Colourful scenes with lovable enemies in Lichtspeer and gruesome gothic combat in Slain, how about that for this week’s Best Indie Games!

We’ve been working non-stop this week on The Flawless: Art’s Taleblogging, more coding on the fighting system, devloping the story, but we always make time to find some cool indie games. It’s coming up to Halloween and we’re all needing some inspiration for that costume. How about these two awesome looking indie games; Lichtspeer by Licthund and Slain by Wolf Brew Games. If you fancy some neon lightsaber fighting action or some gothic heavy metal sword swinging brutality, then look no further.


Lichtspeer LogoWhilst rummaging through Steam Greenlight the other week I came across Lichtspeer and I have to say congratulations to Lichthund on their much deserved success with their campaign. When I saw Lichtspeer I was immediately drawn in by the bright colours and the use of geometric shapes. I just had to dig further to see what the game was all about. I’m glad I did, my first thought was that it would be a cutesy run and jump platformer type, but I was happily surprised to find that it is a lot more than that. In Lichtspeer you are a handsome fellow sporting a healthy moustache and a white suit. You’re armed with a neon pink light spear and you must make your way through a colourful mythical space world. Along the way you come up against a vast range of enemies and pass through seemily forgotton lands.

Lichtspeer pryamids

In the desert having a fight

It really does seem like you’re travelling, it is set in the future and you travel through futuristic versions of the pyramids, tundra, castles, and rolling forests. You even sail on a boat at one point. The geometric shapes in Lichtspeer give this game an artistic edge. There is a distinctive balance between the shapes and colours; this game oozes design flare. The subtle textures on the triangle trees and the blue diamonds that make up the gradient of the sky demonstrate how something so seemingly simple can look so interesting. Even your blood is made of little crimson triangles that gush out when moustache man is wounded. It’s a stylish game with exactly the right amount of camp. I can definitely imagine screenshots of Lichtspeer appearing on holiday t-shirts all around Asia.

Steam Greenlight Gameplay Video of Lichtspeer

The enemies in this game are loveable and stylish yet deadly. There are elegant zombies looking dashing in tuxedos, hipster ice giants with their trendy beards, sea lions in fez hats, and pesky fish who bite your head clean off. These baddies exude personalities of their own, what kind of zombies wear bowler hats? Licht zombies, that’s who. The bosses look pretty interesting too. In the Steam Greenlight trailer I saw a decorative sphere very much like an eyeball, which shot lasers at you. Like the old tale of David and Goliath your one little light spear may just be enough to bring the beast down. Lichthund say weapons will be upgradable which I’m definietly looking forward to seeing.

Lichtspeer throwing and zombies

Those elegant zombies in a castle, cool

This game is a visual treat and looks fun to play. I’m excited about release of Lichtspeer (which is still to be confirmed) and can’t wait to play the game. To kepp up to date with Lichtspeer’s development follow them on Twitter and Facebook, or check out their official website.


Slain logoI feel like we’re are a little late to jump on this game, Slain. Sounds like a metal band… well, metal music definitely suits this game and I’ve read a metal band is making the soundtrack for it. Slain is a puzzle-combat platformer set in a gothic world scheduled to be released on PC, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, and Xbox One. You play as Bathoryn, a hero with a thick head of silver hair, yielding a massive sword. Think Dante of Devil May Cry combined with Geralt of The Witcher in pixel art form… lovely! If you follow our posts on the BKD Blog you might know we like a good bit or gore and fantastical violence. Back in the 16bit era I’m positive this game would have been banned and perhaps made the news for causing demonic worship. What those retro fuddy duddies didn’t realise was that games like this are awesome, cool, and rock… queue the head banging!

Slain wolfwoods start

The hero ventureing into this gothic world

It’s not surprising that I’m transported to my youth with this one, every element reminds me of the games I grew up with. You might have already seen our Retro Roots posts about the classics Altered Beast and Golden Axe, so when I read their top influences where these games I new this game was going to be cool as! The creators of Slain have worked on games like GTA V and have an abundance of experience behind them. This should lead to the game being a 2D gruesome gore fest of epic preportions.


More gothic scenes from Slain

The clips of Slain show Bathoryn slay his way through levels filled with gruesome enemies like skeletons, werewolves, and ghosts… I imagine a biker gang’s Halloween party kind of looking like a troop of Slain’s enemies. Bathoryn’s mission is to save the land by beating his way through towers ruled by evil overlords. The game has tonnes of atmosphere. The pixel art backgrounds display an immense level of detail, the particle effects and lighting give the game a really unique gothic feel. Giant skull-shaped rocks protrude from the ground under blood red smiling moons, strange statues and castles loom in the distance, and crooked trees bleed from their roots. Slain is never a chore to behold, its imagery is filled with a dark beauty that makes you want to play more to see more. I can’t wait to get my hands on Slain which is set to be released this autumn on PC and on Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, and PS Vita in 2016. If you want to keep updated on Slain check out their official website or follow the game on Twitter or Facebook.

Slain pre-release gameplay video

That’s it for this week’s Best Indie Games, I’ve better get back to more indie development on our epic indie game The Flawless: Art’s Tale! We’re finally getting to the cool bits… weapons! I hope you enjoyed my indie game picks for this week and don’t forget you can always follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or check out our game at

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This article was first published on the Bare Knuckle Development Blog on 6th October 2015 and is written by Tony Leavy, director, writer, and designer at Bare Knuckle Development currently working on their epic sidescrolling RPG adventure indie game, The Flawless: Arts Tale. This article is part of Bare Knuckle Development’s ‘Best Indie Games’ series which was originally called the ‘Indie Games to be Excited About’ series.

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