This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the content has been altered however. Here we are! It’s My Games Lounge big Feature Friday with an Exclusive Interview for you gamers with Dying Light’s Maciej, the game designer from Techland!

We all love zombies, its one of the ultimate joys of gaming to kill zombie after zombie and it’s even better when you can add in some crazy Hack ‘N Slash weapons, the ability to play with friends and even invade their game playing as the Zombie Nightstalker!

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In the above interview we talk about all the elements of Dying Light including the sandbox experience with dynamic day and night that really changes the game; the sick pleasure the developers took in allowing you to slice zombies in two, cut of limbs and crack their skulls! Not only that we talk about the multiplayer modes including seamless co-op play and PVP where friends can Be The Zombie and invade each other’s game!

Plus more including the My Games Lounge favourite fun question at the end, finding out which character in gaming Maciej would be if he could… mild spoiler here but he cheats and gives two… naughty! The event was busy so we apologise that there’s some ambient noise in the background but it should not stop your enjoyment watching this interview.

More Interviews from EGX are on the way too so make sure you keep it right here on My Games Lounge for more!

Enjoy & Game On!

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