It’s getting close the E3 gamers and it’s time for a few predictions. This is not a place for cold hard facts of course, we are only giving your our educated thoughts on what could be presented at the PlayStation E3 Experience this year. The 10 Sony E3 2016 predictions do have the truth where we know it, but since we all are thinking about what the big reveals will be and hoping for certain things, we throw in some speculation and hopes too.

Don’t worry, there is a comments section you can pop your thoughts about this on at the bottom too so feel free to chip in with your list hopes and expectations.

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What? A list, on the internet with no on-page clicking Rossco?” you say? Yes, just scroll down for a read and enjoy a few videos and screens along the way. The list is ordered by impact, so what we think will give the PlayStation E3 conference the biggest impact is number 1. Referred to as the “Mic Drop Moment!”

Lots of E3 build up and coverage coming up too with the other conferences given predictions too moving on to Microsoft Predictions on June 2nd. Check the latest E3 2016 updates here.

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10. PlayStation Neo/ PS4K Full Reveal

Sony E3 2016 Predictions NeoI’m in two minds on this one, and with the potential Xbox One update too. I’m a console gamer and I have been since the late 80s (yes… Old!). So to see the market change and release smaller versions of the console like PlayStation like to do was a bit different, but I didn’t mind.

But this potential update to the hardware is like turning my gaming console into a smartphone I must update every few years to run the latest apps. I mean, I already pay a monthly service charge to PS+ and Xbox Gold, why not make it more like a phone?

But then the other side is thinking that it’s actually quite logical and the only way to keep games growing over the years rather than being held back by technological limitations. Since we’ve gone to more traditional builds with the consoles now looking like miniature PC setup, it seems inevitable we’re going to see upgraded elements.

As far as showing this at E3 goes it’ll certainly be there with its counterpart PlayStation VR and will make up a good part of the show. While VR is further down the list, we at MGL think this will be talked about after but not necessarily a high impact reveal.

The only way it could really send people crazy is a some trade-in scheme for the 40 million plus PS4 owners out there now, that guarantees a reasonable price on updating. As one of the millions (and millions!) of the PlayStation 4 fans, I hope this happens.

9. Overly Long Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Section

Sony E3 2016 PlayStation Predictions Infinate WarfareI’m not a Call of Duty hater by any means, my reviews I’d both Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 have been very positive. But I do think they are taking this futuristic combat way too far now and need to, literally come back down to earth before they are making a COD meets No Man’s Sky crossover. Can you imagine? One of best space-geek games ever imagined with death matches and kill to death ratios everywhere! No thanks.

Please, just put me in something believable or based on a real event COD.

So when it comes to E3 what are we going to see? Well, the deal with Sony and Activision is basically farming them money with Destiny (and DLC expansions) and Black Ops 3 sales in all those shiny PS4s selling like crazy. This only means one thing, a very big Activision presence and the PlayStation Conference with a demo of the Multiplayer and Single player likely to be shown off for a massive chunk of the show, which might be a good time to replenish your snacks.

8. Destiny Reveal – Expansion Pack & Sequel Teaser?

Destiny Review main ImageI mentioned Activision and Sony are friends right?  Well considering how much hype was created by Bungie and Destiny over the past few years – not to mention the sales and money generated – it’s safe to say we’re going to get more.

Both myself and fellow author on MGL David Game like Destiny, but it’s certainly not the experience we expected from Bungie especially not after the build up. The lack of content, the thin story elements that required you to go for an online treasure hunt for history and the fact it took a full year to be a complete game worthy of the original price tag. These all have not given the game the best reputation.

There’s good stuff too, honest!

Gameplay wise the game is excellent and the mixture of single player missions with a multiplayer style character is very well done no matter your class (Warlock all the way for me though gamers). It just needed to be richer, deeper and truly next-gen rather than being held back to work on the previous consoles.

But what is coming to E3? Well, we know they are going to be bringing an expansion pack, the last one at that. Plenty of speculation is around but this is coming this year it seems and what’s more, the sequel is confirmed as coming in 2017.

This is the perfect time to reveal it, with the last expansion maybe acting as a prequel to the events of the second game. Hopefully they get it right in the end, but for E3 they just need to wind up the Hype Machine and get its engine going again.

7. PlayStation VR Demo… A Good One Finally?

Sony E3 2016 Predictions VROh Sony, there has been no demo for this that hasn’t been painfully short or just plain painful. The demonstration at Paris Games Week last year was worse than a Chuckle Brothers tribute act at Butlins (very British joke there gamers, basically think of the worst double act of all time in your country…then times it by the size of the No Man’s Sky Universe). I mean, they really need to get this right ahead of the launch and they need to keep it simple and they need to get people excited.

What excites people everyone it’s even mentioned? Well, I just mentioned it and, be honest, it made you feel a little excited didn’t it? I am of course talking of Sean Murray and Hello Games’ project, No Man’s Sky, and now the June launch is being pushed back to august we here have our thoughts on why.

Now before I go any further, this is OUR theory and not a rumor anywhere but OUR CRAZY MINDS! We all believe here that No Man’s Sky is going to be compatible with PS VR at launch. It’s the perfect VR game after all, first-person perspective, stunning visuals and can you imagine looking at that star map through a VR headset? That would be worth the cost of the hardware alone to some gamers.

It makes so much sense, it’s the perfect game for a VR experience as a gamer and has so much interest it’s bound to shift some units. They do this, people will go mad… They play crappy virtual tennis again and people will go actually insane.

6. Hideo Kojima Project, a revival of Silent Hills ideas?

Sony E3 2016 Predictions KojimaThe sad story around one of the best games of last year is that of Kojima and Konami. It’s a sad state of the industry when this kind of thing happens to a legend, and also a respected company (before this anyway). But he’s now on his own, with his ideas and ability ready to go, and his first game is coming to PS4.

But what, what is it going to be?

We know Silent Hills is a no go, too much has happened since P.T and the man himself has said he prefers something else. But the horror genre is lacking massively at the moment and he must want to use some of those ideas in a game, right?

While his new game could be anything it would be a safe bet place it on a horror title. Whatever it is the impact would be massive and you can imagine the quality it will be once revealed.

5. Rockstar Games Project – Agent still MIA?

Sony E3 2016 Predictions rockstarThis one is a high impact player but also a bit of an unlikely entry since Rockstar are not big on E3 traditionally. There is the strange limbo situation going on between Sony and creators of GTA with one particular exclusive game that no one has written off yet.

Where is Agent? Is it happening or is it cancelled?

If it is happening, its got be to revealed soon and E3 is the perfect time to do so. There is also a chance that we’ll see Rockstar show off something else with a Read Dead game certainly high on people’s wish list. You could see that having equal impact in its reveal, but that would not be a full exclusive to the Sony console unlike what was promised with Agent.

But Rockstar basically do what they like, when they like and make amazing games. Therefore Agent could still happen, the Trademark has been renewed and some screens did leak late last year so maybe we’ll get to see something here at E3. Granted, this is one of the more unlikely ones on the list.

4. God of War 4 – Kratos VS The Norse Gods

Sony E3 2016 Predictions GoWWe can’t go much longer without Kratos making a big appearance on the PlayStation 4, we’ve finally had Nathan Drake in the truly magnificent Uncharted 4 a Thief’s End. The next big character us PlayStation fans crave is the perpetually angry Kratos to get on board.

And once again we have some rumours and some leaks with the man himself looking a lot hairier and wearing a very grizzly beard.

Kratos Leaked Image with beard

There is a few instances around too that have confirmed there is a game underway with the guys at Santa Monica Studio so this is another that is only a matter of time. As a game, these are some of the best action titles ever created and God of War 3 was arguably the best of the series. We need more of this sooner rather than later please Sony.

3. The Last Guardian Release Date… Hopefully before 2020!

Sony E3 2016 Predictions TLGDown to the top three and making an appearance is the game us fans of Team Ico have been waiting for, for a long time. If you ever had a PS2, opened the beautiful packaging and played either Ico or Shadow of Colossus at the time of release, you’d be hard pushed not to have a smile on your face now thinking of that amazing experience.

Ico was my personal favourite, it was just a wonderful game and the type of experience the Last Guardian looks like it will achieve… if it ever gets released.

And this E3 it simply has to. I mean really has to have a release date set in stone at E3 for this year and make it no matter what. We have all waited so long for this and it is bittersweet to see that other people are playing it at the likes of IGN. Obviously; playable preview is great for the chances of it making it out this year. I just hate them so much for getting to play it while I haven’t!

2. The Return of Crash Bandicoot, Horizon Zero Dawn & New IPs

Sony E3 2016 Predictions CrashPlayed Uncharted 4? Watched last year’s PlayStation Experience with the T-Shirt that got the internet going bonkers? Then you’ll know there are many hints and easter eggs out there that suggest that crash is coming back for some PlayStation action.

So, if they can sort the legal ownership issue out and get Crash back and announced at E3 that will go close to bringing the house down for us fans.

One thing the company is getting right this generation is how they are appealing to a fan base and have made their conferences around those gamers. This is why the console and brand is doing so well, it stands to reason now they will do this again with Crash and really get Twitter going mental.

But they are also doing well with the new PS gamers, the ones that are not fans of the classics are here for the new ideas. These guys may well get some excitement too with the new IPs Sony are likely to update-us-on/reveal too.

Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the most breath-taking reveals of last year and the more of it we saw, the more gamers were all over it. Even the most hardened Xbox Gamer I know was impressed by it and that really caused him some pain for a few days, the fanboy is strong with this one. Personally, I was blown away and I remember the moment when it went from the introduction and looked to be stopping… then carried on going right into some gameplay action.

And it was so good! Release date Sony please, and make it for November!

Another one I personally have been excited to see revealed is Bend Studio’s new game that hasn’t been announced yet. They are famous for Syphon Filter of course but there next title is supposedly something new. It’s been on the cards for a while and is another where it’s about time we saw it confirmed and could be a new IP to add to the list. Sucker Punch are likely to be working on something too and there is certainly more coming from Quantic Dream on Detroit.

1. Sony E3 2016 Mic Drop Moment: The Last of Us 2 Teaser

Sony E3 2016 Predictions tlou2I mean, what else would you want to drop at the end of a conference but this sleeping giant? There are no amount of awful VR demos, long Call of Duty Sessions and live game crashes that this reveal could not save, and it you want your event trending in the millions, this simply must happen!

Is it a guarantee? No, but I do think it’s more likely than not. Naughty Dog do like to keep momentum and as one games comes out they like to show off a bit from the next.

We also know from actors and developers that The Last of Us 2 is certainly happening and as a massive fan I cannot wait to see what’s in store for us. But considering the hard work put in to make the Uncharted 4 gameplay engine, the team behind this have a solid framework to work from and no-doubt have had this for some time. It makes sense to do this now, and it really would bring the house down…

Do It Sony, Do it!

Well that is the end of our big 10 Sony E3 2016 predictions and a lot of us telling you stuff, tell us what you think in the comments below that can be done with your social media account. Come back for more E3 Build Up on MGL and the coverage from the event itself.

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