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What are you excited about at E3? What game do you really want to see? Which conference are you looking forward to most?

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But right now we have a nice chat with the guys at Criterion Games who are heading over to E3 to announce a new game. We asked them a lot of questions about it but could only answer a few. Have a read below at what they had to say about what they are doing and what it was like to work on the Need for Speed series


Hi there my name’s Matt Webster and I’m GM and Executive Producer at Criterion

Firstly, E3 is coming up and with all the changes at Criterion what can we expect from you on this new title?

We’re working on something brand new that’s going beyond cars. We’ll be talking in a little more detail about what our new game is in the next few days. For right now, we’re being a little secretive!

Could we seeing a Next Gen Burnout perhaps..?

It’s not what we’re working on right now, but Burnout is a huge part of this studio, so you’ll definitely see another Burnout game in the future.

(We ask many more questions about E3 but they unfortunately can’t comment)

Out of all the titles you’ve worked on which have you enjoyed the most from the NFS series? And why?

I loved Burnout Paradise for the journey that we went on as a studio, changing the game dramatically post launch and connecting with our fans. I loved NFS Hot Pursuit for it’s tight execution and the work we did in connect friends together and encouraging them to compete with Autolog. In Most Wanted we focused on freedom and choice – it’s a great game to pick up and play and be distracted with.

Which car out of the series did you enjoy creating the most?

Well I’m not directly involved in creating the cars – my favourites would have to be the Legendary Cars that we built for Burnout Paradise. For Hot Pursuit, it’d be the Lamborghini Gallardo and in Most Wanted, strangely for a BMW fan, I spent a huge amount of time in the Mercedes SLS

Burnout is one of my favourite racers since the variety of modes and fun you can have, what was it like to develop the crashes and races in this series?

Burnout was always a great game to work on because of the amount of freedom that we could have with ideas. As it was a game series that was created by Criterion, it was so easy to try new completely different ideas from those that came before. I loved seeing how the Crash junctions evolved from Burnout 3 to Burnout Revenge for example, but the stand-out will be what we did with Freeburn Challenges in Burnout Paradise!

Was it very different to working on NFS?

For sure. With Need For Speed there was 18 years of history that we wanted to be aware of but not constrained by. We all had fond memories of NFS so when it came time to create our own take on the game, we start with Hot Pursuit as our homage to the original game. Exotic Cars, Epic Drives an Cops – that’s what it meant to us and that became focal point.

MGL Fun Questions

Which game that is out at the moment makes you wish that you had created it and why?

Oh man, tough to answer! Love what TT games have done with the Lego games, having my own pirate ship in Assassins IV was great, The Last of Us moved me, I got addicted to QuizUp and Hay Day on my phone, Paracel Storm in Battlefield IV is a next-gen gaming moment when the storm rolls in, Nidhogg and Towerfall are incredible multiplayer fun and I’m trying to beat a new high score on Bomb Jack on our arcade cabinet!

After playing InFamous Second Son we love to debate Super Powers! To add, if you could have one Super Power what would it be and why?

It’s just finished downloading for me – I loved the first game. I’d want a super power that allowed me to speak any language. Subtle, but super powerful!


Thanks to the very busy guys over there for helping us by answering our questions before E3 and we will be back with them after the event to get more on their new game when all the details are released.

If you want all the latest from E3 we’ll be showing the streams on MGL and also having a live blog of what happens, what we think about it and #MGLMix video reaction too. More information coming soon.

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