To say the reaction to Infinite Warfare has not gone down too well with gamers is a bit of an understatement. People were a bit disappointed to see a Call of Duty in space this year after people hoped the futuristic trend may be over. Personally, I think it looks great but then, I’m not nostalgic when it comes to the series. In fact, this is my first time with the Infinity Ward classic as I take on the COD Modern Warfare Remastered campaign mode.

And it’s one hell of a remaster and an incredible experience.

With this being early release on PS4 the game only has the main campaign available so here will be my thoughts on that for now. But even without multiplayer, wall running, jet pack boosting madness… somehow the game is great!

I know, hard to believe right?

Note: Despite the game’s age there will be no spoilers below so proceed away if you haven’t played the campaign before.

More than a bit of Spit N’ Polish

Army guys like a shiny boot. They are always polishing them when they’re not getting them muddy as hell. And Modern Warfare has taken some serious polishing in this remaster. It’s not a “touch it up a bit and get some money made” type remaster.

Serious work has been put in and it really shows throughout.

This has all been done by Raven Software of course and what a job they have done. From the moment I took over my game as John “Soap” MacTavish I was stunned by the game. It genuinely looks like it’s PS4 game rather than your average remaster.

Fingers crossed my hopes for Skyrim & Batman are achieved to this level too.

The visuals are remarkable throughout, not just in cut scenes although they are impressive. I was moving around through the early stages, trying to get through the action only to be distracted by a tree. It didn’t look like a 2D last gen tree, it looked solid and detailed as did the rest of my surroundings.

I then found myself shot in the face! This is why I don’t do well in Multiplayer and get called Respawn Rossco… because I stop to look at digital trees in a FPS like an idiot.

The quality on the remaster is everywhere though, the dust and bits of rubble in the air in the shootouts. The damage detail to office furniture as you battle through the buildings. Lighting and weather effects too.

It’s all remarkable. Should this quality extend to MP as well, I think Infinite Warfare might have more than Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 to compete with!

Proof the Campaign Is Still Important

I’m not the most objective person when it comes the single player VS multiplayer idea. I prefer single player games overall. I like MP for fun but others do like it as a more serious thing. Plus there is the whole eSports side and single player isn’t going to work for that one now is it?!

I respect that and the people that do it but me, well, I get shot a lot. While that’s fine for me for a laugh. I’m not the best for a team taking things seriously and getting all annoyed with each other.

Single player though I am fine to get shot as much as I want. But because I am here for that experience I don’t want to have a poorly thought out, short campaign. This isn’t going to make the game fun for me and gamers who think similarly.

Remastered Games For PS4 and Xbox One cod mwf rmThankfully I have reviewed the last two COD games and really enjoyed Advanced Warfare and last year’s Black Ops 3 single player experience. Both were entertaining and lasted a reasonable time before completion and had some interesting features.

But Modern Warfare is one of the best campaigns in the series. And while I didn’t own the game previously, I have enjoyed the campaign “back in the day” with my gaming buddies.

Playing this remastered version was a joy. The characters and plot are really well worked out throughout.  And the little touches make a big difference here too. The game’s main feature is how you control of more than one person through the story, including characters who are captives, classic characters in flashbacks and more.

Early on in the game you are soon introduced to what’s in store as “Soap” is working with legendary character Captain Price. Your missions take you on board a ship where everything is tight, high adrenaline and fun. Then you are whisked to the battlefield as you help rescue a Russian informant, Nikolai, in a dark and gritty environment.

All of this changes as you head to the desert with Paul Jackson with everything just having the right blend of action.

Keeping it simple

The gameplay is classic first person shooting at its best and I would argue that the AI of the enemies stands up against some modern games. Not that I particularly think this generation has seen much advancement in enemy AI. They just seem to throw more at us instead.

There are no spoilers here of course but the plot is excellent and it’s worth at least on play through if not more. It manages to make the game fun to play without all the gimmicks found in modern shooters. Not that these are not fun, but do we really need them in every game now?

Maybe not.

But right now I can’t wait to experience more of this game. I will bring out a full review including the COD Modern Warfare Remastered Campaign and Multiplayer as the servers go on in November.

Until then, drop me a comment using Disqus below or hit the NEW Respawn Rossco Twitter and the official MGL Account too to get talking more gaming and more COD.

Game On.

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