It’s the peak of gaming season and the big exclusive games are all coming to the Xbox One this year, starting with Halo 5 Guardians.

Personally, I missed Halo and I have been working hard to catch up with the series. The master chief collection was an outstanding package and method for people like me to get on board with the game. While the fans have been reliving the awesome moments and multiplayer for from the game too.

But now is the time for a new generation of Spartans to launch out into space and, in this episode of Halo, Hunt The Truth. Who’s tale is true, what are we to believe of Master Chief’s actions? This week we’ll all find out.

Here you can read an in depth look into the game and the different features on offer plus our hopes for the game. Also, The Master Chief and Spartan Locke Are in London Today for The Big Launch!

Hunt the Truth

As someone who missed Halo but loves a good plot in gaming, I’m impressed with the amount of depth to the story in the adventures of Master Chief. Playing through the series now still feels good and as the games progress, and my understanding does too, I can understand how people have been so keen to get to grips with this new game and it’s story.

In this game you are experiencing the story of Spartan Locke at times, interwoven with Master Chief’s perspective too. As you explore both sides of what is happening, see Spartan Locke determined to hunt down who he sees as a traitor. And master chief defend his honour, the depths of this dark story will be revealed and the truth will be uncovered.

We’ll you’d hope so anyway! No cliff-hangers please 343!

Earlier in the year Microsoft launched the #HuntTheTruth trailers with both perspectives covered.

My question is, how will this all work together? Games that split perspective are becoming more popular with Assassin’s Creed moving to that idea this year too. But with a first person shooter this needs to be excited perfectly to not break up any flow of the game.

Not that I am worried generally about the success of Halo, it’s clearly going to be an excellent game. But in the top end of gaming experience, small things that breaks up play become a bigger deal. Let’s hope they get this one spot on for us campaign mode gamers.

Hunt Together

One of the big features of Halo 5 is the co-op integration that allow you to drop in and out of games with other players.

Talking to a representative of 343 at EGX recently he said how much they not only wanted the campaign to be the best yet; they wanted people to be able to enjoy it together.

Co-Op Details

Play with up to three friends through seamless drop-in/out online cooperative play on dedicated servers and experience the story through the perspective of each Spartan Fireteam, or play solo and issue unique commands to your Spartan team letting the new Fireteam AI turn them into deadly weapons on the battlefield.

I’m all for people playing this mode together and it’ll be cool to play with the MGL crew. Personally I like to play campaigns myself generally speaking but if it works, I’m up for it.

Check out some gameplay of the campaign & co-op details on the toggle below.


One thing the Halo franchise is famous for is the amazing multiplayer that defines a generation of FPS player VS player gaming. This time they are going back in to make this next instalment define the Xbox One generation.

Having played the multiplayer very recently at EGX I can say with certainty it’s exactly what fans expect. The gameplay is fast, fun and responsive with a nice mix of PVP and PVE within the same mission.

It’s only issue is the creators of Halo coming back to bite them a little. Destiny, by Halo creators Bungie, is based around similar principals and the games do feel quite similar. Given the improvements to Destiny it had added competition & comparison that wasn’t quite there before hand.

Still in this game there is going to be so much effort and time spent on games like Warzone and the Arena we certainly can’t see this not going well.

Thoughts From the MGL Spartans

I’m genuinely excited for this game, it’s quite nice to be coming into the series now. As a person who missed it all I feel like catching up over then next few days is worthwhile and I’ll be ready to carry on.

The campaign appeals more to me than the multiplayer as ever but the whole package looks destined to be fantastic.

But what do I know as the Halo virgin who only just broke his Master Chief Cherry? Check out the thoughts of the MGL Spartans below.

Spartan Neal

When 343 took the reins of Halo from Bungie, I felt a little nervous, those nerves quickly dissipated with Halo 4 which delivered in the multiplayer and additional content (such as the awesome Spartan ops) so I was happy, content.

Then the xbox one was launched and I think the problems with getting people to buy the console led to the decision for Master chief collection to happen, which though a great idea on paper, kind of became a PR disaster, a buggy, slightly misdirected good intention, MCC is now good, but 343 need to do more than adopt a universe, they need to reinvigorate it, an give new fans a real reason to care.

As long as Halo 5 is a clean release with few bugs and fewer online issues, then most people will be happy, this nerd being one of those.

Also episodic content in the form of Spartan ops series 2 would be epic, just saying 343.

Spartan Martin

I’m excited for halo 5 more than I have been for any previous iteration of the game. 343 are a capable studio that have been involved with the franchise for some time. They know the universe and they know what makes a halo game great. Im going to forgive the debacle that was MCC, a new generation of console with no Halo put them in a tough spot.

Remastering  3 games in there entirety two of which were coded for the original xbox back in the day and some 120 multiplayer levels across 4 different games while trying to keep everything working is practically impossible and from the multiplayer point of view that was evident. The campaigns were pretty flawless recreations from launch and being the good guys that they are added in ODST for free as an apology for the botched multiplayer. It took them a while to fix it with almost weekly updates but they have got there eventually.

From everything I’ve seen and played of Halo5 so far they’ve got everything right.

Campaign wise im not at all worried. Every iteration of halo has set the bar for the generation. Story, music, scale and just the overall scope has been epic everytime. They have always been campaigns that you have to play more than once at varying difficulties and with the addition of four player co-op this iteration will no doubt smash it.

Multiplayer has been stripped back to its roots and geared up towards eSports which is a good thing for everybody as player skill plays more of a part in results than power weapons or additional boosts. Its also an area that Halo had conceded its crown to Call of Duty for a fair few years. From what I’ve seen and played halo 5 wants its crown back, its time the king reclaimed its hill.

More Halo 5 on MGL this week starting with the MGLMix video Monday.

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