I love a number of geeky things, of course I love gaming and I also love Sci-Fi and of course comic books, if anyone read my Daredevil Article you’ll know I like to combine my thoughts on these things too. But I often have huge issues when games try and merge together Sci-Fi series or movies into games and I certainly thing that the Star Wars series have a lot more misses than hits here.

Of course Subject Zero has done an awesome list of Top 5 Star Wars Games that are hard to argue with but there are a few lessons that could be learned from other games to make an awesome Star Wars game other than the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront Cat Has Looked At as part of our Star Wars specials.

I was thinking of some other games that could potentially make something work for Star Wars so below are my 3 picks to make something a bit special. But I want to know what you think, there is a reader poll at the very bottom of the page so please vote for your favourite game and share with your friends to get more people involved.

Telltale Star Wars

These guys are not only a developer we love but they create some fantastic games very true to the original stories they base their games around. They have already made an outstanding two series of The Walking Dead based on the comic books and they are just exceptional add to that the fact they now have Game of Thrones and an adaptation of Borderlands Which Is Great Too they are the perfect studio to be allowed to work with the Star Wars Series for me.

Telltale Star Wars

Now you give them a Star Wars game to make and I imminently get excited, the story telling they create with numerous paths and choices along with way that create you’re own unique experience that can be explored again. I have to say I would be very, very up for this. The good thing here too is the time scale between The Return of the Jedi and this years movie, The Force Awakens.

With a good 30 years of history to full in the guys at Telltalle could make a few series and some very interesting stores and characters that could play some part in the upcoming films. I for one would love to see this happen, would you? Don’t forget to vote Telltale Star Wars at the bottom of the page.

Star Wars: Sith Among Us?

I suppose this could be Jedi Among Us but Sith is so much cooler in my view and I am of course making the comparison to the game Injustice: Gods Among Us by NetherRealm Studios also responsible for Mortal Kombat X. Now this all started a while back when Soul Calibur released with Yoda and Darth Vader as Exclusive characters depending on which console you owned a good few years ago now. I loved it, and I have been itching for a great Star Wars themed fighter ever since.


The thing that stands out once again is the ability to create a quality story mode and NetherRealm created a fantastic one with both Mortal Kombat X’s Story and the comic book, alternate universe tale in Injustice. I personally feel this could work really, really well with Star Wars characters but maybe without the Fatalities!

With a huge universe of characters to choose from including the original movies, episodes 1-3 and the new movies not to mention animated series and books, it could be a fantastic game with teams of Sith, Jedi, Imperials, Rebels and Bounty Hunters all fighting for supremacy. With Warner Brothers working with NetherRealm it seems unlikely but would you like to see it? Vote at the bottom of the page!

The Force Effect

People who know me and read my work will often see me refer to one of the best games of all time one hell of a lot! And with good reason, Mass Effect is the Sci-Fi game that has made people fall in love with a new universe of characters, spices and technology that on so many levels represented the games that Star Wars, Star Trek and other Sci-Fi franchises should have been.


Bioware have already made some magnificent games and in the Star Wars franchise too with Knights of the Old Republic Series and the current Free To Play version of the game. Now they have also got an RPG Star Wars game in development so I can only hope they are taking the lessons learned from Mass Effect and putting it into this game.

Of course this is the most likely of the games mentioned here but just think about it for a moment. Mass Effect sees you level your character with Biotics, weapon proficiency and special perks. That alongside a rich universe of races, character and technology that really creates more than just the game you play, it’s whole history of events, relationships and even politics between races. They can take this amount of detail and craft an amazing Star Wars game based on the same ideas and it really would be the best we’ve ever seen.

Want to see this? Vote below.


So that’s it, all that’s left now is to vote or if you don’t agree with my selections and want to let us know yours please Join the MGL Gamers and Leave a Comment

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