Rockstar don’t really play by anyone else rules. They don’t do E3, show up when they want to other conferences and just drop announcements when they want to. You could say they are almost as rebellious as the characters and games they create. So, with them dropping a teaser that something is coming, potentially a new Red Dead sequel reveal, gamers are getting very excited at the moment.

And after the quality of the last game, Red Dead Redemption, you can understand why.

What first gave us a clue something may be going on was dropping them dropping Red Dead Revolver on the PSN store for download last week. The less subtle Tweet above also has us all getting nice and gamer-giddy. Plus, rumours of the game surfaced as a leaked image of the game’s map appeared on NeoGAF (soon removed!) which also state the game could be a prequel.

Lots of ifs, buts, and maybes!

But the burning question I have is, what should the game be called? What should be the focus? Here are a few ideas that could be cool, but feel free to let us know yours in the Disqus comments below!

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Red Dead Rebellion

red-dead-femaleSticking with the idea that the game could be set before the events of Redemption, 1919, the game could dip back into the 19th century. Things were a lot more “cowboy” country here and leads to a game focussed on rebellion or an uprising perhaps.

Here’s the big idea however: a female lead this time.

Rockstar Games have traditionally had male leads. But what about the game focusing on the suffragettes and the rise of female voting in the United States? There is a lot of subject matter to work with here and can span a number of time frames and interesting characters.

It would also be something new for the franchise and developers to base the game around women and their battle for equality in this time period.

Red Dead Revolution

Red Dead sequel reveal TrainGoing back in time to the 19th century also give the developers the chance to dive into the industrial revolution. The second was technological lead by the electrical developments that could be an interesting era to set the game within.

More technology means more money and this leads to corruption, lusts for power and greed. The potential here is massive; it could even lead on to the events that Marsden experienced before Redemption.

With the game likely to have a much larger map given what Rockstar produced with GTA V, and the need to raise the bar further. A game about the advancements in technology and using the trainline to move around could really make this the most expansive Read Dead to date.

Red Dead Retribution

red-dead-revengeLike I said when talking about Mafia 3 Recently, there is nothing like a good revenge story to keep gamers coming back for more!

Here we could have the simple story of a person’s need for revenge after something personal has happened. If anyone has seen Preacher on Amazon Prime recently you’ll know how powerful impact revenge has on The Cowboy character there.

It also leads on to so many other adventures and events throughout the game. Far Cry has used it as a motivator in many recent games, and it certainly worked for them.

One that has a lot of scope if they get the characters correct. This is Rockstar’s speciality though. Think of the characterisation in GTA V, all of them were great in their own way and very distinctive. And perhaps the multiple protagonist idea is something they may want to continue too.

A Red Dead based around a group of characters, maybe bothers/brothers and sisters as a group working together, where you control different players would be awesome.

Red Dead Retaliation

red-dead-warWar. War is a great way to focus the next game in there series and the best part about fictional locations and games is: they don’t need to be real wars!

There was a lot of immigration tension back in the late 19th century however (Trump still maintaining this is still the case it seems) maybe a under the radar war between Mexico and the southern USA is a potential answer to the game?

But then which side are you on? Maybe in this game you don’t play an American, maybe you are an immigrant from Mexico?

Now that is an interesting perspective and gives lots of options for the developers.

Not The Obvious

People are calling the game Red Dead Redemption 2 for the reasons it’s perceived as a sequel. While this could happen, I find that unlikely. They game is likely to have its own name and setting with nods to the others. “Renegades” has been brought up as the rumored name, but there’s no fun in repeating someone else’s idea now is there?

We here and MGL can’t wait to here more officially, but we’d love to hear your theory on the new Read Dead!

Hit us with a Disqus comment below for discussion here, get on Facebook or our Twitter and we’ll get talking! Until then gamers…

Game on.

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