Well, for various reasons reality is not the best place to be right now. Here in the UK we have a leader that makes a Sith lord look friendly. In the USA there is a cartoon villain as the President now, and everything else is a bit of a mess too. Until someone finds a way to reload their save from December 2015 and replay this year again, here are 10 long PS4 and Xbox One games 2016, to keep you distracted.

In these games you can spend hours and hours taking a break from the madness of the real world. Hopefully the apocalypse doesn’t knock out the electricity too much.

The list is below, on desktop grab and drag to move through the list. On mobile view just use the buttons. Each title has a link to the official site, plus there are links to our reviews and articles if you want to read more.

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Comments and suggestions welcome at the end, you can use Disqus or Facebook comments. I read them all and may add good ones to the list!

OK let’s get away from all this mess, in no particular order, the list.

What a game to start with! The remastered version of Skyrim is a monster of a game. It comes with all the DLC made, the full game itself which is over 100 hours’ worth of gameplay. Plus the fact you can use Mods only adds to the mass of gameplay here.

We are enjoying being back in the land of the Dragons again and are loving the Remaster. While the game had aged a little, it’s plenty to keep you occupied for hundreds of hours.

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And the second monster of an RPG lands on our list in the GOTY version of the more recently released The Witcher 3. Arguably the best of its kind, ever with a fantastic balance of visuals, gameplay and storyline. The main game once again comes with a massive amount to do in a vast open world. Not only do you get that here, but both outstanding expansion packs are included too.

With addictive gameplay and varying difficulty settings to really test you, this will keep you busy for a while.

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This PS4 only RPG is one for traditional Final Fantasy fans and those who love a bit of Pokémon! Our man David Game played and reviewed this recently after many hours of JRPG action. I’ve only dipped my toes into the water with this one, but I love the ATB battle system and the clever use of old-school Final Fantasy combat commands.

There is a lot to do here and you really get the traditional Final Fantasy feel from the gameplay. That means lots of random battles, moving around the world map and finding treasure. Sounds perfect to keep you trapped in another world.

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Another big RPG launch but this is a From Software game. You can spend 100 hours in deaths! There is a lot of time to be lost here in the latest Dark Souls, plus the new DLC pack Ashes of Ariandel will also make it even bigger. I can see it adding another few thousand deaths to my total too.

Plus, if you survive the game the first time you can go back for more even harder. Just make sure you have backup control pads for the frustration!

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It’s been a rough road for Destiny these last 2 years. It was hardly treated by some, loved by a massive following and given huge, game changing updates. But right now is probably the best time to play. It’s still got lots going for it and the gameplay has always been excellent.

Rather than the rather empty original, this comes with masses of content including The Taken King, Rise of Iron, the main game and two smaller expansions. It’s one hell of a package and could really suck you into the Destiny universe for hours.

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Now, it’s not hit the heights expected of it but The Division is still a good game. And there is a lot to it with a campaign mode, multiplayer and DLC packs. Plus the game is quite addictive to play once you get going.

Being a looter shooter at heart, you’ll be spending plenty of your time grinding out different areas of the map to get better equipment. Plus the competitive element is lots of fun to keep you gaming.

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Ok, on to a big player in the GOTY market with XCOM 2 which has recently come out on console after being ported over from PC. The game is one that we really enjoyed here on MGL and one of the best of the year so far. What’s more there is so much to do in the game and it’s very hard to get through too.

Go into this one if you like a challenge. The developers have done a great job getting this working on both PC and console and you can save the human race just as well no matter your format. Enjoy getting lost in this one.

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Our man David was really looking forward to this one and was expecting a more jump-in jump-out affair with the game. But it turned out to be something far more than that. After hours and hours of gameplay he finally got to the end and was a relieved man that there was an end!

Dragon Quest Builders was far deeper game than he expected with so much to do and much of the building elements based on the main quest. He nearly lost himself in this one so could be a fun one to keep you busy.

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This RPG is only just released but is seemingly got some serious legs. We had a look at this in our live stream on YouTube and, so far into the review, everything looks pretty vast to play.

David is currently in the process of reviewing this one and we should have more details coming up soon on MGL. Enjoy the video below for now to see if you might want to get involved with the latest Sword Art Online game.

The big one to end the list and while it’s not actually released yet, I’m safe to predict this as being one of the biggest games of 2016. Not just in terms of being a big release either, this is promising to be one of the vastest Final Fantasy experiences of all time. I guess that’s why you need a car rather than a giant yellow bird to get around this time.

Not only is FFXV promising a classic story that should be one to compete with the best in the series, but it’s also going to have a huge amount of places in the world to explore, get into battles with and really lose yourself in.

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Well there you go, that’s your list and I hope even reading this one distracted you from the madness of this real world we have to endure between gaming.

Drop me a comment below using Disqus or Facebook Comments, if I get some good suggestions the list is likely to grow so expect updates too. Especially if Watch Dogs 2 and The Last Guardian prove to be another 2 big games to consider. But until next time:

Game on.

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