At a fantastic E3 I watched the PlayStation conference wanting to see a few things. I wanted a new IP to excite me and while I was expecting something from Bend to do that, Guerrilla Games brought Horizon Zero Dawn that wowed me… More on that later. I also wanted to see The Last Guardian so a big win too for all PlayStation fan’s and lovers of Ico & Shadow of the Colossus.

But the game I really, really wanted to see looking more complete and more like a game rather than a concept, was the epic No Man’s Sky.

I make no secret of the fact I am excited about this title and really want to play it. Of course we can’t do that yet, but the next best thing is to see it in action. And while it looked amazing in a short space of time, only 3 mins was just not enough to show the game off properly in my view.


Now, we’ve already had David Game give his reaction to the PlayStation Experience At E3, which I agree with in some elements. Overall I’d say it was a very good show, starting well but fading a little in the middle. But the range and variation of games PlayStation has shown is what sets it apart from Microsoft, who tend to go for similar products although they did a good job mixing it up too with ReCore and Sea of Thieves.

I’m a multi console owner and try not to take sides too much. And overall, I think both presentations were very strong, your preference will, in the end, boil down to the games you personally like.

So that said, my disappointment with the middle section of the PlayStation conference started with No Man’s Sky and it still bugs me. They gave a title that is So Vast in Size We Had to Learn A New Number and includes so much content, a lot of which we still don’t know much about, a slot that was way too small even just based on its size.

Now add in the following the game has earned as it’s been developed. I say earned because the developers have created the interest in the game through the hard work the team at Hello Games have put in. This has not been bought with huge marketing and such like Destiny or Call of Duty has, the latter getting over 10 minutes as Black Ops 3 invaded the stage.

Hello Games on the other hand have simply gone out and created quality gameplay and a unique concept of an experience in a very small team.

As someone who is awaiting this game and likes PlayStation in general, it left me disappointed. I think Sean Murray was too, why else say he only has 3 minutes on stage live, unless he was making a point? Maybe I’m reading too much into that but on second watch he, in my opinion, make a point of saying it.

Still, what we did see answered some questions at least. We now know there are factions at war in space and you can get involved and take sides, getting into some cool space battles. This is huge, in a lot of cases that can be a game in of itself, so as only part of of experience it needed more time.


Then we saw the scale of this universe they are creating and, well, it just seems to keep going! He explained (once again) that every blink of light on screen is a star and you can visit any of them, and they will have a solar system with planets & life!

Epic. And I say that knowing full well he’s said that loads of times before. Still, to see it live playing on a PS4 it was just awesome even though it was over way too soon.

Once looking at the vast expanse of the universe you can explore, he showed us the centre of the galaxy which, according to reports, is where the better things to find are but also the most danger. He zipped to a planet at warp and began to unlock the upload point to share discoveries, which was cool. We also saw sentinels protecting the world too which was interesting, and once again we are left with more questions than answers.

These are a few of them in action:

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We also have no release date although Sean did say one was coming soon. Gamescom may well be the reveal for that but on impressions so far it’s not making it out this year. I could be wrong of course but with a hugely busy schedule between September and early December it’s going to be difficult squeezing it in even if it was ready.

I really, really hope we get an extended look at this game at Gamescom and it smashes all our expectations and answers a lot of our questions. But as for E3 it simply wasn’t enough for me personally.

What do you think? Was No Man’s Sky given enough time at E3? Is the game what you expected it to be? Join the MGL Gamers and leave us a comment or get chatting to us on Twitter or on our Facebook Page.

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