It’s a very busy week for games (More On The BIG ones here), but I’m taking a look at the big Metro Exodus features as the game heads to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Plus, I’ll be giving my thoughts on the potential of this post-apocalyptic shooter by 4A Games as we head closer to the Metro Exodus release date, 15 February 2019.

We’re looking at everything from the dangerous world to the incredible looking story of this potentially great game. You’ll also be able to enjoy plenty of trailers and gameplay as you go.

Take a look and the leave me a comment if you’re picking this up as it comes out. On mobile? View this as One Page Here.

5Amazing Seasonal Locations

We have to start by talking about this amazing looking world. Full of what makes the post-apocalyptic games so appealing. The mixture of what nature allowed to roam free will do to old tech and buildings.

Then you have what people turn into in these ideas, the way factions interact and create their own small societies.

In Metro Exodus it’s going to get intense, massive sandbox areas to explore. At least one per season on our journey through the story too. Each coming with it’s own dangers.

Lands will have different mutant beasts, factions of people with their own motivations and dangers. Having experienced the Autumn area myself, it’s impressively put together with some nice details.

With Winter, Summer and Spring to see, I expect all to treacherous, gritty and realistic of a true post-apocalyptic setting.

4Dark story and characters

Given this is based on a huge novel, and two great games well worth experiencing. A part of how good Metro Exodus is going to be recieved is the story element.

Expect it to be pretty dark too!

You are searching for a new home for you, Artyom and a group of friends. As your train journeys through a post nuclear war russia, you are going to be involved in an epic story. Potentially taking over 20 or more hours to complete.

This is not a friendly world and I expect those hunting you down to be some seriously nasty pieces of work. On my time playing the game at a preview event there were some disturbing images all around the world.

Bodies tied up and mutilated by some seriously twisted individuals were everywhere I looked. I certainly think whatever happens in the plot is going to be equally dark.

3Survival focused gameplay & combat

We are heading for some sandbox action in Metro Exodus, but it’s not going to be Crackdown 3 style. Nothing but gritty, harsh, survival action is awaiting you here.

What you find is going to be key to your survival in a harsh world. Plus there isn’t going to be an abundence of supplies either, so I don’t expect us all walking around blasting everything to pieces in a flurry of bullets.

It’s all got to be considered. Stealth is often going to be a good option to take. Thankfully you have a cool watch feature showing if you are detectable or not, which should help you save some bullets.

Weapons though really do let you get creative. Things you find can be used to really customise the elements of weapons. Meaning a handgun can become a rifle with a scope. Or crossbow and a shotgun can combine to make a new deadly weapon.

Be inventive here guys, it may help you survive!

2These are not the X-Men

While childhood comics, cartoons and both Patrick Stuart or James McAvoy’s Professor Xavier have said mutants are nothing to fear. They were not talking about the ones in this game!

There is some messed up looking creatures roaming around this world. Ones that will make Wolverine look really lighthearted and tame.

Ratlike Lurkers will hunt you, the giant mutant bear I ran into in a preview event was certainly ready to rip my face off. I’m interested to see the massive, bat winged Demon in the world too.

There are plenty of dangers out there from the human elements in the world course. They will consume a lot of the game and story i’m sure.

But getting around these sandbox areas swarming with these beasts is going to be nerve racking to say the least.

1Stand out beauty and style

What certainly jumps off the screen, quite literally watching these videos, is the detail of this world. Ramp that up to 4k on PC or console and we are in for something truly striking.

But in a more real, gritty way than competition out there this month.

It’s no secret that there are a number of Massive Games Out This Next Week, but this one stands out in many ways for the fact it’s so different.

It’s in everything from the visual style to the gameplay showcasing this hard world. And in that makes it very different from the big titles so far in 2019, which has made a great start for us gamers.

Thoughts on Metro Exodus Ahead of Launch

Metro Exodus features preview image 2

I have big hopes for this given I tried a small area of the game recently. I’m certainly expecting this to be a step forward in the Metro series of games.

And they are pretty good already.

With 4A Games working very hard on this one to really take it to the next level I can’t wait to see the final product. The game promises something a bit different from the releases so far in 2019.

Plus it’s promising a great story and plenty of action-survival and even stealth gameplay.

More than a few reasons to consider picking this one up.


Metro Exodus features preview image 3

I’m surprisingly calm on this one. I do wonder if the game me be held from being considered a game of the year contender in its genre by a few details.

One is, of course, the story. I think it looks really intense and the team have done a good job keeping the story a mystery so far. The plot itself looks interesting too, I’m just unsure who’s performing as the characters.

The voice acing level in this generation has taken a massive step forward. My main concern with Metro Exodus is that I hope it has the acting talent to really deliver a truly memorable narrative.


Metro Exodus features preview image 4

I get a feeling that Metro Exodus is going to surprise a few people. I remember thinking similar about a great game, Dying Light as it was getting closer to release. There was just something about it, and there is something about Metro Exodus.

The gameplay looks like it’s hitting that mix of action, stealth and survival style resource gathering nicely. Plus they have promised a game bigger than the last two Metro titles combined.

Certainly one to check out the reviews for once they go live later today! Now over to you to leave a comment below.

Will you be getting Metro Exodus?

After all that, what do you think? Are you picking up Metro Exodus when it comes out on Friday? Whatever you think, yes or no, get in the comments below and let me know why.

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