We finally have chance to Choose our Side in Evolve! The beast was unleashed on Tuesday 10th February for Xbox One (with Exclusive Content), PlayStation 4 and PC and we are underway with our review, video coverage and more. To keep track of it all first, bookmark this article as we’ll update it regularly with our impressions as we build to the review.

Given the nature of the game we don’t want to score it without giving it time to settle and assess the game performance on live servers etc.

DAY 3 on Shear  (SubjectZero)

So yet another night on Evolve yet another day goes by where I still cant beat a Wraith :(. Finally got a headset yesterday so its now easier to communicate with others but still chat is down to a minimum and when you do say stuff you tend to get ignored which leads to your party being wiped out. Its really annoying when gamers ignore those who are trying to help such as not getting all the hunters to clump together and try to get them spread out abit or telling someone to drop the ‘Dome’ as the Monster is winning and we need to escape and regroup. When people listen to people it works but you cant do as you want in this game you have to work together which still does seem to not have sunk in to most gamers yet.

So lets move onto whats new, I seem to have really got the hang of tracking Monsters. In some of the maps visibility is poor and I still struggle in those however in most maps I have a good idea of where to start looking. In the tutorial when I saw watch out for animal remains and paths of destruction(i.e. fallen trees) I was like who has time for that??? But that’s the beauty of Evolve, if you take your time to get your bearings and have a quick look around and just listen out; you tend to find the Monster very quickly.


I am still loving the Caira character who is a must for a Medic IMO, if you have her in your team and you have someone who knows how to use her you should do fine. However you must try and protect the medic at all costs, I have noticed that the smarter gamers who control the Monster try to take out the Medic ASAP which is brilliant tactics but annoying for Hunters.

Managed to unlock Hyde whose mini gun is cool, but he is rather annoying and I found Markov to be more durable then him. One thing I must mention is people who are playing as the Support Class do not launch a missile strike against a Monster when you are in pursuit(seriously guys its sooo dumb and frustrating when this happens), it allows the Monster to escape whilst the Hunters are trapped behind the blast zone. You may be trying to increase your score but 9 times out of 10 you will miss and not score any points.

Still a very enjoyable game and is a massive time stealer so be prepared to spend a few hours on this beauty when you first of all play it.

DAY 2 on Shear  (SubjectZero)


Overall I am really enjoying playing as a Hunter and cant wait until I level up my Caira to her full potential. I do find though that some characters aren’t as well balanced as another, however this does require you to play as each character in a class, find the one that is right for you and to master it. Although their are only 4 classes to choose from; the 3 characters per class do play very differently and just because your good as one does not mean you will be just as good as another. I do highly recommend Evolve at the moment as it is one of the most varied games I have played on, in both how each character is played and in the matches that you have.

I unfortunately have encountered a few bugs, one time my Medic just fell out of the drop ship rather then parachute out and once a Monster did get trapped in a rock forcing us to replay the round.

Still not defeated a Wraith yet either, those are really tough to play against, with the Kraken being rather easy and the Goliath being the most popular(9 times out of 10 you will fight this at the moment). So at least I still have a goal in this game and lets hope next time I write about Evolve I can say I beat a Wraith!


Respawn Rossco – First Impressions

I have managed to play Evolve a few times so I did have a good idea what to expect of the game however it was an interesting start given the builds I played put me right in the middle of the action with high level abilities so it was a surprise the amount of building up in required in order to not only create a strong Monster or Hunter but also to unlock other Monsters or Classes.

Early in the game I found that the Monster was pretty tough to get used to, I had been looking forward to playing as the Wraith but this is the third unlocked monster so having to start with Goliath means I have to earn it.

Playing as the Assault Hunter in the game early is actually more familiar given the first person shooter mechanics but again you have to earn the right to play as other classes. For me this is where it’s great to play in single player as either monster or hunter, earn XP and unlock more classes and abilities before you move into Multiplayer alongside learning the cool maps.


One of the best elements of the game so far is the setting and world this game is set within, there is a huge vertical scale to the maps that mean if you treat it like the standard maps out there and just stay low down, you are likely to die as either monster or hunter. I like this, especially with the speed you can get around using the jet packs or giant leaps.

Enemy AI is pretty good on both sides, like I said the Hunter is easier to get to grips with and since your party being AI controlled they are not likely to start calling you rude names for doing things to get your XP up like using mine traps. As the monster it’s all about learning how to keep quiet enough to feed on creatures and evolve up to the more powerful version of yourself. This is tricky as scaring birds, leaving tracks and dead animals in your wake will lead the Hunters right to you… and they are very brutal if you are only a little stage one monster.


So far the fears I had for the game around depth to the experience and replay value seem to have been misguided in this structure on unlocking and progression. With a number of different game modes there is a lot to enjoy and, as a person who still feels that Multiplayer is an add-on to a game not the main reason to buy it, I am starting to be convinced that I might be wrong in this case.

There is a lot to Evolve, more than I was expecting and at this stage I’m ready to do some more play and get myself stronger. More updates later this week from myself and Sub who’s first impressions you can read below…

Subject Zero – First Impressions 

I honesty did not know what to expect going into Evolve, I am not a first person shooter fan. So it is rare I enjoy games from that genre however Evolve is not really a FPS. After playing on it for a few hours and playing as each class it very much is more of a strategy game combined with a first person shooter. You really do need a plan ahead in this sort of cat and mouse game and the ‘Hunters’ aren’t necessarily doing the hunting.


Whilst playing as a hunter you must be sure to play your part, every character is crucial to the team and with 12 to choose from each with varied playing styles finding the one that’s right for you is extremely important. I have found some classes I like to play as and some that I still need practice with. Personally I love The Trapper class, it allowed me to trap the Monster and keep him occupied whilst some of my team completed an objective or gave them time to catch up with me. I do love playing a Hunter but you are very much reliant on other players in your team. You really do have to work together otherwise if the Monster is controlled by a half decent player you are going to get crushed. I have seen it a few dozen times already but you can’t just run off and all run round the map, always stick with someone.

Monsters however I am not particularly found of, I have only honesty played one class and it’s not something I overly enjoy. There are 3 levels to each monster with you getting stronger depending on how many animals or players you kill and eat. Being a Monster you are all alone and although you have the option of stealth not many use it. You have to keep away from birds and ensure that you do not leave a destructive path or Hunters will find you quickly. You do not want to take a pack of Hunters head on, especially at the lower levels. Wraith are tough as hell to fight and I really struggle against a half decent player when they are these so I do recommend trying to focus on one monster in particular to level up. It really is like playing a different game whenever you switch between Hunter and Monster.


The maps are OK but they do feel messy at times and am not a fan of Jet Packs limited fuel which does effect characters speed and agility. There are only really a couple of game modes to choose from but there is plenty of maps. I would like to see more game modes added in future to make this game one of the best ever, however like Destiny only time will tell if I get bored.

Evolve is worth a play, there is tons of challenges to complete and unlocking characters does take dedication. If you do not play Multiplayer and/or online games then this won’t be for you but for the rest of this its a lot of fun.

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