I’m rather shameless in my geeky love of all things Sci-Fi and when it comes to Star Wars I hold nothing back! So here is my impressions showing the Light and Dark Side of Star Wars Battlefront, what I just love about it and the things that let the game down.

Now I’m not quite a, queues up at midnight dressed as a Wookie heading into see the film 5 times in a row, type fan. But I am likely to see it on day one and go back a few times with a Star Wars hoodie on.

So when I saw Battlefront I had a bit of a issue with my underwear shrinking somewhat and was itching to play. And play I did in both the EGX Event and the Battlefront Beta and quite honestly I loved both.

Now I’ve been getting to grips with the full game and I have to say, on a personal level I just love it. The game is beautiful, fun and full of things for a Star Wars fan to enjoy. But there is a Dark Side to the game, it already seems rather shallow and seems built around the prospect of a padded out Season Pass/DLC model that has me slightly worried.

Something, Something, Something… Season Pass

OK, I’m going to get my Sith hood on and look at the game, I very much like, critically first off.

Season Pass must have been shown to me more times than Jabba the hut was shown some deodorant spray and much like Jabba, I wasn’t overly interested in it. I’m not saying I won’t be but I do want to see the actual game before I buy more of it. Personally I’m not a big DLC person since I tend to move on from one game once completed so this was something that wasn’t ever going to grab me.

The Emperor of EA will be disappointed with me.


So getting into the game I was starting to see what had been mentioned online, while I’m aware of some criticism you should be aware as you carry on reading, if I am going to review a game I tend to not read too much to avoid impacting my view before I review from my own perspective. But the actual depth to the game is something that I have seen mentioned and I can see why people are concerned.

So far I have had a look into the modes and there are missions that can be played single player, online co-op and good old split screen which is a great touch. Missions start with training and go onto more serious battles that see you trying to pass challenges as you play. Completing the mission will get you one star and taking on various optional challenges will get you more stars.

Now there are two sides to this for me. Had they taken the decision to wrap a loose plot around these missions and call it the “Main Campaign” I think it would have been a standard style single player experience for a game like this. The fact they have separated it out and allowed it to be a series of challenges makes it simpler to pick up and play what you want but also less significant of an area to get involved with.

Multiplayer is where it’s at and again, so far the content here is a bit thin. There are a number of different modes to try but the giant battles are the ones we’re interested in and there just isn’t enough right now.

But don’t worry, turn to the Season Pass and your journey to the dark side, and the game, will be complete!

The Light Side

I guess you can read Light Side in two ways here since there is a lot of good in the game, I have seen it. But there is also the fact the game is also light on content as spoken about above.

So, when something lacks in depth what’s there should be a bit special to even stand a chance at being a good game.


Thankfully, for the majority of the action the game is amazing. As stated in the introduction, despite my concerns I love the game already and am going to find it hard to stop.

The fan service here is in everything you see and do. The gorgeous maps are so well designed and just feel like Star Wars. While I really was awful at it, the map with the Millennium Falcon docked in Tatooine feels so Star Wars it even gave me thrills as I was respawning every 10 seconds!

But this goes down to the little details too like the weapons, appearances and power-us not to mention the amazing sound track. Even after a relatively small amount of time with the game I’m really feeling the effort DICE have gone to with the creation of the Star Wars universe.

Then there is the fun and frantic gameplay. Being not so amazing at online multiplayer I tend not to go in trying to be all serious and just like to have some fun while I play. Battlefront delivers on that feeling of fun right away, even during the opening sequence as the game installs and you kill wave after wave of Rebel Scum with your Lightsabre and force powers.

Fighting on the battlefield and in the skies as you fly around in Tie-Fighters or X-Wings is pretty awesome too, and what’s more it’s been very stable so far.

The question that Star Wars Battlefront poses so far is this: do you want a fun game to play that really captures that feeling of the Star Wars Universe? It’s a shallow experience but a fun one, the choice here rests with what you want out of a game and, since many of the things we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view… this game is going to divide opinion.


From my point of view, I’m loving the game in spite of its flaws and really can’t wait to get more played over this weekend with my Padawan, and fellow co-founder of My Games Lounge, The Gav of War.

Our official review shall be up next week once we have tested the performance of the game after launch. Thanks for reading the Light and Dark Side of Star Wars Battlefront,

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