As is now the tradition for Electronic Arts we have an early show before E3 kicks off and we all go bonkers. This EA Play 2017 Round up showcases all the videos and what happened during the show from LA. And we did get some interesting stuff out of it, if not quite enough for it’s own show in my opinion.

There was plenty of Star Wars Battlefront 2, FIFA 18 and a new game A Way Out that was my personal highlight. We also got a teaser for more to come tomorrow from Bioware in a new game Anthem… that considering EA have their own show, should have made more of.

My thoughts, the videos and what details we have so far are below so enjoy. MGL never believes you should be clicking around when everything is one page! If you think that is a good this, share this on social media so fellow gamers can enjoy too.

I’m always interested in what you think gamers, did you enjoy the show? Are you ready for E3? Let me know using the Disqus or Facebook Comments below the article.

The Presentation

The show had some good elements including a new game in A Way Out and some nice footage. We also got a teaser for a new Bioware title in Anthem for a full debut at E3 on 11th June. But much like last year, do wonder why they make such a big show of their games and show nothing more than what we know about already.

EA Play 2017 Round Up Star Wars battlefront 2 snowI was hoping to get something on the more Action-adventure Star Wars in Amy Hennig’s project still not announced. Now I’m happy to see new Bioware but why just tease it? Show some then more later, which seems likely to be tied to the Microsoft Presentation. All in all it was quite standard in the end.

Not to say I didn’t like what they showed. FIFA 18 has more of the story mode with Alex Hunter. EA Originals are teaming with the creators of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons to bring a new title in A Way Out. A new co-op only story game that looked excellent.

Need For Speed Payback got some nice gameplay and we saw some cool customisation and ways to play. The star of the show here of course was Star Wars Battlefront 2 however. We are getting a story mode, every generation of Star Wars on the game and free additional content. Now that is cool.

(Once the full show is available I will put it here for you gamers, for now check out the games below.)

Anthem Teaser

Looks like we are going to get a new game from Bioware, likely a different team to the one who brought us the controversial Mass Effect Andromeda. It’s a cool concept in the short time it was shown. It’s debut is coming on the 11th June which suggests it’s part of the Microsoft conference at E3 but we’ll see on that one.

I like Bioware, well, old school Bioware and I hope this is a return to that. My issue with this with EA is, when you have your own show why not actually make a big deal of something like this? If it’s good people won’t mind seeing it more at E3.

Anyway, here’s what was shown so far.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

This was the main part of the show of course and it was well deserving of its place. The action was fun to watch and we even got Jon Banega involved since he is a big fan.

See the trailers and multiplayer reveal below.

Need For Speed Payback

Traditionally I’m not a big racing fan but Need for Speed was one I did enjoy back in the day. This time the team are planning a big new open world full of things to do. There is crime and conspiracy plus some impressive action as shown the the trailers below.

A Way Out

This was my pick personally, this was a game I would really enjoy playing. This is from the talented developers H(developer?) working with EA to bring a cool online/couch co-op game like no other.

If you played Brothers A Tale of Two Sons (and you should!) you’ll know how talented they are at storytelling and co-op gameplay. The game looked unique and full of personality, I personally can’t wait to see more. See the reveal below.


I thought both FIFA and PES last year were both outstanding games. One thing that EA did that was a risk and a bit different was the use of a story mode. Alex Hunter as the prodigy you control and I thought it was cool.

If you did too he’s back plus the game is more polished than ever. See the video below for more.

Battlefield 1 & others

Also at the show was the latest from Battlefield 1 with some new content teased In The Name of Tsar. Plus some nice content from EA Sports with Madden 18 and NBA Live 18.

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