It’s N7 day gamers and were up late/early here in the UK looking at some of the Mass Effect Andromeda details we want to see revealed today. If you don’t know, Bioware have teased us with news of a new trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda arriving today (November 7 as this article publishes).

The new, eagerly anticipated Mass Effect game is going to be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC in March of 2017. A window that could change but maybe that’s something for the list…

Here are 7 Mass Effect Andromeda details that myself and a few other Mass Effect fans on MGL want to see detailed today. I doubt we’ll get all of them in the trailer but with the release heading our way in March, it’s certainly time for some more features to be revealed.

UPDATE! The trailer has been revealed, you can get to it by going to the news post here.

Mass Effect is one amazing series with a big community so please, Leave a Disqus or Facebook comment for me at the end of the article and I’ll enjoys reading your thoughts.

Right then, let’s get on with the list.

1. Who Are You and Your Crew?

We’ve seen some clips here and there along with some gameplay that shows a number of your crew in this new adventure. There are some of the signature races brought into the game including the Krogan and Asari from what we can see, but I think it’s time we know more about the main protagonists of this story.

Mass Effect Andromeda Details crewIn the PS4 Pro gameplay we appear to see the main human character taking the lead in the gameplay. Whether this shows him or not, we do know the new Antagonist is called Ryder (hence the Ghost Riders in The Sky music on the reveal which seemed odd). Some keen gamer spotted a dog tag with this name on a trailer, before Bioware confirmed this to be true.

But who are they? Is there any relation to the original trilogy since we’ve had a sign off message from commander Shepard? I’d personally like to know of the connection.

There are a few trailers with no real clue as to the timeline of when they take place in relation to one another. This makes it hard to place exactly your crew but there appears to be some of the traditional races in there. I just think it’s about time for more.

Your crew and relationship with them was one of Mass Effect’s biggest strengths as a trilogy. It would be great to see more on them this N7 Day and how you can interact with them in this new game. Hopefully with added depth and new features.

2. Who Are The Antagonists In Mass Effect Andromeda?

Now one thing that Mass Effect did brilliantly all through the series was create amazing Antagonists. The Reapers were the big boys and that scene with  Sovereign in the original still blows my mind now.

But they were not the only ones, every game had a collection of supporting antagonists to go with them.

Saren was a fantastic villain in the first game a former hero of the Spectres. His indoctrination by the Reaper ship Sovereign was an excellent part of the story that lead to some iconic moments. But then there was the Illusive Man in Mass Effect 2 (and 3) along with Harbinger and the collectors. The Geth proved a huge part of the story too in the end.

There are so many to mention and all them played their role in the game though the series. You’d hope that this new series is going to be the same. But I do think this is an area where they need to be careful.

The best part about the way the antagonists previously was the surprise factor. While most fans know the twists now, it was really dramatic at the time and too much information here is not something we want.

But every great game has a great villain, and the best games have more than one. Fortunately, Bioware are exceptional at this and should deliver here. Let’s hope we get an idea of what we are in for but maybe this is one area we can forgive them being elusive with the details.

3. What Direction is This Game Going, RPG or Shooter?

All of us Mass Effect fans have our favourite game. Some, like me have elements of games they love and want to piece them together to make a super Mass Effect!

[tentblogger-youtube t1hBNALUk4w]

My personal favourite game overall is Mass Effect 2. However, the original was an outstanding game in terms of being the most RPG of the 3. By the third game this was a full shift that saw the game being more a shooter with RPG elements.

But the shooting and action in 3 was exceptional and I wouldn’t want that lost.

Fortunately, Bioware can piece together the best of the games and improve them to make Andromeda even better. And I’d like to see them give us a real sense of the direction the game will take.

I wouldn’t expect anything to take a step back here. We certainly DON’T want to see the same shooting mechanics as the original ME return. However the development of team have revealed the game is the “spiritual successor” to the original game over on VG247.

It would be good to see how much RPG style gameplay is coming to Andromeda. Plus how it will be applied to elements of player development and levelling up plus the relationships with other characters. A return to a more RPG feel is certainly something many fans would welcome so this one is a big element to reveal.

4.     How Will The More “Open World” Gameplay Work?

This is a pivotal part of the new game here as we see Mass Effect being more open. Will it be a, dare I say it, No Man’s Sky galaxy moving from place to an as you want? Personally I doubt it.

Mass Effect Andromeda Details open worldIt’s more likely to be an expansion of the way the original games work. Entering a system in the original trilogy allowed you to navigate around in the galaxy map and select a location to land. Landing is a small sandbox usually with a reasonably linear path to your goal.

While just theory, I’d expect that to works similarly but with each system to be a more open area to explore freely. Land where you want, get out in your vehicle and just explore locations on different planets, that sort of thing.

But we can all blindly have a guess at this. Only Bioware can tell us and I’d like some detail on this soon. Plus how the new jetpack can be used to explore and maybe upgraded as you play.

5.     How Does Space Travel Work…

The first part of this question, but valid. Are we going to be more free to control our ship this time?

Mass Effect Andromeda Details space combatAs the Normandy is left in the past trilogy we’ll be getting a new spacecraft this time, called The Tempest. And if there is a collectors edition with a statue of the ship I’ll be having one that’s for sure!

But I want to know how we are going to get around in the tempest in the new game? Especially when you factor in the previous question on the open world nature of the structure. Getting into your ship and using FTL travel and maybe more Mass Relays, who knows, might be more in our control this time rather than directed movement in the galaxy map.

That also offers more gameplay options and RPG elements that could be applied to levelling up your ship. Plus a resources system that allows you to add/craft upgrades and more. Maybe even Star Trek style ship to ship communications will get involved too.

But this leads to the inevitable possibility…

6.     Will There Be Space Combat This Time?

Now… Hear me out people with rage-face at the mere suggestion if that. But we’ve had 3 interstellar games with massive amounts of conflict and none of it in space.

Well, none that was directly player controlled anyway.

It’s something they have to consider being a part of the game for me. It would be something different and could be great if used sparingly. The last thing it needs to be is the Batmobile in Batman Arkham Knight and almost take over the gameplay completely.

Plus, as we’ve already seen the game is supporting the PS4-Pro after some conversations with Sony. If they talked about the Pro I guarantee they spoke VR and a VR element to Mass Effect would be huge.

One to watch IMO.

7.     When The Hell Is It Actually Releasing?

Just give us a date Bioware! It’s been over 4 years now since ME 3 and we’ve all been very good, patient gamers. Let us know the date and let’s get the pre-orders in.

[tentblogger-youtube SPkv7DmeM1A]

I’d also be interested in knowing what cool special editions are coming so I can get a friend for my Normandy statue on my desk at work.

Enough from me. Now it’s over to you to let me and the MGL team know what you want. Leave a Disqus or Facebook Comment below. I’ll be reading them all so please let me know what you think. Get me on Twitter too along with the MGL Account.

More Mass Effect later today so be back to get the latest on the new trailer and details. Until next time gamers and Mass Effect fans.

Game on.

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