In the very first segment of this week’s weekly update (now dubbed “This Week at Bungie”), Bungie confirmed some information that fans of Destiny have no doubt been concerned about: future content for the main game. The most important piece of news being that Bungie confirms a Destiny sequel for 2017.

Naturally that news may come as a disappointment to anybody hoping to leave those last generation hardware restrictions behind, but Bungie also touch on the PvE content players of the current game can expect to get their hands on soon. They mention that a significant Spring update is due that will increase the Light level cap, feature a “bunch of new gear to earn and equip” and “new challenges for PvE players seeking more fun experiences and replayability”.

They also state beyond that lies a large expansion for later this year before the bombshell of the actual sequel being marked for 2017.

Destiny is holding its new Valentine’s event, “Crimson Doubles”, as we speak for those more inclined to PvP gameplay, but PvE enthusiasts have been waiting for quite some time for new content and now we see a glimpse of it on the horizon.

We here at My Games Lounge reviewed all of Destiny’s year one and two content drops and will continue to do so as and when anything of interest appears. If you’d like to read our opinions on Destiny and all of its pieces, you can them below:

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