The next game in this series looks to do things a bit differently as we take a look at the big Far Cry New Dawn features. With the game soon heading to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, I’ll be giving my thoughts on the potential of this open-world shooter.

Some Big Games Are Coming Out Soon! If you are considering picking up Far Cry New Dawn, you’re in the right place. I’m looking at everything from the new world to the next chapter of the story. You’ll also be able to enjoy plenty of videos as you go too.

Take a look below and then leave a comment if you are picking this up or not. On Mobile? View as one page here.

5A New Kind of Wasteland

We all love a good wasteland and apocalyptic setting, right? It’s everywhere in gaming, two are even out on the same day with Metro Exodus also out Friday.

But New Dawn is going to bring a new form of Wasteland. One that’s Hope County of Far Cry 5 and some extra parts too.

Following a nuclear explosion the land has been transformed by nature taking over. Super Bloom pink is everywhere and there is a very different land now following the nuclear altered weather.

It’s a mix of what makes Far Cry so beautiful, and what we love about a post-apocalyptic setting. Buildings, towns and vehicles made from bits of what’s left, mixed with the beauty of uncontrolled nature.

A world begging to be explored.

4A Villainous Double Act

Villains are as important to the Far Cry series as the gameplay. While people have their favourites (Pagan Min is mine, no question!) there was something a bit different about Joseph Seed in the last game.

In the end of the game, things all got quite surprising really and well worth experiencing.

Now we are going to be challenged by a double act of Villains. Tag teaming us here is Mickey and Lou and they are pretty intense and dangerous.

If that doesn’t scare you, watch the video above to see they are not messing around. They certainly give a new interpretation to the song “It’s Raining Men”!

They are the leaders of the Highwaymen group and don’t just survive in this post-apocalyptic world, they thrive in it. Mickey acts as the one with a plan (not like Dutch, she has a REAL plan) and Lou is wild and unpredictable.

Together they will prove quite a challenge to stop.

3Scavenged Weapons & Vehicles

One thing I love about this kinds of games is how inventive things can be when it comes to combat. It’s not all about finding the best weapon, often it’s about finding the most unique of fun weapons.

Or combining things to make something a bit different.

At your Base in Far Cry New Dawn (more on that later) you will be able to make and upgrade make-shift weapons. Not only that but you’ll be going a bit Mad Max and doing the same with vehicles too.

As with all Far Cry games, getting around the world can be done in a number of ways. But it’s awesome to do some in some of the cool vehicles you can find along the way.

With things being harder to survive, vehicle combat and being able to take down some of the Highwaymen as you go is really going to be helpful!

I really do think we’ll see some innovative combat as a result of this new setting and being creative with the weapons and vehicles here.

2New Dangers

As mentioned previously, we have more villains to worry about that just those scary Twins.

We are being invaded by the Highwaymen who have been ravaging the country since the nuclear detonation has calmed. They are not negotiating their way in however, more taking the direct approach and taking over areas by force and stripping them of resources.

The story of how you will combat this gang is being kept nice and quiet so far. But it’s clear there are going to be a number of big battles along the way to get to the leaders.

Alone you won’t be able to do it, so with Co-Op play and NPC allies to find in the world. You’ll need to team up and take down the gang.

But… don’t forget the other dangers of Far Cry worlds. Animals have always been a big part of the Far Cry experience (like those damn invincible Honey Badgers!). What exactly awaits in the land following the nuclear detonation??

Whatever is out there, I expect it to be very unfriendly!

1Base, Hope County and Beyond

Far Cry games are all way full of lots of things to do and enjoy. One of those things we love is a good bit of customisation! As someone who can spend about 10 hours on a character creation screen, I’m all for the things in New Daw’s video above.

Some of the personal options on vehicles, weapons and your gear look awesome and great for sharing.

But there is more as you start with a Homebase that is your hub of operations in many ways. You will have to maintain and upgrade it to resist the dangers of the world.

No doubt the Highwaymen will have something to say about that.

Here you will be starting from, but the rest of the game expands into a changed Hope County PLUS goes even further. While it’s based on the same world as before in Far Cry 5, New Dawn expands in its borders with more places to go.

Plus the land is all transformed from the Super Bloom and devastation. Should be plenty to keep us all entertained.

Thoughts on Far Cry New Dawn Ahead of Launch

Far Cry New Dawn Features image 2

I say this often, but it’s something I do like to stand by. I personally think Far Cry is Ubisoft’s most consistently good game series and to see more of it is always a good thing.

New Dawn is certainly built upon the same work done to make Far Cry 5 one of the best games last year. I don’t think we go into this game expecting a full new experience, rather a new story based in the world of what released last year.

This is a new episode in the same game engine in many ways. But it certainly looks like a full game in size and scope. One I’m looking forward to seeing more of in the next few days.


Far Cry New Dawn Features image 3

My only big concerns here are for those yet to play Far Cry 5 that has some nice plot twists and turns. These act as the setup for New Dawn.

There are some major events in Far Cry 5, ones you are better experiencing before you pick up the next part of the tale.

While I expect parts are filled in should you have missed 5. I do think it’s one to play only when you’ve done that.

My only small concen is the nature it’s more a Far Cry 5+ game rather than a full release. But there seems so much added content and a new story that it probably won’t feel that way to play.


Far Cry New Dawn Features image 4

As a Far Cry fan, I am looking forward to more and I do really like this new setting. While there are some other big titles out over the next week, this one does look like one to be picking up.

It’s not going to be the full experience of a main Far Cry release, but with a new story and more of Hope County I think this is going to keep the fans happy. It’s also not releasing quite at “full new game price” from most retailers either which helps.

Add in a post apocalyptic twist, tonnes of customisation and makeshift weapons. I don’t see how we can go wrong.

Now over to you for your thoughts, go leave a comment below…

Will you be getting Far Cry New Dawn?

After all that, what do you think? Are you picking up Far Cry New Dawn when it arrives this Friday? Let me know in the comments below.

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