Bethesda E3 Reveals New Fallout 4 DLC

New Fallout 4 DLC revealed. Coming over the next few months.


The Bethesda E3 event has been revealing some new information tonight gamers and we are right on top of things here on MGL. Check out the video above as Bethesda Reveals its new Fallout 4 DLC plans over the next few months.

The new Fallout 4 DLC will be coming soon. The first will be “Contraptions Workshop”, coming next week, this DLC pack will allow you to build elevators, conveyor belts and other useful items to facilitate automated movement within your workshops.

The second piece, Vault Tec Worksop, comes in July and will allow players to build their very own vault.

The third and final was somewhat vague, inviting you to Nuka World in August 2016. Speculating, I’d say it’s a new area within the game which would fall in line with the previous pattern of releases: small pack, small pack, big pack. As it stands, however, this is all we know. A Nuka Cola theme park.

For more on Fallout 4  and Bethesda’s E3 you can check out all the updates on the page here. We’ll also have updates on the main E3 section here plus you can check out all the predictions and build up to the event below on the links.

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