One of the best experiences at EGX Rezzed this year came from the VS Evil Room, there were of course some Fantastic Games in the Indie Room with Some Detail HERE on those but for a room with only a few games within it the quality was extremely high and I found myself feeling a few different types of gaming pleasure in there… yes, they were very friendly!

This is a look at some of the quality games on show in the VS Evil Room and our impressions of playing them. Expect an interview on Toren and Kyn on My Games Lounge before Friday!


The moment I got to play Toren I was whisked back to the joy of putting Ico in my PS2 for the first time. To see such a wondrous world and art style combine to make an amazing experience of a game is truly remarkable. The beauty and unique style of Toren immediately strikes you as something special and Swordtales, the Brazilian Developer, are making a great job of this game so far.

It’s was an amazing game to play, not the usual type of game to pick up and play at a busy games conference but such was the quality of the game I was completely sucked into this adventure and could have played for hours. So luckily I got spend a few hours with it after I left.

Toren starts out with you as a toddler in a strange place and you have to crawl and lift yourself up against a wall. The animations and visual style strike you right away with the beastly dragon off in the distance hunting for you. As you walk to get to the sword you are flashed forwards to being a young girl trying to navigate the Tower, or the Toren as it’s called.

As the story explains that you are the moonchild and you’re destiny is to climb the tower but I’ve got to be honest, most of the time the world is so full of wonder and fantasy it’s hard to know exactly what’s happening… but the thing is you simply don’t care! The game is more about feeling and getting enthralled within the style of the game and even with some rough edges to tidy up as they continue its development this game is one to watch as something special and Iconic.


After getting to play the above I soon followed up by getting another of my gaming desires satisfied on the next computer over, Kyn was on show and I had to shake my head at the news this game was designed and created by 2 people… yeah, just two guys and look at it!

The game is an RPG in the same style as an old school Baulder’s Gate with new style graphics engine and some amazing features and customisation options, the RPG gamer inside me liked this a little too much. You have party members under your control and if you ever played an RPG and found that your traits and abilities were too fixed, this is the title for you!

All of your parties attributes that can be changed as you see fit, you have points to allocate to their physical ability, magic ability and rogue/assassin type abilities. Once allocated these are not fixed unless you are fighting. Once out of the battle you can swap them all around and make whatever class you want… then undo it again.

There was also a massive inventory of loot and options to craft plus weapons suited to people’s traits but with the customisation of the player being completely unfixed, sometimes you can build a person to meet the weapon you just found rather than having to wait to level up like in other RPGs.

Combat is strategic but comes with a cool feature that allows the slowing of time so you can distribute your team how you choose and manage the battle as much as you want to. Even NOT considering this is made by 2 people this game is quality in all departments, the fact it is made by 2 people is mind-blowing considering the promise of 20hrs plus gameplay. A big winner for RPG and RTS fans out there.

Afro Samurai 2 – Revenge of the Kuma

Now I did mention gaming pleasures were taken here right!? Well nothing is going to satisfy a good need for slicing and dicing up some bad guys like the sequel to the cool Afro Samurai!

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This time the game has gone a bit more traditional action in its look, there is no longer the slow motion laceration mode which may come as a surprise and disappointment to some but this has been replaced with a finishers and fighting style system. Traditionally the combo metre is the marker for action hack-n-slash games but Afro Samurai 2 makes it really matter.

The better you fight the more you can use finishers, the more you finish of enemies in style the more your score goes up and you unlock new fighting styles all the way up to Master… which will tear apart the entire room in a flurry of slashes, blood and slow mo!

There wasn’t much of this game on show but what there was, was a downright blast to play.


Talk about a blast from the past, not in the game itself but it’s creation and style is buy the team who created Earthworm Jim a classic 2D adventure that was great to play and downright hilarious too.

While in the early stages of development this too has that same sense of humour from the opening scene with what cut scenes are in place now being done with stop-motion-animation and clay characters and it looks awesome. The game engine uses this style too and with point and click puzzle mechanics it’s certainly an interesting experience.


The game starts with your character Tommynaut and his dog/thing, crash land exploring space and finds themselves hunted by a monster with a rather scary tongue! Hiding you get trapped in a strange castle called the Armikrog. You use point and click mechanics to solve puzzles taking control of both the dog and Tommynaut and some of the puzzles require some thinking about even early on in the game.

This is another one to watch but it’s at very early stages at the moment so we’ll have more on this soon.

Interview & more

Now, I was unfortunately dragged away from playing games at this stage and missed a go at Guild of Dungeoneering and feel VERY ashamed of myself! But I’ll be playing and sharing some thoughts on that soon.

We spoke with VS Evil on both Toren and Kyn so expect an Interview on My Games Lounge before the end of the week.

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