It’s E3 weekend. Following from our look at the Big E3 2019 Game [check it out here], we have the first big reveals ahead of E3 in this EA Play 2019 round up.

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay (15 mins!) From EA Play 2019

WOW!! 🤯 Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order gameplay is AMAZING. All 15 mins, sound on 🔊What do you think??❤️ Take my money!!😢 Not feeling it

Posted by My Games Lounge on Saturday, June 8, 2019
This is awesome!

Wow! I mean, I was expecting to like this game, but DAMN. That 15 minutes of gameplay had me sold and reaching for that pre-order button.

The game IS single-play, story driven and action-adventure style. It has hints at Tomb Raider/Uncharted style motion and level design at times

Plus, the awesome Force abilities were on show too. It was intense in battle where you could clearly combine certain moves together to create your own combos. Rather than being trapped in fixed animation moves.

The BEST part by far was the force slow on a stormtrooper, slowing his blast. Then using pull to place him in-front of his own shot… then resuming time.


The battles with more highly skilled troopers seemed challenging as they resist your force abilities. The lock on style combat and ability with your lightsaber had a bit of God of War about it too.

The lightsaber had a bit of meat to it and you could feel the impact even in the demo. Then there is your awesome droid, BD1 (i think) on your back helping with health, projecting your map and hacking doors along with scanning the environment for more details.

Overall, incredibly impressive showing and looking good for the November release.


First to make the big move on EA Play day is FIFA 20 which has released a new teaser trailer for a new mode. Volta Football is the new way to play and combines the FIFA engine with a bit of classic FIFA Street.

We are going to play in 3/4/5-a-side style games in small arenas full of flicks, tricks and goals.

Something that will really add innovation to a game that comes out every year.

During the event there wasn’t much in terms of showcasing the game. They were keen to say how much they listened to feedback on FIFA 19. 3000 players spoken to about the game in total to bring what players want in FIFA 20.

This breaks down into some new key features in the “Football intelligence” system new to FIFA 20. These are On The Ball, Off the Ball and just The Ball.

Sounds straightforward, right?

On the ball

To help with the 1-on-1 and in the box situations for finishing being harder than scoring a bicycle kick volley from 35 yards in FIFA 19, we are getting “Composed Finishing”.

Meaning more clinical and composted shooting closer to the goal. This works with tweaks to timed shooting and improved attributes to make is more realistic.

They are making those crazy shots much harder from distances too.

“Strafe dribbling” is also an additional idea to give you more control of the ball when dribbling. This allows you to use skills to lure in players and get past players using attributes.

Likely linked to the work on Volta, with the need for more tricks and flicks.

To combat the big changes to the attack, the “Controlled tackling system” gets some added power. You can really improve your tacking ability by using the right defensive stance and action at the right time.

The big one here though, for me anyway after the poor effort last year. Penalty kicks and Free Kicks are getting a brand new system. You have full control of spin on the ball from FK’s and how you deliver different shots or crosses.

It gives you full trajectory mapping as you aim, with spin and shot types on the right stick.

Off the ball

One part of FIFA I don’t think ever really works is the AI off the ball. Especially not in comparison to its rival, PES.

So it’s great to see this is also a big focus for the game this year.

Off the ball, the movement will allow the player in possession will more time on the ball and more 1-1 play. This means there will be a lot more space out there most of the time, rather than a clump of players constantly around the ball.

This means there will be more player controlled defending and less AI support for defending players in a tight spot. But, teammates will get into better positions and be more aware of their jobs.

The idea is to create authentic space on the pitch, making it feel bigger.

The Ball

Seems pretty important to get the ball physics right in a game like this. They are doing just that in FIFA 20.

We are going to see an all new ball physics re-written for all interactions. Touches, crosses and shots plus the way you manipulate the ball will make it behave much more realistically.

We’re promised to see true football like deflections and unusual bounces, and other effects of the curve and dip on the ball as you hit it in different ways.

It as also hinted the player’s stats would have more of an effect. This was mainly the pace issue where lumping defender catches up to Kylian Mbappe to stop a goal

This is being tweaked so it seems more important plus similar with physical strength and some more detail on those player stats to be confirmed later

Expect FIFA to release officially on 27 September, but for EA Access or PS4 players on 19 September.

Apex Legends

Onto one of a few update type presentations of games getting more content. It’s arriving on 2 July and it’ll be called “Battlecharge”.

There are a tonne of additional features such as finishing in the top 5 (not appropriate for me!) will get access to the Apex Elite Queue. Getting you up against the best legends the game has to offer.

Plus, there are hunt challenges to take on to get some pretty cool looking new weapons. The big new Gold weapon being the L-Star, Plasma fuelled EMG from Titanfall 2, a care package gun.

Changes to weapons are going to involve some “meta-changes” which means weapons that are weaker are likely to improve.

Based on community feedback they are getting a number of things in the Battle Pass. There are more skins and modes, plus a nice feature of making the challenges so you can stack them up, rather than having to play every day.

You can also craft your own Legendary, one you pick!

New way to play

The game is getting a “Ranked Mode”. There are 6 tiers to progress thorugh if you are good enough to do so. Uses special match making to make it work.

Special awards at the end of the season depending on where you finishing at the end.

There was also a big teaser that there could be some kind off monster battle or something coming. A very large beasty was seen at the end of the demo as the game was loading.

They were tight lipped on it, but there might be a special event to watch out featuring some big monsters!

New Legend

Wattson is the new legend coming in Season 2 and she literally grew up in the arena as her dad designed it. She has some cool powers too and a nicely delicate manner about her business.

Natalie “Wattson” Paquette is the full name and she’s a static defender.

Her main tactical ability is Perimeter Security which allows you to distribute nodes in key areas. When active they link together with electricity to create a cool protective, electric fence.

Wattson’s ultimate sees her generate an interception pylon that recharges friendly shields. But destroys incoming attackers.

Her passive ability sees ultimate accelerants fully charge her ultimate ability. And standing near interception pylons recharges her tactical ability.

She seems a decent edition, let me know if you’ll play as Wattson in the comments.

Battlefield 5

There were a few updates from the Battlefield V show that will have players happy. Plus there is certainly going to be an appeal to the new crowd too with the game not quite reaching the same heights as previous games.

First off we have a new map, Al Sundan. This is a vast map for huge battles based on what was experienced in the Under No Flag war story (if you want to replay that and get a feel for it.)

Then we have Marita. Set in Greece rural town, tight streets plus mountain. Suited to soldier classes, it’s all about getting around the area on foot and taking people by surprise.

Operation underground is a subway station map, which looks seriously tight and has lots of things blowing up everywhere. Another that’s all about the ground play.

Two more close quarter maps are coming too based in Lofoten Islands and Provence. Very much in response to feedback.

You can play Battlefield V in the EA Access vault soon too plus thre is Season 5 coming too which promises:

“The Pacific Theater has been part of the Battlefield DNA ever since the game-changing debut of Battlefield™ 1942.

“Now, we’re crafting the ultimate reimagining of the conflict. As the U.S. and Japan enter the fight, expect additional maps, including a modern take on an absolute Battlefield classic: Iwo Jima.

“You’ll be able to use amphibious units to pummel the war-ridden shores and an expanded arsenal to rouse your squad to victory. “

Enjoy the full reveal here if you missed it.

Madden 20

Massive gameplay reveal for the new Madden that, once again, has a great number of additions based on player feedback.

Face of the Franchise is coming to the game by creating a star-to-be quarterback from 10 options and going from college to the NFL. EA explain what you do here as:

“You find out where your story begins at the NFL Draft, and then fight to prove you belong in the league.

“Last long enough and you just might leave a legacy and even play in a few Pro Bowls. This new and customizable career campaign is all about you, with personalized playable scenarios, events, and dynamic challenges.”

The individual player is very key to the game too with the addition of Superstar Xfactors to use once they get in “the zone”. In this state, by achieving certain milestones in the game, you unlock a potentially game changing ability.

There were a lot of these so see the new stuff on the game here in the blog mentioned in the reveal.

The SIMS 4

Wow, the SIMS is 20 years old! That’s mad and so is some of the new stuff coming to the game.

Like Madden there were a lot of elements but the highlights were the Island Living expansion that sees you go to a SIMS have fun in the water. Plus that means you can walk in and swim, then have fun with dolphins too.

The Sims 4 Island Living launches on PC and Mac on June 21 and on Xbox One and PS4 July 16. 

Plenty more information here.

The show also revealed the game would be getting a cool LGBT+ pack for people to enjoy too in support of Pride month.

New EA Originals

The man the legend Joseph Fares was back (and only confined to one swearing moment, but it’s a good one!) and talking EA Originals.

Jo-Mei Games, Hazelight, Zoink!, and Glowmade all talk about some upcoming projects and they are making them in conjunction with EA Games which is cool.

The announcements are coming soon so expect an update on here later.

Anthem Update

Sigh. I put that title in loosely. There was a quick chat about Anthem, it was left hung out to dry a little but we knew this before the show.

Ben Irving was there and talking about the game taking feedback from players on the game. While there is a booth at the EA Play event, the show really didn’t give much other than the Cataclysm was on the test server.

Plus if you are on the test server you can feedback what you want to see in the game going forward.

It’s like nothing in Anthem is designed to work either because even the stream cut out during the talk!

Hopefully, they are just being quiet until they get the core of the game fixed and working well. But it’s not the best news for Bioware or Anthem fans.

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