once again praised. They conversations and how the relationship develops especially given their initial distance, creating a far deeper Kratos than we’ve seen before.

Presentation: The more cinematic, tighter camera really brings the spectacle in encounters which happen from very early in the game. The cutscenes, environments and giant monsters all work with the camera staying nice and close at all times. 

Overall: More depth and maturity, full of action that made the series great is still here but it a more strategic way. One of the best games off this generation.

VG247 Review

Headline Comment: One of the best games of the generation
Reviewer: Kirk McKeand
Link to review

What they say:

Gameplay: Combat is familiar but different with light and heavy attack on R1 and R2 now. Combos are here with using them in different ways, pauses create new stances and actions once you unlock them. The Leviathan Axe is the main weapon with more coming into play later. Throwing it at enemies like a gun, using fists and bashing things with your shield all comes into play. It’s not as deep as action games but feels hefty and impactful.

Atreus is helpful in battle and can be developed with his magic infused arrows. The landscape is gorgeous to explore and the fast-travel system once again comes in for some criticism with it not really giving much for you to travel to. Some regions are locked too for DLC presumably.

Story: The depth and more thoughtful Kratos is highlighted again with the cinematic style being less about cuts and more about feeling close to the characters. The writing is excellent but for one poor moment of character development, again more praise for the father son relationship.

Presentation: The camera is always close to you and there is no loading between action or cut-sequences with everything rolling together. While more grounded, there are still some spectacular scenes to rival the opening of God of War 3.

Overall: “Not only is this the best god of war game it’s one o the best of this generation.”

Some other scores updateed

So far there are 77 scored reviews out there on Metacritic, over the day some more have been added. Most of them are 9/10 or above, 90% of them in fact as it stands now. Almost 30% have given God of War the full 10/10 or equivalent. Just 9% are giving the game less than a 9/10 with the lowest score an 8. Some examples are below.

Easy Allies – 10/10
Polygon – 10/10
Gamingbolt – 10/10
PushSquare: 10/10
Destructoid – 10
PlayStation LifeStyle – 10/10
Wccftech 10/10
ZTGD 10/10
USgamer: 5/5
PlayStation Universe: 9.5/10
Metro – 9/10
Twinfinite – 8/10
The Sixth Axis – 8/10

Overall Review Theme for God of War

So far the game is coming in with average scores of around 93 out of 100 on Metacritic with many of the themes above covered.

The gameplay is different but still has many series staples like amazing boss fights and spectacular moments. The Leviathan Axe is a triumph too it seems with lots of people loving it, which was one concern for us given the chains and blades being so iconic.

Being closer to the action works but makes it more strategic and thoughtful given you can only see a portion of the screen. Mixing up throwing the axe, fists, shield and other magic is also something to enjoy. Creating gear and leveling Kratos and Atreus give added depth with a light RPG feel.

As expected its beautifully presented but the music gets a lot of love generally. The story is complemented but all reviews give little away in terms of what actually happens other than the characters are good as is the writing and voice acting.

All in all, a few reviews under 9 aside, it’s looking like one of the must play games of the generation and one of the PlayStation’s best exclusive titles. Are you happy? Giddy? Really excited? Let us know how you feel below.

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