It’s almost E3 time! Are we ready for a big few days seeing those highly anticipated, E3 games 2019 we’ve been excited about all week?!

To quote a legend, give me a HELL YEAH!

Are you ready to see more Dying Light 2? Maybe Cyberpunk 2077 is your E3 pick? Or even some first party exclusives from Xbox or Nintendo coming up.

Whatever it is, whether it’s from Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Nintendo or one of the big 3rd parties. This list of highly anticipated E3 games 2019 has you covered!

Head down the page to check out the E3 games list. Then pick your favourite in the comments. (If you are on mobile, view as 1 page here).

18Dying Light 2

Status: Confirmed for Square Enix Showcase
Format(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

When I think of my favourite games this console generation, Dying Light is always up there.

The original Dead Island developer made an excellent game on release in 2015 (yes, that long ago!). Then Dying Light got even better with The Following expansion. Not to mention great, free updates.

For Dying Light 2, I’m really expecting great things with that experience behind the team at Techland.

The game promises more parkour action, bigger open world areas and consequences to the choices you make. Plus, I’m sure more of the deadly nightstalker zombies!

What we don’t know is the release date! But I think we are going to be finding that out at E3 this week at the Square Enix conference.

Let me know Dying Light 2 is one of your picks for E3 2019!

17Doom Eternal

Status: Confirmed for Bethesda Showcase
Format(s): PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Stadia

Get me some BIG F***IN’ GUNS and some demons to blast!

Doom Eternal is bound to be the big focus of Bethesda E3 this year. I for one, can’t wait to see more of it after the epic gameplay last year. The reveal from 2018 is above, and it’s well worth a re-watch to get you ready!

With the release date to be confirmed, this is going to be the big announcement for E3 2019. Bethesda loves a short announcement to release window, so I expect this to be in November sometime.

Certainly, we’ll see some epic new gameplay. Potentially some multiplayer, single player and any cool, new features coming to Doom Eternal at E3.

This is one I genuinely can’t wait to see. Bethesda E3 is in the very early hours of the morning here in the UK. But there’s no way I’m missing it.

16Halo Infinite

Status: Confirmed for Xbox Conference
Format(s): Xbox One, PC

While some may have been a little hard on Halo 5, which is a very good FPS title. Xbox fans have been ready for the next, truly great Halo game to arrive.

We are only a few days seeing it I expect at this years Xbox E3 showcase.

The next Halo promises what fans expect of the series. Plenty of exciting first-person shooter action with a mix of single-player story, and multiplayer to keep you coming back for more.

The game has a new engine behind it to deliver this experience. Plus, integrates co-op play in new ways too according to reports so far.

Other than that we don’t know too much. But we do know the roof may come off when this hits the big screen during the Xbox show.


Status: Likely at Bethesda showcase
Format(s): Not confirmed

One of the highly anticipated E3 games 2019 from Bethesda is their new IP, Starfield.

Now, Todd Howard has suggested we won’t be hearing too much about Starfield this year. His message was for fans to be patient, and that they wouldn’t be “talking” about it.

Does that mean we won’t see anything? They don’t have to talk about the game to show a trailer, right?

Maybe. It could also mean we are only getting a bit more of a teaser for it. Or he could be bluffing, considering the big leaks last year.

Let’s face it, all E3 statements are very much a game of poker at the moment!

With Bethesda releasing a new RPG IP, people are bound to be excited about it. Including me and our team here. But, the big issue with Bethesda recently has been bugs and releasing things before they are ready!

Chances are they are going to learn from that and take extra time with this one. But, we may see a little something, you never know.

Would Starfield be your pick for E3 2019? Let me know.

14Gears 5

Status: Confirmed
Format(s): Xbox One, PC

I was really impressed with the previous gameplay we’ve seen of Gears 5 last year. It also looked like more of what we love from this series. But it may well be hitting a better note story-wise than the previous game.

Gears of War is a classic series, anyone from the Xbox 360 generation will love seeing more from the series. It’s clear we will be getting something this E3, hopefully, some live gameplay.

Oddly, Gears 5 continues to be scheduled for this year but doesn’t have a release date. Could that mean it’s Xbox’s big announcement for this year? It stands to reason it could be out October time perhaps.

Given the fan love of this series, a release date only a few months from E3 would have a really big impact.

13Luigi’s Mansion 3

Status: Expected at Nintendo Direct
Format(s): Nintendo Switch

Heading into some Nintendo Direct stuff now, and one we all want to see is Luigi’s Mansion 3.

The spooky spin off is one of those charming games, maybe that did better than expected originally. But I’m pleased we are seeing the next in the series soon.

The game is coming to Nintendo Switch and might not be called “3” specifically since there is still the working title element going on. It might be some subname in the end, but so long as it’s to the fun of the originals, no one will mind!

I really am looking forward to seeing this in action. Gameplay would be nice plus an idea when we’ll be playing too. Let’s hope we get both.

12CoD: Modern Warfare

Status: Confirmed
Format(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

The return of Soap MacTavish! Yes, we are getting a revamp/remake of a classic CoDseries. It’s a bit of a surprise, but where else could COD go?

They went modern, but then they went too modern. They went back to WW2 but it wasn’t what fans wanted in the end either.

They had to do something to get things more consistent, and revisiting a classic is certainly working for many other developers right now. Going back to this story works for me.

It also brings back loved characters and the balance of modern shooter with boots on the ground action. Rather than more wall running madness.

Where this fits into the E3 show I don’t know since PlayStation have rights to it still (I think). With it being cross-play, could we see a Sony person at the Xbox show? You never know.

But whenever it comes out, I’ll be watching to see exactly what’s coming.

11Shenmue III

Status: Confirmed
Format(s): PS4, PC

Fellow Dreamcast lovers, where are you? Feel the joy of the return of Shenmue this year and seeing it at E3.

While there is a slight delay to Shenmue 3 coming out, now releasing 19 November 2019, we are ready to see more. The HD remaster of the classic games are big, but can only keep us going for a little bit longer.

The game looks great in all the showings so far, but now I’m ready to see something special. We should see it with the game almost finished.

Again wonder if it might be hard to find a place for given the PS4 exclusivity. Perhaps it might be part of the Kinda Funny showcase which could be a good fit for them.

One to watch for whenever it pops up!

10Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Status: Confirmed for Ubisoft Showcase
Format(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC, Stadia

I’ve got to say, I was not a big fan of Wildlands initially. There was a lot of “world” to explore. But it wasn’t quite as good as some of my favourite Ghost Recon games released for me.

I still smashed in a load of hours, don’t get me wrong! I am just hoping that this one feels a little bit more polished and it engages me in the world more.

The story looks very good so far and to get in Jon Bernthal as the main villain is a good move. The Punisher himself will be leading the Wolves in this world as an ex-ghost.

I’m already feeling that more than the entire plot of Wildlands!

There’s been some showcasing of the game already, you can watch that above. But some additional info and showcasing of the features will be great to see.

The gameplay, animations and general tight feeling of Breakpoint (see in the video above) does look a step up from last time. Certainly looking forward to more at E3.

9Final Fantasy VII

Status: Confirmed for Square Enix
Format(s): PS4

Just let me play this damn game already, Square Enix! Damn, have we been waiting a while for it. Especially us lovers of FFVII from the original release of the game on the original PlayStation.

I for one was very, VERY excited when this was revealed. But it’s not been a smooth development (not that many Final Fantasy games are now).

Hopefully, that is now settled for good and we the best of the Final Fantasy VII remake this year at E3. The gameplay looked excellent visually when showcased recently (see above).

It’s a change but also a lot of fan service to the original is going in to.

The game is still potentially episodic, but we might finally find out how that is going to work at E3 during the Square Enix show.

8Bayonetta 3

Status: Expected at Nintendo Direct
Format(s): Nintendo Switch

Yes, the witch is back! And heading to Nintendo Switch at some point.

Another big title for Nintendo, but not one I can 100% say will be there. But it’s highly likely given the year since we had it teased to us. You would surely think there will be some update at this year’s E3?

I’d like to see it because Bayonetta is an excellent gaming series and one I want to play more of as soon as possible.

With the Devil May Cry formula, a cool story and awesome characters, I expect all fans are ready to see some action from the game during the Nintendo Direct.

I think we’ll see some of the first gameplay from Bayonetta 3 personally. But, I would be surprised if we saw the game itself come out in 2020.

7The Elder Scrolls VI

Status: Expected at Bethesda Showcase
Format(s): Not Confirmed

Another teaser title that was brought out over a year ago now. The next big Elder Scrolls title is coming, but will it be at E3 2019?

Considering the problems Bethesda has had with Fallout 76, and the so-so reception to RAGE 2. I would say they need a bit of a big impact this E3.

The already listed Starfield is one that will bring some excitement. But nothing will top this being showcased with some cool gameplay.

TES VI is not just a show stealer for Bethesda, if done right, it’s potentially one of the best we’ll see at E3 overall in 2019. I for one might have a little geekgasm if it happens!

Love to see this at the Bethesda show personally, let me know if the comments if you are with me!

6Beyond Good and Evil 2

Status: Expected at Ubisoft Showcase
Format(s): Unconfirmed

If you were a fan of the original Beyond Good and Evil, you have been awaiting the sequel for a while. While not exactly getting a huge build up to E3, I think this is going to be big at the Ubisoft conference.

The action-adventure title is looking pretty good following a recent update but the overall press updates from the studio have been quiet.

I’m sure something is coming about this at the Ubi show this year.

Expect some open-world adventuring in a very vertical and sci-fi world, full of animals and strange creatures when it does. Hopefully, along with an idea when the game will release.

I wouldn’t expect it for a while but Ubisoft like a game to come out February/March time. This could be it for 2020.

5Darksiders Genesis

Status: Confirmed
Format(s): PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Stadia

Announced just this week, I’m really looking forward to seeing the full reveal of Darksiders Genesis [info] at E3. The series that didn’t hit the heights expected when the 3rd game came out, now goes to a more dungeon crawling style with Genesis.

This is picking up before key events and will showcase all 4 horsemen of the apocalypse, but from a top-down view. Making this look a lot more like a Diablo-style experience.

While it’s a change to the formula, it’s one I think that could work really well. Where the more Souls style gameplay of Darksiders 3 [review] didn’t quite work.

I really think this could be pretty impressive at E3 ahead of launch later this year.

4Borderlands 3

Status: Confirmed
Format(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

Oh, so many have tried to get looter shooters to the quality we’ve seen in Borderlands. Some have come close, others just don’t get near. And with the original coming back with the latest game in the series, we are going to see if the masters will deliver again.

We were all very happy about the Borderlands 3 [info] release details shared recently. For those not already awaiting their loot box to arrive in September, I think the showing at E3 might force your hands!

I’m looking forward to seeing some action, hopefully, some co-op and that series humour and great characters we’re used to enjoying.

Let me know if you are looking forward to this as your top E3 pick in the comments!

3Marvel’s Avengers

Status: Confirmed for Square Enix Conference
Format(s): Unconfirmed

I’m going to love seeing this 3000!

I’m sorry, that phrase still makes me get a little tear in my eye too!

The Avengers game was always going to be heading the conclusion of the movie chapter closing on Thanos. After Endgame left us with not just the end of an era but the end of the infinity stones story.

However, there are a lot of questions from the movie. And could these be answered potentially in the game?

With the outstanding Crystal Dynamics behind this development, there is likely to be an epic storyline to match quality gameplay. The likes we’ve seen in the Tomb Raider reboot that really is excellent.

With the Avengers game, I’m hoping we see a nice big chunk of gameplay. But we have some idea what’s in store following a leak.

It’s described as: “an epic action-adventure that combines cinematic storytelling with continuous single-player and co-operative gameplay.”

Plus, you play in teams of 4 as different characters that are customisable and you can earn new abilities and powers two.

Sounds like it’ll be one of the biggest E3 games this year. If it’s your pick, let me know below.

2Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Status: Confirmed for EA Play
Format(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

Simply put, I can’t wait to see this one. While I know the EA factor in play here is a worry. I do really do think the quality of Respawn Entertainment will shine through.

The team are promising the next great Star Wars game and, following a few cancelled titles. We might actually get to play one!

Not only that, it’s a story-driven title you can play single player! Almost like people enjoy that type of game, huh!?

*EA has left the article*

But given its got this far while others have failed suggest all parties are happy. With the PR mess around Star Wars Battlefront 2, I doubt Disney will let that happen again.

With all the fallout from Anthem and reveals from ex-developers etc. EA needs a win and something that shows they’re not all about the Dark Side of gaming!

Is this your pick of the games for E3? Get sharing your choice.

1Cyberpunk 2077

Status: Confirmed, likely to appear at Xbox conference again
Format(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

This really is the big one. It’s only real competition as the “top dog” game for E3 2019 would be The Last of Us Part 2 perhaps ahead of the show is PlayStation drop something to steal a bit of attention.

Don’t get me wrong, something else might come along and smash it! But that remains to be seen.

Cyberpunk 2077 looks outstanding and was incredibly polished looking last year. Add a further 12 months development to that and I’m certain, whatever we see, will be close to a finished product now.

The first-person action RPG looks something next level. And with CD Projekt RED’s success with The Witcher 3, fans are ready for their new game.

I do think they will make us wait, we might only get a release window rather than a date. Calling it right now, I’d say Spring 2020 sounds good.

But they have gone on record as wanting to do a Bethesda with the Fallout 4 announcement then fast release.

I think this is in my personal top 3 titles for this E3. If it’s yours, let us know below. Get in the comments and pick your top game or games.

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