Well, we’re just recovering from getting shot the hell in EA DICE’s amazing Battlefield 1. And already we have the other end of the shooter spectrum about to arrive with another EA studio, Respawn Entertainment. Friday sees something new to their game too, as Titanfall 2 voice actor Matt Mercer heads up the new story mode.

What a good time for us to bring back the MGL Voice Actors Spotlight feature.

If EA and Respawn get this game right – and early reviews suggest they have – they could have another big victory in the FPS market. This all headed up by the headline of a single player campaign for the first time.

Here I’ll be talking about the single player of Titanfall 2 with some details for you. Plus, a focus on what seasoned games voice actor Matt Mercer (sometimes going with Matthew) can bring to the role, with a look at his career and why he’s a stand out actor in his field.

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Jack Cooper, Our Lead Protagonist

Here at MGL, and myself in particular, we love a good story in games. Single player is not always the focus of the modern shooter. But if anyone can bring some good experience into this new story element in Titanfall 2, it’s Matt Mercer.

Titanfall 2 Voice Actor Matt Mercer Main Titan Pilot and TitanThere is a lot of controversy and difficulties between actors and game publishers right now. We at MGL believe actors can make a game amazing with their performances. And with more motion capture being used in games now than ever before, plus VR going mainstream. We can only see voice acting, and captured acting becoming more important to gaming.

And what’s important to Titanfall 2 is getting its story mode right.

Enter Matt Mercer, he’s playing Jack Cooper the Pilot of the piece alongside his companion BT-7274. This is the Titan in single player who will help you (and I’m sure you’ll help it) along your way.

Cooper and his Titan end up stranded behind enemy lines. Working together you will take on all the odds to survive and complete a series of missions along the way to support your cause. Both Jack and BT only have each other to rely on so expect a sort of robo-bromance type relationship between the characters.

So why is Matt such a good person for the role of Jack Cooper? Let’s look at his voice acting career.

Matt Mercer’s Gaming Work

One thing that stands out about Matt is he’s done so many different characters in games. Many as additional voices and enemies in his early career, learning his trade. But he’s done this working with the best male voice actors in the business in some cases. Particularly working with Nolan North in the hilarious Deadpool game, and both Nolan and Troy Baker in The Last of Us.

But where he’s had a larger role, Matt has been excellent. He took on the role of Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 6, taking over from a string of different actors. He did a great job in a good game in the more action orientated Resident Evil games and played Leon very well.

xenoblade-chronicles-x-wallpaper-1As a personal pick, I was pleased that some of his work included one of my favourite RPG games: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Here he played a number of supporting NPC characters throughout the adventure. Speaking of RPGs, our author David Game thought Xenoblade Chronicles X was one of the best games last year. With Matt doing a fantastic job, taking on the English voice of Lao.

His most recent stand out performances for me was coming into Batman Arkham Knight as Tim Drake’s Robin. He played a really good character in a game that was one of the best action-adventures of last year.

While Titanfall 2 is about to release, Matt’s latest work is on one of the biggest games of the year as he plays Cor Leonis in Final Fantasy XV.

What He Brings to The Role

It’s a simple one here but he brings in experience. Plus, he has worked with some of the best actors in the business with other game projects where he’s been part of the supporting cast.

Being in his 30s still, he’s got plenty of voice acting to go. All that experience should bode well for taking such a lead where the game is taking on a story for the first time.

Playing a part with a machine as his companion means he’s the human element to this story. The emotions and relatable experiences have to come from him within this single player mode. I really think he will deliver here and I’m ready to get right into story mode as soon as the game arrives!

Me, Myself and Titan

Now I’m going to talk about the developers a moment. Yes, I Respawn Rossco will be talking about Respawn Entertainment. A fact I really tried not to put in the article, mainly to try and avoid any trademark issues!

But this is Respawn, on Respawn right now! Let’s do it!

titanfall-2-voice-actor-matt-mercer-main-titanTwo things that the developers did here with the original Titanfall bugged me. The first was being Xbox One only. Not a great issue now as I have both machines. They sit next to each other best of friends and everything.

Just like gamers do right…? Anyway…

It was a shame that I’d have to wait to play a game that looked so downright cool. But then the second thing made me less bothered about it all in the end was revealed. The fact the game released with zero single player.

Now, as you’ll know if you read my thoughts in Battlefield 1’s Amazing War Stories, I’m big on single player. It’s still got a big part to play in shooters for me so it was a negative on the original game from my point of view.

So the sequel being multiform at launch and getting a story mode was music to my ears. And from the details revealed were in for a buddy type campaign between a Pilot and Titan. Exploring how the two bond and work together to get through their various challenges.

Few details have actually been released, most likely to avoid any spoilers but here’s what we do know:

Story Mode – A Robo-Bromance

Pilot and Titan unite as never before in Respawn Entertainment’s highly anticipated Titanfall 2. Featuring a crafted single player campaign that explores the unique bond between man and machine, players will step on to The Frontier as a Militia rifleman with aspirations of becoming a Pilot.

Stranded behind IMC enemy lines, and against overwhelming odds, you must team up with a veteran Vanguard-class Titan and uphold a mission you were never meant to carry out.

–     –     –

I really can’t wait to see how this plays out and how Matt takes on the role. While multiplayer is great fun, there are many gamers out there who still want the focus even between that and single player stories.

With Matt taking the lead in this game I think they could be on to a winner. I can’t wait to see this first hand in the next few days.

Let us know what you think about Titanfall 2 or the best roles Matt Mercer has taken on in games you’ve played in the Disqus comments below. You can also let us know on Twitter who’s a good voice actor to feature in next month’s Voice Artists Spotlight. Until next time gamers.

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