As promised I’m back with more Destiny for you all. Last time I’m was looking at the Destiny 2 single player features that look impressive. But now, less than a month to the sequel, I’m revisiting Bungie’s original title following all the DLC packs and updates on PS4 and Xbox One. Many gamers may be wondering: is Destiny worth playing now Destiny 2 arrives on September 6th for PS4, Xbox One and October 24 on PC?

Here I hope to help you decide. As a gamer who lapsed big time on the original, I went back once again and it was a far better experience as a more complete product. It’s still not going to suit everyone however.

So what’s the answer… Should you get stuck into Destiny for the first time? Or come back to it again after leaving the game to gather dust?

See what I have to say below, and the full original article on the next page. I encourage all guardians share this article on social media. Plus, let me know if you think it’s worth playing Destiny now! Use the Disqus or Facebook comments at the end of the article. I can’t wait to read them.

Reviews update

Slightly off topic but, we have done a MASSIVE change in our Video Game review system. It’s to help games like Destiny and so many more than get scored one minute then updated the next.

We have removed all scoring of games from 17th August onwards and all reviews are subject to a new structure. It’s all been created based on gamers feedback and we’d appreciate you having a look at the details.

Learn more about our new reviews here

A Collection that FINALLY delivers a full game

What you get now, and for around £25 if you shop wisely, is the Destiny Collection. Quite simply gives you everything in one simple package. For those unsure here’s a breakdown of the contents.

Destiny the Collection includes:

  • The Original Game – with full updates including new voice recordings
  • The Dark Below DLC
  • House of Wolves DLC
  • The Taken King
  • Rise of Iron

Now if nothing else, that is a really solid amount of content for the money. When you consider what us day one people paid it’s quite the bargain.

The original game however is massively cheap and does have a number of large updates to it. BUT you are seriously going to lack in terms of content here and be tempted to get the extras added to your available missions.


What’s more is you get a nice few boosts in The Collection version too including a spark of light to take you right up to level 40. Not to mention some nice loot too to get you going, and most importantly: get you shooting stuff to get more loot.

All in all, that’s some package.

The big one here is The Taken King that includes a massive update to the core game. This gets rid of Peter Dinklage as Ghost and includes the legendary game voice actor Nolan North instead. This means Ghost actually talks in the DLC packs and there is a tonne of improvements in this too.

Not to mention how good the Taken King is, and even adds a unique subclass to your Titan, Hunter or Warlock (Team Warlock for me by the way!), along with a well told story.

So basically you are getting a very decent amount of content and a far better game than it was originally. If you (like me) got the game day one and got frustrated at the lack of things to do, this will seem a big improvement. New players won’t notice of course but, what you are getting is a massively different game to the original.

You may even wonder what the fuss was about.

“But it’s a 7 out of 10 game…”

When we at MGL first picked up Destiny we did all the coverage we thought was needed but decided against a review. Others did of course (some way too soon) and along came the ups and downs of review opinions.

But fair criticism left the game landing in the 7 out of 10 area. Based on the original game content in the first few weeks at launch this was about right. Especially with the single player story campaign how it was… a major disappointment. More on that later.

Personally I decided against reviewing it and went the route of tracking the games development instead.

Let’s face it, scores are hard now with patches and content updates. Destiny was something that was going to be an evolution rather than something static like traditional games. Although, as we have done with our reviews, maybe scoring with all modern games with latches and updates is not the best solution.

But upon the release of The Taken King update we gave an official Destiny Review which seems more reasonable given the games development over that time.

It’s still lacking in story…

Firstly, there are two sides to Destiny. What you are presented in the main game, and the actual content of the universe and lore around the world. They got all of this the wrong for me and many others hoping to play Destiny for the story mode as their main attraction to the title.

The actual history and information around everything is actually really detailed and has so much depth to it. The issue is you need to go onto the website with your Grimoire cards and get reading… just what us gamers want to do right?

Even if it was something that seems a good idea, and I personally don’t think it is, the game does nothing to inspire you to go looking for more.

The main story of the original game is weak considering the setting and the cool characters involved. You will actually find yourself more likely to engage with the secondary stories such as The Taken King than the original game.

This is one thing Bungie must know has to improve going into the new game. But for you gamers out there wondering if Destiny is worth playing now. For the story, no it isn’t really in terms of the original game.

Fortunately, you get the DLC packs with The Collection version so it’s certainly got more to it than just the standard game. It’s still not amazing however and you will need to like where the game is really strong…

… That gameplay though!

You may not get the story experience you were expecting in the main game. However, gameplay wise Destiny is excellent and addictive too. To the point it’s frustrating there isn’t more things to do to experience it in more depth.

But at least with the Destiny Collection package and a short time to the sequel you should be able to really get into what makes the game so engaging.

Bungie are outstanding with shooters, it’s what they do. The core of Destiny is just that, a very well created shooter based on small RPG style mechanics. As such, you are in more looking at getting critical hits (referred to as precision kills) and getting those hit points down. Time to kill here is not like a Call of Duty shooter and makes the whole light RPG feeling really work. Especially when it comes to taking down the big enemies during general play, it feels so damn good when they go down!

Looting, shooting, taking on strikes and, for those wanting to get competitive, there is so much in the PVP world too.

Content better, but still lacking

Where the game originally struggled is having much to do. This is less the case now with everything packaged together. It’s still not great in terms of just enjoying going around the locations, they soon get old and everything is always in the same place. Side-quests and small missions are a real issue for me now but, for those going in first time there is a lot more than there ever has been.

It all depends on what you like to do, for those interested in a true open-world feeling sandbox you may not feel that passionate about the original Destiny even now. Saying that, they know this and Destiny 2 is selling itself on the idea there is more to do in the worlds.

Let’s hope so.

Like shooting, looting and enjoying some cool missions and a bit of co-op or PVP then it’s certainly worth a play for a few weeks before the sequel launches gameplay wise.

The OCD factor and final thoughts

One thing I totally do not understand is people starting games, books, film or TV on a sequel. It makes no sense to me at all. Even when a game comes along for a review for MGL I struggle to accept something “3” if I’ve not played the previous 2.

Obviously games with stand alone stories like Final Fantasy are the exception, but you point is getting into a game like this it’s worth doing it from the start. If you are thinking of Destiny 2 it’s more than worth spending a week or 2 with the original. Especially with the collection pack at the price it is right now.

As a gamer with high hopes for the game. Followed by big disappointment only to come back to a very optimistic place with the sequel I do think it’s worth a play. That being for another go or especially for the first time if you were ever thinking it could be for you.

To play or not to play…

Gameplay wise as a looter-shooter it is excellent, plus the variety between the characters does make for a game really suited to you. Then there is the additional missions and quality provided by The Taken King in particular.

Story focused games might not be too bothered really, most of the story is online and you could even catch up with the basics on YouTube. Maybe some more than the basics If you search around and that may be enough. If you are however in for the shooting, a bit of action and downright fun at times get in there a get playing.

With September 6th looming I expect you will be able to pick up a real bargain if you keep an eye on the sales ETC. After falling out with Destiny back at launch I will be back for more. It’s far more of a proper experience now, one worth taking on if you have the time before the crazy gaming season starts.

Let me know in the comments below if YOU will be picking up Destiny again, or for the first time. I look forward to reading them. For now though gamers, game on.

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