E3 is officially going and if you were asleep during the first event the we have a nice Bethesda E3 Showcase Round Up for you featuring all the videos from the event on a single page along with some links to more detailed articles and some information about the titles. We also sum up our thoughts on the event at the end of the article which comes ahead of the review we’ll be putting together shortly.

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Links To News

All the videos are on this page, should you want more detail on a specific game there are some individual news articles we are updating as we get more and more information from the Bethesda E3 Showcase. The game links are below for you.

Bethesda E3 Showcase Round Up Dishonored 2 Reveal
Dishonored 2 Reveal
Bethesda E3 Showcase Round Up Quake Champions Reveal
Quake Champions Reveal
Bethesda E3 Showcase Round Up Quake Prey Reveal
Prey Reveal
Bethesda E3 Showcase Round Up Skyrim Remaster Reveal
Skyrim Remaster Reveal
Bethesda E3 Showcase Round Up Fallout DLC
Fallout DLC
Bethesda E3 Showcase Round All Bethesda Articles
All Bethesda E3 Articles
Bethesda E3 Showcase Round Up MGL E3 Hub
All E3 Updates

The Videos

Here we go guys, check out the full conference below or scroll down for specific trailers for you to enjoy.

Full Conference


Dishonored 2

For the full rundown on Dishonored you are best watching the conference for the final 20 minutes or so since they went into a lot of detail. We have this embedded in our Dishonored 2 News Update Here for you. For the cool gameplay trailer, check it out below.

Prey Game Revealed

We did expect this to be a sequel but looks like they have re-imagined the game entirely and calling it simply Prey!

Skyrim Remaster, Fallout 4 DLC & Fallout Shelter Update

This is a one fits all video from Bethesda with a few things mentioned, most notably the Fallout 4 DLC details and the fantastic news that Skyrim Is Being Remastered!

Elder Scrolls Legends

Quake Champions

Blah with link to news

TES Online Updates

Doom Additional Content

Bethesda VR

Not quite it’s own video but below is the VR section from the full conference for you.


Our Thoughts

Wow! That was a serious step up in class from the rather disappointing EA Play, which we have also given a Round Up On Here. Bethesda really know how to put on a show, they were very focused on what they had to show and appealed to their fans nicely. To kick off with a new game as Quake returned was a great start and it kept that high level through most of it.

Some of us are fighting over the Dishonored 2 demo and whether it dragged or not but overall we are very happy with this event and it’s worth watching the whole show back if you have time.

Our full review will launch shortly with more E3 coverage to come.

For more on Bethesda’s E3 you can check out all the updates on the page here. We’ll also have updates on the main E3 section here plus you can check out all the predictions and build up to the event below on the links.

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