I see the ongoing arguments in the gaming community, PS4 vs XBOX ONE, XBOX 360 vs PS3, Nintendo vs everyone, old vs new.

Well, I decided to discuss the pros and cons of EVERYTHING I can, and what I’ll be doing is passing my unfinished article to others to discuss their view points on what is, without a doubt, the best time to be a gamer in the history of gaming.

But first I figure it best to give a brief, summarised over view of my life as a gamer, and my experience of things.

I was born in 1984, and what that means is I’ve experienced a lot of different gaming ‘generations’ – my earliest experience was with the SNES, my brother had one and we would play Unirally, which still remains one of the few racing games I would play every day (had I the option)

I didn’t go for a PlayStation (1) when they launch because my brother would get one, and I remember buying my own memory card and playing the crap out of resident evil 3: nemesis, Smackdown 2 and FIFA as a series.

Then there was few years where I would get smashed on WWF No Mercy for the N64, loved Goldeneye, half played Perfect Dark, but me I mostly played the wrestling games.


I then remember me, my brother and my friend Ivor all becoming obsessed with Sonic adventure on the Dreamcast, because it was just that good.

The first console I bought with a wage would’ve been a Gamecube, and what I can say about that is: Phantasy Star – easily one of my favourite games of my pre-Xbox experience.

However to that point I was mostly a Pokemon and Fifa/Pro evo (ISS as it was back then) player, I hadn’t really forayed into RPG’s or anything like that until I got myself an Xbox in 2003, I had played an Xbox before then, mostly Halo or Raw, and generally I hadn’t been overly hooked, although I wholly loved playing halo (I sucked at it then, still can’t drive mind you)

However the big change began on my brothers Xbox, with a game called Fable. I had been looking for things to play whilst awaiting the launch of Max Payne 2, and saw Fable in my local Blockbuster store it was on 2 for £30 with another game, which I don’t recall now, and probably don’t own currently. I got Fable home and began to follow the story, from the moment you could make choices based on ‘morality’ I was hooked.

I took the bribe, I beat the kid up, had the bully destroy the bear, smashed some crates, I was evil (insert mermaid man voice here), I still had my Gamecube, I had a ps2, and I had access to an Xbox and all I wanted was to play Fable.

When I moved into my shitbox (a goo name for a console?) flat I had when I was 19 I had games, my Gamecube and PS2, but no Xbox, so I traded my Gamecube and games for an Xbox, Max Payne 1 (I had previously played my brothers version) I also got the Punisher game (loosely incorporated into the film featuring Tom Jane) and my wonderful girlfriend got me Max Payne 2 as I also traded in my PS2.


Fun fact: the song ‘Late goodbye’ by Poets of the fall features at the end of Max Payne 2, and now Poets of the fall are my second favourite band ever, and I see them for the second time in June this year.

I was gaining traction, I had my Game boy advance, Pokémon, and xbox, and in late 2005 I moved into my girlfriends house, abandoning my casual gamer status wouldn’t come just yet though.

It was late 2006 before I got my first Xbox 360, literally a year (almost to the day) after its UK released, first game I bought I hear you ask? Oblivion.

I had heard literally nothing of Oblivion before then, I had never played Morrowind either.

What I should remind you guys is that when I was 19/20 years old (over a decade ago) we didn’t really have social media, we had virtually no touch screens, and things like internet review sites were small businesses just starting up.

I saw the odd ‘console war’ reference in magazines, but never paid it a mind.

After 600 hours on Oblivion I had a bug, a bug of my mind, I NEEDED to game, I WANTED to play as many games as possible, I didn’t need to be good at them, I didn’t need to be able to finish their hardest settings but I did NEED to game.

I would buy a total of five Xbox 360 consoles, 2 I handed off to friends, three I still own.

I had started hearing more and more talk of gaming wars when in 2009 social media really began to become the measure of everything, I then picked up a PS3 and a copy of a game called infamous, which I adored, I decided at that point, what is entirely the point of this lesson in my gaming habits, I am a GAMER, formats matter nothing.

I would play exclusives on their native formats, and have most other games on my preferred format.

Initial reactions blog: PlayStation VS Xbox the winner is

Literally when I bought my Xbox One this was my trail of rational thought:

Q: How many games are on Xbox One at Launch that I want?

A: 5

Q: How many games are on PS4 at launch that I want?

A: 1

So it was obvious which console I would be picking up, but at no point did I say “oh this is better, oh that sucks, oh that is why you shouldn’t go with that one”

But that’s the reality of many arguments.

Often I get people follow me on twitter and when I follow back, I get:

“Why Xbone, you a fanboy innit? PS4 is far superior”.

Usually it’s more illiterate than that more laced with expletives, but hey-ho, the fact is I didn’t choose one console over the other, I have said at that time, and will forever maintain that I will be acquiring a PS4 at some point.

At some point I intend to get a gaming tower to join the ranks of ‘PC gamers’ but that doesn’t mean that I think PC is better.

I don’t think Xbox is better.

It’s like ice cream, we all like different ice cream, me I like salted caramel Haagen Dazs, you may like chocolate fudge Ben and Jerry’s, that other person over there *points* might like vanilla.

You wouldn’t use derogatory terms to play down their love of vanilla, you would seek them out to be offensive, you wouldn’t start a movement to say “hey girls, gays, black people aren’t allowed to like ice cream”.

Would you?

I mean, I’m not going to lie, if you would, you are a prick.

So why is it socially okay to bully people over a PREFERENCE? Why is it okay to be an ignorant prat, when it comes to somebody liking a different format to you?

Here’s my best point, the PC gamers use the term ‘PC master race’ You know who made the term ‘master race’ popular? Yeah, that German guy…

See only the truly ignorant and cruel differentiate someone as less than themselves based on a belief, opinion or point of view.

As example you would say that Muslims aren’t allowed to follow sport, but frequently people get bands based on racial slurs in gaming.

Additional to that, I for example own a whole load of machines across various generations and even opposing formats (example we have both an original Xbox and a PS2) I like all my consoles for different reasons, but I wouldn’t say that the retro guys are always right, or that the modern guys are always right.

Here’s a fact that should help my point, the Dreamcast was more advanced then the PS2, yet failed. So are we saying that the PS2 is better than the Dreamcast? Or that the media was to blame? Saying that the internet was in its infancy then.

Now however we post so much trolling online that companies feed off of to help ‘promote’ themselves, I pulled the following screenshots from IGN’s Facebook page the other week (an action mostly impossible on a phone in 2006).

What this post does is troll Xbox fans, provoking arguments between them and PlayStation fans, read the section called ‘comments’ mostly it’s baiting and provocation, then occasionally someone outright slags off the fans of *insert format here*.

How are we as a COMMUNITY okay with this?

Going forward I want YOU the reader *yes, you* to Email me, Tweet Me, Facebook me, tell me all the POSITIVE things you have come across in the gaming community, stories of generosity, fair play, friends, friendly rivals, new experiences you love, old loves some one new experienced because you HAD to play it.

try this, let’s call it a social experiment, find one game recommend it to a twitter follower or Facebook friend who games, IF they try shutting you down, share them this article.

Neal Out.

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