This article has been archived and may have some errors due to a previous design of MGL. None of the content has been altered however. As we build up to the coverage of Gamescom here is a run down of the teasers and best trailers in the build up to the European answer to E3… of course we do it all better!

There are a number to take in and enjoy below so have a good watch and see what we think about each one. As for coverage of the event of course My Games Lounge is the place to be if you want to see top coverage of the live events and real gamer reactions to what we see! We’ll be on every press conference and game on our Live Blogs updated with videos and our reaction to what’s on show. For all the details go here!

Sony Teaser

Those PlayStation guys love a good teaser, this is the main trailer that has people talking:

[youtube url=”” fs=”1″ hd=”1″]

A number of theories have been moued and the most believed is the PlayStation Move project Until Dawn which was a Horror game pushed over to the PS4, but where is the fun in that if it’s right? Maybe this is something else, something emerging from the cracked ice and collecting an axe for a different reason. Could this be a new Resident Evil or maybe even a Sony project we have never heard of before. I’m keeping an open mind with this one as it could really be something surprising for PlayStation fans.

Microsoft Teaser 

And so go the Xbox team, a much more bouncy, friendly feel to their trailer:

[youtube url=”” fs=”1″ hd=”1″]

There are a number of quality games in the show, with backing from big third party games like Evolve and Assassins Creed Unity plus the newly announced Rogue, along with some big exclusive such as Sunset Overdrive which looks excellent and then there’s the Halo: Master Chief Collection coming too! Some big hitters but one I want to see more of is Quantum Leap… I mean, Quantum Break. The development of this game has been very quiet recently but the game has the potential to be something special so lets hope that makes the show and really stand out.

The Division Teaser

On to the games and we have another teaser from The Division by Ubisoft, one of the most impressive games of E3.

[youtube url=”” fs=”1″ hd=”1″]

Now, I don’t know about you but I personally think it’s time for a release date! There have been some impressive demonstrations of the game and the story trailer was very well executed following a good showing at E3. Fans are excited and people who have played it all seem to think its going to be an outstanding game. Time to put a date on it Ubi!

Bioware Teasers

I don’t think there have been many better live action teasers for a game than these:

[youtube url=”″ fs=”1″ hd=”1″]

[youtube url=”″ fs=”1″ hd=”1″]

[youtube url=”″ fs=”1″ hd=”1″]

Bioware are clearly king if the teasers, but there is also that fact we have a pretty solid idea the game is called Shadow Realms… but what exactly is it? From the teasers you know it has something to do with unusual powers, having created the Biotics in Mass Effect and the many Mage powers including the banned Blood Magic in Dragon Age, not to mention Star Wars based powers this is something they are used to developing. Then there is the element of this unusual twist on real life, perhaps something based on the idea of alternate realities or multi-verse ideas, who knows yet but again, with the Veil in Dragon Age this is something Bioware excel at.

What I’m most impressed to see is the real world and this is the big challenge for them since their games are usually set either in a more medieval setting or the far future. This is the reveal I’m really looking forward to!

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