Man have I been waiting for this, Mortal Kombat is back and makes its debut on the latest generation of console. I have loved the MK series for many years know with it being genuinly one of the most fun beat em ups on the market with its over the top story and violence, so has MKX been worth the wait?

So first things first, for those who decide to buy this game via digital its only around 4gb to download the basic version of the game which will allow tower modes and some multiplayer. The story mode however is significantly bigger than this so expect a long wait until you can really get into the main narrative behind MKX. But it is very playable in its base form and you get the basic tower/arcade mode with several difficulties to keep you challanged.

I have managed to play a couple of tower modes, enter the krypt and play as some of the new characters to the series. At the moment there is a few things that make me go awesome and others that I was hoping would have been improved upon since the last outing. Fatalities are very easy to pull off so I really did enjoy that, but this really does make the ‘easy fatality’ purchases in the store abit of a waste of money because most gamers should be able to perform these with ease. However their is only two fatalities per character at the moment and this is really something that needs to be looked at as you see the same animation time and time again which does take the enjoyment out of it for me.

Tower mode is very playable with Shinnock returning and actually being a very decent boss fight, I honestly did enjoy fighting him. With so many characters also this does mean you are not fighting the same people time and time again so I did find this refreshing. The ability to also choose three different styles to characters is a welcomed edition and does add more replay value. Fighting is fluid but special moves do seem to be lacking.

The Krypt is back but I find this awkard to navigate and should really be something basic such as the older MK gamess. One problem I aslo have is some of the more popular characters arent there and some of the newbies do lack the characters some of the series regulars have, alot of the character redesigns are great however such as Milenna who looks better now then ever.

One new feature the game has is putting you into a faction(that you can select) which is very similar to how MMO works, this ranks the players in their factions and introduces you to more online challanges again adding more lifespan to the game.

My favourite feature of the game so far is the character intros, with each fighter having unique dialogue with the individual you have chosen. They are pretty awesome and do add something that too me hasnt really been done before apart from the ‘rival’ fights you had in games from other series.

So far I am enjoying my experience with MKX it might not be what I was hoping for but is a very solid addition to the series so far and the blood/gore and dark humour is still there. If you are after a beat em up then go for this. – Full review coming soon to MGL

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