This was me over the weekend and I can honestly say it was a good portion of it too. Numerous ramblings were fed back to me by my gorgeous (and patient!) wife, including things like “I’m a ****ing Witcher and some **** with no shirt on is one-hitting me. **** right off.” And similar.

I realise now that this was of course, all my fault for going too far too soon and that the red scull above an enemy’s head, even one with no shirt or armour on, should not be taken lightly.

Now I’m certain a number of Dark Souls/Bloodbourne experts are just loving my pathetic-ness here but I did hold my own a lot of the time but this group of random bandits was just one step too far and it was time to back away.


In my attempts to get through the game I had gone a land too far on a low level and the villains of the land were simply too much for me. So it was time to backtrack, not something I liked but I had rushed through White Orchard and there was still plenty to do there.

I have two schools of thought on RPGs, one is to get past the opening tutorials that can often take a good 5 hours or so. I tend to stick to the main plot until that point. Now I tend to avoid picking up too much other stuff here in order to keep me focused. Like a Magpie seeing something shiny, I will chase after it and lose track of where I am and what I am supposed to be doing.

But in this case it’s actually essential and thankfully once you have the Fast Travel tutorial and the crossbow from fighting the Griffin you are not really going to lose out much on abilities if you stop at that point.

My advice here is to bleed White Orchard (the first area) dry of all missions, take on anything that will gain you experience, loot and familiarity with the fight system. Learn how works best to fight different creatures and what Witcher Signs work best for you.

On that note, hitting a horse riding enemy with some Igni (fire) and the horse kicking them off leaves for a nice easy ground execution, handy for slightly more powerful humans. The mind power, Axii is an awesome one to level too. Not only will it make humans put their guard down at times for a quick kill, it adds conversation points to your character to make things easier.


But back to my original frustration, I will say the game doesn’t hold anything back on this mode so DO NOT go too far too soon. At the same time, my point is a touch valid here that regardless of it “being a game” if I hit a dude with no shirt on 10 times as a trained professional that surely kills them… right? I’m not saying the difficulty is cheap is it can be in some games but it doesn’t quite make sense, to me anyway.

I get the feeling that the game is actually going to be at its most challenging at these early stages of the game so keep fighting and working on your combat. It will work eventually and things get easier.

More on my “Witcher 3 Doing it the Hard Way” later in the week. This is of course my story so if you are doing it yourself please, Join the MGL Gamers now and Leave a comment or get in touch on Twitter or on our Facebook Page.

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