After my previous entries into the Gameplay Diary for Batman Arkham Knight, I’ve reached my final entry. After finishing and Reviewing The Game, and well on my way to a cheeky platinum trophy, I can honestly say I think this is my personal game of 2015 so far.

But then, at the end of the game we’re left with the big question… Where next for Rocksteady and their amazing sandbox games now Batman is finished?

We have a few thoughts on this here on MGL so check them out below.

Stick!  – Stay With the Series & Characters With No Batman

Batman with no Batman? Are you mad?! I hear you cry. But look at what they have hear. Batman’s main villains are done with and the game can move forward with another person taking the lead, or even base it around the team.

For me Nightwing would be a fantastic character to lead the next game. He’s arguably most skilled of Batman’s allies and there is a nice moment on Arkham Knight between Dick Grayson and his mentor that’s worth seeing. He’s different to Batman but still has those routes with the Dark Night that would really make the game worth taking forward.

Personally I think this is a solid basis for a game with Nightwing as the lead, I for one, want to see more Dick…

Wait a minute… That sounds wrong.

Nightwing & Batman

But what might make more sense is to base the game around a team of characters rather than individuals. Nightwing, Robin and Oracle would make an interesting focus for the game. The Dark Night trained all of these people to be outstanding individuals and together they complement each other nicely.

Plus some of the best gameplay in Batman Arkham Knight is the team up missions between the various characters. Basing a game around it would be very cool and maybe expand it to have some co-op play where you tackle missions with a friend or two.

Not only would that be a big change to the series, it would take it forward into the online gaming experience we all expect today.

For me, there is still a lot in this universe and it would be a shame to leave it completely. This all makes for a few promising options to make a new game from too.

Twist! – Move on from Batman but stay with DC Comics

Let’s be honest, other than the Arkham series there are some awful excuses for licensed games that should be good. You could also argue that the same was true of comic book movies a few years back too. But, they’ve turned that around now, and Rocksteady have shown what happens if you make a high quality game rather than some quick movie tie in.

So with Batman being the exception that changed perspectives on these games, how could Rocksteady go further into the DC universe?

A few characters are very popular at the moment moment with TV series like Arrow and The Flash going well. Green Arrow would be an interesting choice here and one fans if the TV series may like. His abilities are not superhuman in nature, more training and skilled abilities like Batman. This would be a smart move to keep the game on the realistic side, rather than bringing in superpowers.

But maybe we want superpowers, I know I do!

The Flash then springs into mind as a character with power that is not perhaps as overpowered as some others. Now, the awesome Infamous games showed how you can make use of super-powers in a sandbox game if done right. And Second Son showed how super speed could work, zipping around the open world in a flash of neon.

The Flash is not too far off this mechanic and really could make for an interning game. Of course the faster you move, the larger map needs to be and we know Rocksteady like a smaller, more compact sandbox structure rather than a massive open-world like found in similar games. They have got progressively bigger however as the Arkham Series has progressed, so another step up may be on the cards.

Having said that the world wants to see one DC character more than any other make and impressive game and that’s of course Superman.

But it’s just so challenging.

Superman is more than just a highly trained man, he’s not even superhuman or enhanced in some way; Superman is a super-powered Alien that can fly so fast he can reverse time.

How do you make a game based on a character like that? Well, I’d not have thought it possible until the guys at Hello Games put an entire Universe in a game. Now I’m not so convinced something couldn’t be done here, but the premise needs to be spot on to make it work.

To make the game even remotely playable, Superman has to be weakened in some way, something has to take away a portion of his power but what? Do you start right at the beginning as a young Superman learning these abilities, or fully grown one trapped in a city with Kryptonite radiation all over the place or even injected with it somehow and you need to cure yourself?

Or do they go the other way and bring other Kryptonian’s to Earth and have him battling his own kind for a more even fight? I’m just not so sure that angle can work.

They need to get the story right to make the game work, but if they do, it would be epic and we’d all love to see it I’m sure.

Fold – Move on entirely and create something new

Urban Chaos is the only other game Rocksteady have made outside of the Batman Arkham Games and perhaps it’s time they moved on and had a look at something of there own creation. People who get into game development are usually creative people and must have had some ideas about making a whole new sandbox experience.

They have a wealth of experience now and know how to make a variety of different gameplay styles in an open world so taking this and putting their own ideas too it may well be the next step for them.


Personally, I am a bit sad they are locked into the DC Universe under Warner Bros. Interactive. Nothing against it, but I am a Marvel person so I would love to see what they could do with some Marvel heroes particularly Spiderman or, as Previously Discussed By Me Daredevil. Even go down the more violent and anti-batman route and hit something like The Punisher, that would be awesome.

But sadly I don’t think this will ever be. Still, there are some good options for them to create something entirely new. What do you think? Let us know, Join the MGL Gamers and leave us a comment or send us a Tweet or comment on Facebook.

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