I’m going to be playing a lot of new games this next month. Actually, I am right now after with Call of Duty WWII out this week and lots of reviews going on! But one game I’m excited about replaying is Rockstar Games’ Remaster of LA Noire, a game that has a fond place in my heart as a gamer. I’m really pleased it’s being remastered and I believe we deserve to see a LA Noire sequel one day too.

Could this Remaster be a hint we might see one one-day? I’d like to think so, but Rockstar do keep things close to their chest so it’s hard to be sure! But if Red Dead Redemption can get a sequel coming in 2018 (more info) then why not this classic?

In this article are 5 reasons why I think an LA Noire sequel would be awesome. Plus, why I think the remaster is a game to really consider buying if you’ve never experienced this title before. There is some more information on the remaster here if you need it.

As a gamer who cares as much about story and interactions with characters as gameplay, it’s something I really am looking forward to. Read on for more…. But first, I want your thoughts gamers!

Side quest

Which games out there deserve a sequel… that haven’t got one yet?

I know a few I’d say, Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning for one! Let me know yours in the Disqus Comments at the end of the article. I’m looking forward to reading some good ones!

5. The 1950’s “James Elroy” Time period

If you have seen, or better still read, the outstanding LA Confidential you will know the sleazy, nasty side of this 1950s setting. LA Noire paid so much respect to this time period and a few nods to James Elroy’s famous books and film adaptation, it made for a unique experience.

The game takes you to the dark places behind Hollywood and the people desperately clutching for power. It’s an incredible story and one that works for a game so well.

Visually the game was beautifully designed too. Something the remaster will no doubt improve on for the new consoles. But I’d like to see a true 4K creation of a 1950’s L.A. Using the latest game engine. One that really wows the gaming world.

4. Playing Detective

LA Noire sequel image 1It’s fun to be a criminal in Grand Theft Auto. It’s really fun to be an outlaw in the Red Dead games too, I mean who didn’t play a bit of Cowboys as kids right? But the other big child fantasy I had (other than being Spider-man) was to be a detective.

As such I’ve been a big fan of the Sherlock Holmes games by Frogwares. While they are not as polished as an experience as a game by Rockstar, they do let you solve interesting crimes and be a detective working a case. You can even get everything really wrong too!

This is what I really loved about LA Noire, the fact you were Cole Phelps in the game, a young ex-soldier who joins the police force. During the game you are investigating crime scenes for clues, interviewing witnesses and suspects, while trying to piece the puzzle together.

It’s different from a traditional Rockstar game but in many ways, this is what made the game so good. The fact you were the law, not breaking it made for some fantastic moments. I’ll enjoy going back for more, but I think playing a detective like this on the new consoles now would be even better to experience.

3. Meaningful Choices

LA Noire sequel image 2As and RPG fan I like a game that offers me a choice. This is why Mass Effect is up there with my favourite games… the original trilogy anyway! I like games that let me make decisions and it’s even better when they play out in the game.

LA Noire allowed you to interview witnesses and suspects based on clues you had found. But there was this clever system whereby you could miss a clue and therefore not have a question to ask a person. Plus, people were not always honest with you or they were hiding things. During your interrogations you had to choose how to reply and call out lies and get to the truth.

You could easily fail however, and you could even solve a case wrongly sending an innocent person to the slammer’!

Now, this interrogation system was not for everything. In general people don’t like getting things wrong and carrying on. Gamers particularly reach for the reset button the moment something doesn’t go their way! But it made the game something different, one where you could make the wrong choice and not get the game over and see what the result of your mistake was.

For me, I think it was a really cool feature and one they could really expand on if they made a second instalment.

2. A Different Type of Open World Action

LA Noire sequel image 3Open world games are popular with many gamers and developers for a few reasons. They give a player real freedom and chance to explore. And for developers they can make lots of additional missions and distractions to “pad” a title out.

I like them, and I like to get distracted in the open world by doing the side missions. Destiny 2 has been made far better by including proper open world style side-quests and things to find. And in LA Noire you got some really well delivered side missions, or Street Crimes to take on.

Driving around the streets of LA, responsibly I might add as you are the police not Trevor on a rampage! You would get cases break as you were on your main case and take on some criminal activity in the city where someone has done a heist or there has been a homicide.

The fact Cole moves from department to department through the main campaign means there were new street crimes to take on as you progressed. It also meant you could miss them if you didn’t take them on while you were in that area.

I like these kind of missions and I think they are more popular now than ever. Plus, they give plenty of options for additional content by adding more cases both major and minor. I really think this format could work in today’s gaming trends.

1. A Story and Character Driven Experience

LA Noire sequel image 4While gameplay usually comes in at the top of my list for choosing a game, the one thing that can make up for not so great gameplay is in the story. So many games have had great story modes that I’ve really enjoyed always seem to stand out as some of my favourites. Spec Ops the Line is one with it’s dark, psychological tale plus, Mafia 3’s story is great even if the gameplay is lacking.

With LA Noire there were so many smaller stories all linking into the overarching plot. All of which was revolving around Cole and the police force and the corruption around some of the high profile characters in the game. Corruption and greed is at the heart of it all and it yields some great action in car chases and shootouts too.

But if you came more for the story than the gameplay there is the option to skip scenes and not drive around the city either. Meaning the game is more accessible to less proficient gamers.

The acting is really good too, particularly in how they captured people’s expressions in the interrogation scenes. It’s the kind of work we see now in Uncharted and other really story driven titles. But on release this was awesome.

Would it work in modern gaming?

Considering the success of story driven games I would think something like and LA Noire sequel would really be well received now. Story in games is something many gamers out there really enjoy and I hope we get another one in this type of setting.

What do you think gamers? Will you be playing this again or for the first time? What game, if not this one would you like to see get a sequel that currently doesn’t have one? Let me know in the Disqus or Facebook Comments below!

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