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Myself and Cat both had our thoughts on the event so check them out below.

EA Updates From E3

Cat’s Reaction

It’s been a very exciting week in the gaming industry. E3 is always an exciting time for us at My Games Lounge, we’re always looking out for something fresh during the upcoming year of gaming. This week, I bring to you my reactions with E3. I’ve watched conferences for EA and Square Enix, and I’ve caught up with Microsoft too! I’ll be sharing my views on games that I’ll be looking forward to, and ones that I’m not so interested in.

I’m not a huge fan of EA as developers but this year, they are making a lot of promises about listening to us gamers about their mistakes. As humans, we are prone to mistakes which are great as we learn from them and this year, I think that’s EA’s aim, and that they are aiming to please us gamers and get us back onside.


Racing games have never been my thing, but you know what they say, ‘never say never’. I’m pretty impressed with the Need For Speed reboot, and I’m sure Respawn Rossco will agree with me. The game spec look awesome, drifting of the vehicles look slick and the customization of the cars seem impressive. As for most racing games, it does get a little boring in my opinion, however, I am looking forward to having a go at Need For Speed and I’m sure you racing fans, will too.

After playing Tearaway, it’s opened my mind and imagination to games such as Unravel which was announced at the EA event. I’m very excited for this game. Watching the game play made me have butterflies inside and I’m not kidding. It’s such a beautiful game, with awesome potential.

Then we are onto my favourite subject, Star Wars! Check out my opinion on why I’m excited about Star Wars Battlefront – May the 4th be With You Special. After EA revealing the Gameplay For Battlefront, it’s made me more determined to pre order when this becomes available. A lot of people, including myself are skeptical about DICE being involved, as DICE games can be buggy and irritating during gameplay.

But I think this year the developers are making a huge effort in listening to the real life gamers, who are up against these challenges on a daily basis. On a more positive note, everything about Star Wars Battlefront is exciting. You are getting the opportunity to play as the main characters such as, Darth Vader, and play in a first and third person view.


This year is all about Star Wars, and I’ve got to admit, the past games have been slightly disappointing so EA have to bring big things to the table. Bioware announced, Star Wars: Knights of the Fallen Empire. During the conference, they confirmed it was free to subscribers which is cool and it was more based around Bioware’s classic story telling. Again you can choose your side and battle against or with the Sith. Choose your destiny! As a sci-fi fan, I’m pretty buzzed for Star Wars this year, and I hope you are well with me on this one.

Overall, I’m excited about what EA have to bring to the table this year and next. I’m also skeptical about the previous problems we’ve all had, but with every other developer, we all hit our bad spots. I just hope EA can redeem themselves this year.

Happy Gaming. Shotty! X

Rossco’s Reaction

Cat has picked out some awesome games there but the one I was waiting for came out first in a rather oddly soundtracked video that had me doing my Mr Spock raised eyebrow until the N7 logo appeared. That was a cool touch and I was very pleased to see Mass Effect Andromeda to say the least. But it was a video that begged for more, it only gave us the name of the new galaxy and the release window of Holiday 2016.

But that was it, no gameplay no explanation about the game, I was litereally waiting the entire conference for them to go back and revisit it but it never happened.

As such it warped my feelings a little but having watched it back it was a really strong showing and a sign EA were trying their best to be less… well, like EA,

As Cat mentioned, Unravel looked great and really got a few people on MGL excited since it looked so unique. But more than that, it simply was not the type of title you would ever expect to see from EA games at a conference. Very different and very impressive.

Unravel screen

Unlike Cat I am a follower of Sport and it was good to see the legend Pele take to the stage with FIFA 16 rather than the usual list of updates and tweeks. Plus it softened the fact the name FIFA is not so popular at the moment, but Pele is a legend so it was a really nice move by them to keep things positive. As for the game it looks good as ever, promises over the overly end-to-end nature of FIFA 15 has been addressed with better defending and covering plus female teams are added which is about time if you ask me. I’m still a Pro Evo (PES) fan at heart but the presentation of FIFA will always mean it does well.

But no matter what they tweet it’ll still be FIFA and have the same modes we all expect.  The presentation was good as it was for Madden and other EA Sports Games, even NBA Live. The basketball SIM really has to get it right this year of risk falling into the abyss.

But what really had me stunned was Star Wars Battlefield Battefront. I’m joking of course but it is litterally a Battlefield game with Star Wars vehicles and characters and you expect them to get it right given the time they’ve had with the game.

While DICE have made some  buggy titles in the past they have also made some great titles when given the time. The corporate EA demanding a game releases, finished or not, may be more to blame overall than the developers themselves in a lot of cases. But they have been given time with this so hopefully the get it right. 

Mirrors Edge Gameplay

The other DICE game that they have had a solid development period for is the fluid and Graphically Stunning Mirrors Edge Catalyst. A first Person game all about motion and action with no gunfights, just CQC. It looks so good and EA certainly have a strong lineup over the next year or so. 

I was a little sad we didn’t see the Viceral Games Star Wars title but the show was quality without it. It’s a shame the two things I really wanted, this and Mass Effect Andromeda details, we’re lacking. But in reflection and looking at the games shown, it was a good show and portrayed EA in a more positive light than you’d normally expect.


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