This December is going to end with a big bust of gaming action. First we have The Game Awards, which we’ll be previewing later. Then we see Sony run the PSX Conference, which is a great way to end the year for PlayStation fans. So let’s get a little hopeful and look at the PlayStation Experience 2016 reveals we could, and would LOVE to see at the event.

Some of this is based on reality, some educated guesses and a few are things just love to see happen.

Our thoughts are below, make sure you let us know what you think too. Get some comments going using Disqus and Facebook comments at the end of the article. I read all of them and would love to know what you all think.

The PlayStation Experience 2016 Keynote will take place at 13:00 Eastern Time Saturday December 3rd, so thats 18:00 to us gamers in the UK. Better than the usual 3AM shows! Join us on MGL for the Live Stream as ever plus we’ll have all the breaking reveals and round ups.

OK then PlayStation Nation, let’s get going.

10Crash Bandicoot Gameplay

Ever since that T-shirt last time, I’ve been itching for some Crash. Finally the series remaster was confirmed as that apple munching Bandicoot is back home on PlayStation. This got many gamers very excited at E3 this year with not much shown in terms of what the game will be like.

Time to see the game in action!

I hope Sony get some gameplay of this one front and center. The outstanding Ratchet and Clank proved there was a market for such classic games. Let’s bring it to the stage with the big boys and see the world smile.

I’m still smiling after playing it in Uncharted 4!

9Detroit Being Human – Release Information

I’m a huge, massive fan of Quantic Dream and believe they are one of the best storytellers in gaming. While Beyond Two Souls never quite worked, Detroit Become Human looked amazing at Paris Games Week 2015. We saw some gameplay and were told of an amazing story that we create by our choices.

But all has been quiet for over a year.

Time to get some more details and, on a personal wish, let’s get a 2017 release date penciled in at least. With the game looking more like Heavy Rain this time, and the emphasis on branching choices I’m ready for me and to know when to save for.

8Insomniac Spiderman

Did you see the Spiderman trailer at E3? I ask rhetorically of course, everyone must have seen that amazing footage. It made me feel excited to see my childhood hero of choice looking so good.

And with Insomniac on the case, I’m convinced it’ll be outstanding.

The Spiderman games range from awful to decent. With the best of them being “fun to play” rather than amazing games. This is fine, but Spiderman deserves more than fine!

This game needs to be the ultimate (get it?) Spiderman game. One that does what Rocksteady did with Batman Arkham And if anyone can do it, Insomniac can.

7Destiny 2 Revealed

I’ve already had a good talk about my Destiny 2 Improvements that are needed to move the franchise forward. This was in the midst of rumors this is coming to PSX. Lots of detail on that article of course, but after the last two big updates Destiny was finally starting to living up to its original promises.

But core mistakes cannot be undone.

This second game must fix those, get an amazing story mode the very start of the game and bring more of that amazing gameplay. Here at the PlayStation Experience it needs confirming, dating for 2017 and explaining how it’s all going to be bigger and better.

6God Of War Release Details

Playstation Experience 2016 reveals GOW

While some games have seen enough promotion and footage release. God of War has very much been teased. Don’t get me wrong it was a great tease with some impressive gameplay on show.

Not to mention that awesome beard on Kratos.

With the series taking a turn to feel like it’s got more RPG ish in some respects. Plus your having your son along for the adventures massively changes things. I want to know more about how that side works. Not to mention when it’s going to arrive!

5A New Game By Sucker Punch

PlayStation Experience 2016 Reveals Infamous

I’m all about new games and one team that has been key to PlayStation is Sucker Punch. The InFamous series of games has been excellent for both PS3 and PS4. But they have been very quiet since Second Son and Last Light, so maybe it’s time for a new game at PSX.

And I think it’s time for a new IP to go with it rather than more InFamous. Don’t get me wrong, if that is what they are doing I’ll still be happy. But there are very capable of starting something fresh. I really hope they come at us with something a bit different. Considering Insomniac are on Spiderman they could do with something outside of open world Superheroes.

Let’s hope they bring something special.

4Uncharted 4 Content

I’m not normally one to get excited about DLC. I’m all about the base game and if it’s not right, I’ll wait until it is. This is why I’ve not played No Man’s Sky but may after the Base Building Update. But Uncharted I can’t get enough of. Uncharted 4 is likely to be the game of 2016 for most people so to get more of it can only be a good thing.

And you can bet those Naughty Dogs have something special planned whatever it may be.

Its tough with what they do here because the ending to Uncharted 4 was fairly conclusive. There is always Drake’s past that could be drawn upon here or, we could see them focus on Sam and Sully instead.

Could it involve the PSVR though? Now that would be interesting.

3Final Fantasy VII Details


I lost is completely when I saw the teaser trailer. One of my all time favourites was coming back after YEARS of wishing and wanting. I was practically shaking! But then question marks around the game made us all wonder since Square Enix are promising an episodic game.

Not a popular idea, but it has to be said it really worked for Hitman.

Now is the time for an update, we need to see more. Final Fantasy XV will be out and no doubt smashing sales. They can afford to talk about the next big thing now and I’d love to see something coming in 2017.

2What’s Next for PlayStation VR

I’m not a VR person. Two factors kept me away from it to date. The main one motion sickness which makes the second one (finding the money) even harder. I’m not paying over £300 to throw my guts up when I can get some beer and a kebab to do it for £30.

So why am I going on about it then?

The release has seen some big sales and solid games. Now it’s all about where this is going for 2017. We need to see some really impressive titles coming along and games that can be enjoyed on both VR and without it. I want them to get me out there and desperate to get PSVR as someone unsure on it.

1The Last of Us 2 Right At the End

If Sony can drop the Mic, Obama style, on any game in there arsenal it’s The Last of Us sequel. Whatever it is or called, they drop this bomb and the Internet will. GGo wild.

As will I.

Its strange that these things are so big, Sony officials have already let it slip its being made. Plus, I mean after the first one it’s just got to happen. So there is a sense of inevitability to the game coming along. But, if they want this year’s PSX to have that huge impact going into next year, that’s the bomb to drop for me.

Hang On a Minute, Where’s…

Yes, there are some names missing of the list. Most notably Horizon: Zero Dawn, a game I’m very excited about. “So why isn’t it in you list then you {insert local swear here}?”

The reason this isn’t on the list, nor other games we seen a lot of. I really don’t need to see any more. I’m sold. More of the same makes no sense to me, we’ve seen enough to convince most people this’ll be great.

Sony have teased us and delayed us on titles so its those and new games that will make the presentation a success for me.

Final thoughts

This is a big list, and one I don’t expect them to fulfil exactly. But what I’d like to see is Sony using this final say in 2016 to lay down a massive marker for next year.

Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay WatcherThe competition will be fierce, more than they expected perhaps. Rival consoles will be the talk of the year with the Nintendo Switch looked good with a April-ish release. Plus Xbox will be pushing hard on the Scorpio upgrade to the Xbox One.

While this is great for people like us who want more competition and more games. For Sony, the dominant force right now, they need to respond to it and try to own 2017.

They have the games to do it and the established technology on the market right now. This PlayStation Experience needs to hit as hard as E3 did, bringing some amazing games. That is their strength and they have some amazing titles they must get out next year.

Get yourselves back on MGL for more from the PlayStation Experience including updates and round-ups!

That’s it from me so now, over to you gamers. Leave a comment below on what you want to see at the PlayStation Experience 2016. I look forward to reading them.

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