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Indies on MGL means so much to us since our website is also pretty indie! We are just a group of gamers who wanted to make a website, much like indie developers are usually just a group of gamers with the talent to make games getting together to make their idea a reality.

Why would we not want to get together and have some fun?

We want MGL to be there for those Indie Developers making awesome games that they’ve always wanted to and, while we are a small team, we’re doing everything we can to get you all the exposure you deserve.

MGL Indie Dev Blog

The first thing you simply must do if you are here on MGL and are an Indie Game Developer is Login to MGL with your Twitter or Facebook account and join the Indie Dev Blog. If you prefer you can be added by our team by Filling in Our Interest Form too.

Here you can submit any story about your game to MGL, from a simple introduction you your company and your game, to an in-depth article about the work going into your title. We welcome anything so long as the article is written for MGL specifically, you may share anything about your game(s) in development and we’ll share it on our site and around our network of partners.

Upload images and share your videos on your game, it’s all welcome and of course we can help by giving our impressions of your title and promotion of your game once it’s getting ready to go.

Login and submit your post on MGL and we’ll get you going.

Indie Game Coverage

Our indie game coverage will be monitored daily on MGL and our social media accounts, checking out the latest developments and news. We’ll be playing early access and getting on games at conferences like EGX Rezzed so make sure you say hi to us if you are there.

We update our specific indie game news, reviews and articles daily where possible and always have interesting developments to share.

Check out the articles available on MGL below and if you have a tip on a cool indie game, tag us on the MGL Twitter or MGL Facebook.

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