Well, EA kicked off the start of the E3 weekend with their own new event and we have this EA Play Round Up for you featuring all the videos from the event on a single page along with some links to more detailed articles and some information about the titles. We also sum up our thoughts on the event at the end of the article which comes ahead of the review we’ll be doing on the event later.

No clicking to be found on here gamers, just scroll down for all the information on one page. Keep MGL in mind for your E3 coverage by bookmarking this E3 updates page for more news updates, round-up articles and our reviews of the events as they happen live from E3.

Links To News

All the videos are on this page, should you want more detail on a specific game there are some individual news articles we are updating as we get more and more information from the EA Play event. The game links are below for you.

battlefield 1 gameplay
battlefield 1
Fe Reveal
Mass Effect Andromeda
Mass Effect Andromeda
Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2

The Videos

Here we go guys, check out the full conference below or scroll down for specific trailers for you to enjoy.

Full Conference

TitanFall 2

The release of the game has now been Officially Confirmed with some details as October 28 and will come with a single player campaign.

There is also some cool MP:

Battlefield 1

Gameplay Trailer is below as soon as we can get the live stream repeat of the 64 player match we shall add this to the list.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Don’t get too excited there is nothing too much to see but there are some hints to the new gameplay and characters.

Star Wars Games Montage

Fe Reveal

As part of the EA Originals programme working with smaller developers we have a new indie game called Fe by Zoink Games


Gameplay Trailer

The Journey Mode

There are also a lot of new features in FIFA 17 this time, for a full run down on them check out the news article here.

Madden 17

Our Thoughts

We are all a little flat to be honest gamers, and we here at MGL are always honest! The conference was a little like Star Wars Battlefront, ultimately there wasn’t much content there…

There were some nice clips and they are really pushing on the big earner here in Battlefield 1 and there was some very nice footage of Titanfall 2 with the story mode taking a twist with the Titan having it’s own personality.

The Mass Effect part was massively disappointing as was the montage for Star Wars. More is coming up later in our EA Play Review later.

For more on EA Play you can check out all the updates on the page here. We’ll also have updates on the main E3 section here plus you can check out all the predictions and build up to the event below on the links.

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