15 Best Upcoming PS4 Exclusive Games 2018 (and beyond) – Amazing Games We Can’t Wait For

We look at the big exclusive PS4 games coming in 2018 we can't wait to play, plus hint at a few more likely to arrive in 2019!


Welcome to 2018 gamers. If last year wasn’t full of enough of great games coming to the PlayStation 4, we have more HUGE titles coming this year. Get those wallets ready for the abuse gamers as we look at the best upcoming PS4 exclusive games 2018. There are a 15 on the list we here at MGL are excited about, although some are likely to slip into 2019.

In the article you will find a run down of our 18 top games, all of them look great so the list is not ranked. Feel free to pick your best ones and get them in the comments though! We have videos and information on all the games plus a special video of our own to watch too. Plus, click on the header game titles to go to the official webpage for more details.

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16. Your pick of the PS4 exclusive games 2018…

We have picked below for you, but we want to open this up to you gamers out there…

What are your top 5 games coming to the PlayStation 4 this year?

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Please note, the video is in a different order to the games below, mainly because I am an idiot!

By: Square Enix
Genre: Fighting Game
Releases: January 31, 2018

A slight cheat gamers since this one is out NOW… all I can say is my video editing skills needed brushing up on! But, it’s such a cool game it’s well worth having on the list.

The rather strange name here basically means Final Fantasy fights with characters and some MMO style elements to the play. There is certainly plenty to do in this game for Final Fantasy fans.

It looks crazy in full flight however and there are some classic Final Fantasy characters to take control of in the game too. Looks pretty cool, might be one for the fans only however.

By: Japan Studio/Bluepoint Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Action Adventure
Releases: February 7, 2018

Remastered games get some hate, I think this is why microtransactions came along to maybe distract us. But, there should be no question about Shadow of The Colossus getting the 4K treatment. This is a classic so many younger gamers may have missed.

Trust me, it needs playing! No matter the big games coming up, this is one not to miss if you have a PS4.

By: Level 5/Bandai Namco
Genre: RPG
Releases: March 23, 2018

As a big fan of the original game I’m really excited personally to play this one. But it gets on our MGL list because it’s an outstanding game too. The fact the original hasn’t been remastered or even ported to the PS4 is something we here find a bit strange since it was so impressive.

The sequel has a lot to live up to, but everything so far looks excellent. Some more info in this one can be found here.

By: Santa Monica/Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Open World, Action Adventure
Releases: April 20, 2018

Kratos is back, and he’s bringing God levels of beard with him. Seriously, that is growth I’m seriously jealous of!

Not only that but the game itself is a reinvention of the character and the gameplay too. It’s more open, has RPG elements and a father and son angle driving the story. It looks outstanding, and I can’t wait to see more. We finally get to play this one in April and it’s going to be huge, could it be a GOTY contender?

By: Bend Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Open World, Action Adventure
Releases: “Early 2018”

Bend are a famous studio from Sony’s collection of talented first party developers. They brought us the legendary Syphon Filter and many thought their new game was in that series.

But here we have an open world style action adventure in a future with “freakers” (suspiciously like zombies… But a bit not). The world is a hard looking place and this looks a great new IP I want to see more of!

By: Insomniac Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Open World, Action Adventure
Releases: “2018”

Oh, there have been some SERIOUS ups and downs with Spider-Man games. Most of them involve being decent to swung around the city with and a few having decent combat and things to do thrown in.

But, in come Insomniac with this amazing looking title. The creators of Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet and Clank are (in my opinion… And Sony’s I guess) the best developer for a Spider-Man title. This one looks outstanding, I simply must play this the second it comes out.

By: Quantic Dream/Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Story driven Adventure
Releases: “2018”

While it’s caused some controversy in the past few weeks, Detroit looks incredible and has some powerful ideas in it. Much like Heavy Rain, it draws on the emotion of family and humanity a lot from the scenes shown so far. Something that made that game something special for me.

We here and MGL and all getting very excited about seeing this come out and making those hard choices. It’s going to be emotional, but also incredibly good to experience.

By: Square Enix
Genre: RPG
Releases: “2018”

On to the mystery of Square Enix (some more of which to follow!). They say dates, months or years and you just have to roll with their inevitable changes on a whim. Are we going to see it here? Who knows…

But if Final Fantasy VII returns in 2018 its going to be amazing. People are a bit worried about both the episodic nature of the title and the combat being more action however. Let’s see if they can do a Hitman again and make it work.

By: SEGA/Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Open World, Action Adventure
Releases: April 17, 2018

There have been some classics in this series, many back on the PS4 now. In the next instalment we’re hoping for a real step forward for the series as a full PlayStation 4 experience.

That gritty story and quality gameplay will hopefully be back too and I know the team here are excited about playing this one.

By: Neilo/Deep Silver
Genre: Open World, Action Adventure
Releases: “2018”

Remember that Kickstarter that went crazy and was funded in just 8 hours? Well it’s been almost 3 years since that day in 2015 and the game has been progressing.

Thanks to generous funding by Sony, the game is coming exclusively to the PS4. This certainly means there are a lot of excited Shenmue fans ready to play this in 2018. There is still a question mark over the game and if it this makes it this year.

If it does we are going to have some seriously happy ex-Dreamcast lovers, including me!

By: Pixelopus/Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Adventure
Releases: “2018”

This was one of the standout games at Paris Game Week 2017 for us here at MGL. It was a game that brought something a bit different to the rest with the idea of graffiti painting to solve puzzles.

Concrete Genie is coming this year and looks one of those unique titles that might steal a few gamers hearts.

By: Media Molecule/Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Adventure/Creation Game
Releases: “2018”

Speaking of games that steal hearts, the developers of the outstanding Tearaway and original Little Big Planet games is back. Here we have Media Molecule’s latest project Dreams, finally looking close to a finished product.

Not only is there the creativity in the game as always promised. But now we have what looks and interesting narrative and motivation behind it all. One to seriously watch gamers!

Possible surprises… But more likely for 2019 perhaps?

These are some games “potentially” out in 2018. They are worth keeping an eye on but… They might just miss 2018.

By: Square Enix
Genre: RPG
Releases: “2018”

I mean… It can’t take any longer, can it? Can Kingdom Hearts 3 really go into 2019? I really hope the schedule of 2018 releases actually happens this team. All the team here do since it’s an outstanding series.

Short of releasing Kingdom Hearts 2.95134712 or some other pre-prequel to the sequel of the original type game. I really think we could just, perhaps, maybe see it this year. Big fingers crossed though gamers.

There are question marks here though gamers. Some reports suggest PS4 may get exclusive content and the game is coming to Xbox One too.

By: Kojima Productions/Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Action Adventure
Releases: “2018/2019”

Does anyone, I mean anyone understand what the hell is going on in this game? But for Kojima of course? It’s crazy, but I really want to experience it.

The game is a big question all over. Andrew House at Sony said the game is playable for more than 5-6 hours. The capture looks amazing in the real-time trailers and its using the existing Horizon Zero Dawn engine. Could it make it out this year? Possibly, but again it might fall into next year and extend our confusion further!

By: Naughty Dog/Sony Interactive Entertainment
Genre: Action Adventure
Releases: “2018/2019”

I think we put this on the list as a hopeful wish rather than an expectation. Since 2013 gaming was changed with The Last of Us in terms of storytelling and just being outstanding to play. Since then fans have all wanted more of this world, myself head of the queue!

While the game is looking outstanding already, Naughty Dog do not rush and I would love to see this surprise us all at E3 as a Holiday 2018 game. But I’m not getting my hopes up for it. Could it make it? Maybe if PlayStation needed a big holiday release, but me might have to wait a little while longer.

Well that’s the list, which game as you looking forward to THE MOST? Which will be day one purchased and which will you be leaving alone? Personally I can’t see past God of War for now BUT I can’t wait to see a realease date for Detroit too.

Get in the Disqus or Facebook comments below and let me know your top PS4 exclusives. The team and I are looking forward to reading them. Until next time gamers.

Game on.

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