Is The Adventure Pals Worth Playing? – My Thoughts So Far

This crazy platformer comes to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC and The Adventure Pals makes a great first impression.


Welcome to my look at another great indie title, one that really is something I like to play. This platforming adventure from Massive Monster is an interesting mix of colour, humor and quirky gameplay. But is The Adventure Pals Worth playing?

Get the thoughts and 25 minutes of PS4 gameplay on the video from our YouTube Channel above. (Don’t forget to Subscribe). Can’t see the video in the header, go down a little for the embedded version.

The Adventure Pals is available now for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Is The Adventure Pals Worth Playing? – Love, Like or Leave

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After a few hours with the game I’m still really loving the humor and the colourful presentation. The gameplay is solid too with the hint of looting, levelling up and getting around this world.

The best part of the game are the ideas the team have had, and the way Massive Monster have delivered them. The humor is everywhere to see. The fact you have a pet Giraffe and a pet Rock is only part of it. Oh, and people are being turned into dangerous hot dogs.

The game is great to look at, fun to play and I can’t wait to take on more. The full review will be up on MGL later. More thoughts are on the video below from 20:45 for you.

Will you be picking up The Adventure Pals?

After what I had to say… do you think The Adventure Pals is worth playing? Will you be picking it up or are you playing it already? Let me know what you think in the Disqus or Facebook Comments below.

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