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Outlast is a survival horror video game which was developed and published, by the people who were involved with the makings of Prince of Persia, Uncharted and Assassins Creed, Red Barrels. It was released on PC on 4th of September 2013 and for the PS4 on 4th February 2014.

My Opinion… Kind Of.

Outlast has made me have mixed emotions about the game. After spending 4 days without the light and loaded with a mouse, keyboard and headphones to make sure I hear every single little sound perfectly, it’s clear to me that I have finally for rid of my fear of the dark.

Outlast is rated as an 18, and quite rightly so! It’s one game that you would actually be scared to play it again. I’m mainly a Sony lady and I haven’t PC gamed in about 6 years, but when I saw this was available for download, I laughed and thought, ‘piece of cake!’. Oh, how I take that comment back. After dying several times over not running fast enough, not timing my jump properly and just sheer lack of hiding, Outlast was definitely going to be the end of me, myself.


You’ve got to be very good with stealth mode if you want to beat this game. As a first person, survival horror campaign, which is set within a psychiatric hospital which is over run by homicidal patients, your ‘mission’, as it were, is to capture every piece of evidence that you can about what happened within the asylum. You would expect to have some sort of weapon considering the genre of the game. No. You are expected to run around with a video camera, navigating throughout the hospital, crouching, jumping into vents, hiding in lockers, and sliding through narrow gaps, sometimes without being heard or seen! Taking notes, recording events that’s going on, searching in dark areas, via night vision, you begin to unfold the secrets of the asylum, picking up documents as evidence and collecting batteries to maintain video evidence.

Okay, Here’s What I Think…

*** Warning can contain spoilers from the outset ***

When I began playing the game, baring in mind I hadn’t played PC games in about 6 years, I found the controls annoying to remember, especially when I had to run! I played this game for 4 days in the dark with headphones on. I was hooked from the minute I got used to the controls I guess. The more I got into the game, the sight of blood was either a tease or a sign that something bad is going to happen and you should find a hiding spot to run to before going any further!

Found you!

The more evidence I uncovered, the more hooked I was. The game was sometimes over generous with batteries, there are times where I had to reload a battery into my camera, even when it was only half empty, just so I could pick up another battery! You become overly paranoid about the dark and what’s about to deceive you, and also the half naked and fully naked men, running around, looking for their next kill. Don’t let that put you off… It’s not that bad. Honest!

My main concerns about the game was the frustrating diversions from your objective. For example, losing the video camera. This actually almost made me cry… I was that scared. BUT I DIDN’T CRY. Honest. The game does get confusing and annoying when you try to remember which door you came through last, but you don’t want to close any doors in case you are running from something that you may encounter throughout corridors, labs and dormitories.

Apart from those, not so major concerns, I actually enjoyed the game. Being scared is part of the thrill of investigating and if you just need a buzz from being scared really. I wouldn’t play it again in a hurry… but I certainly would play it again! Now… to beat… The Whistleblower DLC… when I become brave enough!

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But what do you guys think?

I want all you Outlast players out there to share your experiences of the game with me on here or on Twitter. My Games Lounge is all about a gaming community and gaming opinion so, first share this article out in social media land and then share what you think and get people talking.

Happy gaming!


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