Confession time all! We did the OPPOSITE of most gamers over the past year. Instead of being distracted from University work by games… we were distracted from playing games by doing University type work! That’s right, finally completed the research on video game review scores started last year. And over 350 gamers came back with some outstanding feedback.

Video game review scores reviews stamp imageBy what did we do and why you ask? We wanted to know EXACTLY what you like and don’t like about game reviews. That’s because we wanted our reviews to be what you want to see, rather than just doing what everyone else does. It all started this time last year, now we finally have the conclusion.

You told us what you wanted to see and, no surprise, traditional game review scores came out as least helpful to you gamers out there in our survey.

See what we found out below AND, most importantly, what we are doing about it down the page.

What you want to see in our game reviews

We asked what types of game reviews you like to read and watch, plus what about them works and doesn’t.

Now, not everyone shares the same opinion. Evidence for that is all over Twitter and Facebook comments if you need a reference!

But, a number of patterns came out. Gamers made it clear they want quality content in a review that gives you detail on what the game features. User feedback is another important part of reviews, and you also wanted reviews to be clear if they suit your taste.

video game review scores results imageInterestingly very few people found the score helpful. People found it an ok guide but generally, it didn’t really help them decide on a game. A number of gamers admited they really enjoyed lower scoring games. While some really hated higher scoring titles.

This was some of our reasoning for moving away from scoring last year and the majority of gamers agree. There is also the issue of large updates and patches with games now. A 7/10 type game can easily take a big patch upgrade within a few weeks. But is it still a 7?

Surely not, but where does it all stop?!

Video reviews, Bugs and Other Gamers

Of the things within a game review people want to see we found a reasonably even split between video and written reviews. If anything, both is the preference of the feedback we received.

Also, a traditional Pros and Cons style round-up was very popular with people making their mind up on games. And interestingly people wanted to any bugs found by the reviewer making clear too.

But the big ones as you can see from the results up the game are quite simple. You want to know if the game is for YOU as an individual with your own tastes. And you also want feedback from the gaming community. With some people paying more attention to those opinions than the reviewer’s opinion.

After looking at this collection over the past few months we have taken on-board what you all think and come up with a tweak to our game reviews you may find interesting.

A review system designed around the game and the gamer

Video game review scores youtube imageAfter your feedback we have cleaned up all our reviews over the past year to include detailed content breaking down the Gameplay, Presentation and Features of a game to bring the quality content.

In our summary, we now include a “Gamers who would suit this game” section whereby we look at the title, and the types of players would potentially enjoy it.

A user review score is also available on every review for quick gamer feedback. Plus there is the easy to use Disqus and Facebook comments to add thoughts on the game. Plus you have a table of the “Good” and “Bad” elements of the game alongside a breakdown of any bugs we experienced to look out for patches on before you buy.

Since we want to be more video active we are going to produce more Video Reviews available with the article and on our YouTube Channel Here.

The BIG change though is our new “loot style” rating system. We have taken inspiration from games to bring you Rarity Rating for a game, rather than a traditional score.

There are 6 of them detailed below.

The Rarity Rating System

Video game review scoring rarity rating systemHow rare is this game? Well, much like loot in your favourite game we are going to be giving each review one of 6 rarity ratings. These are Elite, Legendary, Rare, Uncommon, Common and Junk.

Each one relates roughly to a traditional scoring area but, mainly it’s a recommendation system with “Elite” being must- play games likely to be scoring towards 10/10 and “Junk” being a game to avoid entirely and scoring very low on traditional ratings.

To explain in more detail, we have an infographic available explaining the rating system below.

Video game review scores rarity ratings infographic Link
Click this image to open the full infographic in a new window

What happens now?

Well, visit our reviews of course! We are releasing a number of reviews that are in our backlog over the past few months. Plus, re-releasing some reviews with the new system. Over the coming weeks, older reviews will be amended to include the content explained here in this article.

At MGL we want you to get the best games reviews out there. That doesn’t mean doing the same as everyone else, it means doing something that genuinely helps you decide whether a game is worth you playing it or not.

Our review content will always be honest, objective and helpful and, of course, written by gamers just like the people reading them.

If you like the sound of that and our new review system do make sure you add MGL to your bookmarks. Plus, follow us on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and new Twitch Stream. And of share this and MGL with your friends on social media because then more people can enjoy a different approach to game reviews.

What do you think of the changes to the reviews? Do you like the idea? Get into those comments below.

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