Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch Version FINALLY Confirmed – Eternal Collection Arrives 2018

It's been leaked a few times but we actually have confirmation now that Diablo III will be on Nintendo Switch and in 2018


Great news coming from Blizzard today for Switch fans out there. The leaks have been out for a while but we FINALLY have confirmation on a Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch version coming out. Great news for dungeon crawling fans because this is an outstanding game.

Not only that is confirmed, but we also know it’s the full Eternal Collection. This includes the expansions on top of the original game. Including Rise of the Necromancer expansion with, let’s face it, the best class! Not that I am biased at all…

In other great news, gamers can play the title  Gamescom in Cologne, Fan Expo and PAX West. Details on Diablo 3 Enteral Collection for Nintendo Switch is below.

Will you be dungeon crawling and looting on the move when this comes out? Get in the comments and let us know if you’ll be playing this on your Switch!

Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch Version Details

The Eternal Collection is the definitive edition of the award-winning action RPG, including everything from the original Diablo III, the critically-acclaimed Reaper of Souls expansion, and the Rise of the Necromancer pack.

With seven powerful character classes, a five-act campaign that spans the lore-rich and demon-infested world of Sanctuary, and an endlessly replayable Adventure Mode, the Eternal Collection is the perfect all-in-one package to introduce newcomers to a lifetime of adventure.

The Eternal Collection for the Nintendo Switch incorporates the system’s flexibility and versatility into its design. Whether using a Joy-Con controller or a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, players will have an awe-inspiring assortment of demon-slaying powers at their fingertips, thanks to intuitive, ultra-responsive controls custom-built for Nintendo Switch.

And true to the spirit of the Diablo series, players will also have a wealth of options when it comes to cleansing Sanctuary cooperatively—up to four players can band together to engage in grand multiplayer crusades, whether they’re sharing a screen on a single Nintendo Switch, linking their systems together wirelessly, or teaming up through the Nintendo Switch Online* service.

The Diablo 3 Expansions

Diablo 3 Nintendo Switch Version image 1

The Reaper of Souls expansion introduced the mighty Crusader class, the infinitely-replayable Adventure Mode, and a host of other game-defining features, like the random loot-filled Nephalem Rift dungeons.

In 2017, Rise of the Necromancer resurrected the fan-favorite Necromancer class from Diablo II, bolstering players’ forces with the gruesome powers of blood and bone.

All of this is included in Diablo III Eternal Collection for the Nintendo Switch system, on top of platform-exclusive bonus items, like The Legend of Ganondorf cosmetic armor set, inspired by the iconic villain from The Legend of Zelda series.

Diablo III Eternal Collection for Nintendo Switch will be available later this year at retail stores everywhere and digitally through the Nintendo eShop.

Gamers in North America and Europe will be able to get an early look at Diablo III Eternal Collection this August at Gamescom in Cologne, Fan Expo in Toronto, and PAX West in Seattle. 

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